Inward vs Outward


1 When we talk about “High,” it is an analogy that the human brain can understand due to its limitation, where “high” is perceived as up. If it is higher, it is understood to be bigger. Bigger means having more power, intensity, control, and dominance over what is below. See?

2 That’s why they call it “The Heavens,” God in the Heavens. When they pray, they look towards the sky, and when they implore, they close their eyes and send their thoughts outward, not inward.

3 You must understand that it is inward; inward within oneself, because one IS the expression. Everything one sees is everything that is from the outside. If you were to stop being, hypothetically speaking, you would close your eyes and no longer exist.

4 When one closes their eyes, when one sleeps and rests, it is when one remembers where one comes from, from that world where there is no light to see.

5 FV—And what about the blind person? How can a blind person see the world without eyes?

6 CFKW—That’s what the five senses are for. Your lack of one sense doesn’t mean you stop being part of the manifestation. See how your sense of smell is limited (intermittent anosmia). Do you miss it?

7 FV—No.

8 CFKW—Do you sometimes wish having it?

9 FV—Yes

10 CFKW—Do you want to keep it when you have it?

11 FV—No.

12 CFKW—It’s just because you’re not accustomed to it anymore, and when suddenly deluged with too many fragrances, it overwhelms you. See?

13 There are not only the five senses but also a sixth sense, which is the perception of everything that has nothing to do with the five senses—it’s opposite—because, in the spirit world, none of this exists. Everything perceived outwardly from our being manifests externally. Can you see it? But inwardly, it has no place for the physical senses.

14 That’s why the senses are involved in dreams; one’s desire to live and continue living with oneself even when the body rests. Movement, reflections, and desires are all expressed through dreams.

15 Truth is one: We are all one in creation because we come from one and represent one; therefore, I Am. Do you see?

16 Everyone knows this; they know it within themselves but don’t understand…they do not understand. There must be a balance between the external and the internal world. That’s why you can’t be here too long (communicating with the CFKW); there must be a balance.

17 You might find comfort (communicating with the CFKW), but it still remains a crafted world from which you’d have to break the pattern (the connection).

18 All external things are creation, identification with creation. Trying to see what creation is, understanding creation, why we are creation, why we were created, and endlessly seeking answers will lead you to a moment where, as it is being explained, the thought “And why?” repeatedly arises.

19 It’s like saying, “If this happens, then I can do this other thing, and this other thing may happen,” until you realize that you’re still caught in the same predicament of the infinite, trying to comprehend the nature of the infinite, only to then ask yourself what to do. Thus, many seek to find, and some truly seek to understand.

20 Remember when you hated studying and found it absurd that someone would study tirelessly seeking information? What you didn’t want to do in your youth, you have to live and do now; thinking and creating.

21 Before, you only wanted to live: Live in the moment, live how you desired, live in the present, and see the future come. Now, at this stage of life, one begins to study the why of all this and that—because it’s part of one’s evolutionary process. We want to return to our roots and youth and thus give ourselves life and energy, but we have to create a balance.

22 All that harmony and fervor you are receiving by gaining information about the balance that should exist is of no use if you, within yourself, create an imbalance by not understanding that it is through the physical plane that the mind takes this information to shape and write, for others to hear. Do you see?

23 There must be a balance in everything; in the body, in food. See? There must be a balance in everything—here and there. One always seeks to define time: Why this or that? indefinitely, even when one does not want to accept it. And every day of one’s life, one wakes up and asks oneself: Why am I still here?

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