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SUMMARY: The word “God” is given in this and many other Transcripts to describe what in the western world is known as our creator. The CFKW are very consistent in clarifying that God is the name they have been using to help me identify with whom I learned to be the creator of life. Nevertheless, it is always ratified as a unified or One source of life, not separate from us but us, ourselves, at the deepest level, while experiencing life through the physical senses.
On the other hand, although there is “Divine Intervention,” it has become very common to hear such attributed to being coming from God when in essence the word “divine” implies to be from unknown source yet from divine nature. God does not move, for that is its true nature. Those of divine nature who have intervened with us from time to time are the ones who have been said to be acting on His behalf when in essence, they are simply doing their job.

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1 Religion serves for one purpose: To get you closer to God.

2 The misfortune is that religion nowadays; the orthodox, western belief of Christianity, for instance, has kept us separate from God.

3 It made of God a separate entity from us and us to be theirs to keep. For instance, that separation from God is the one that has indeed kept us away from God.

4 Once we embrace the fact that we are part of God, and that we are God in true nature, then we will stop justifying our actions as humans with faults, defects and in our separation, we assume a position where we can err, we can sin and we will be forgiven.

5 Therefore, many think: “For as long as I am forgiven I can keep on sinning.” And sinning is the excuse we create in our lives to justify the separation we have with God.

6 And many may think: “But we are not God; we need to be humble; we are like children obeying our father.” And as children, they think they have individuality, they want to do things their own way, and for as long as they know there is a father who will guide them through the process, they will keep on failing, because they would know that someone will pick them up.

7 For instance, most children have learned not to wake up early morning on their own and rely on their parents to avoid missing school. Every time you wake them up to go to school, it’s either because they forgot to set up the alarm clock or didn’t hear the alarm clock because they relied on you to wake them up.

8 They have gotten used to the fact that if they don’t wake up, you will do their bidding and wake them up. That would lessen their responsibility.

9 Now, once you no longer wake them up and they miss school, they would know they have a new responsibility and they would wake up once the alarm is set.

10 Same applies to us all. We are so used to being “picked up,” so we think, that we no longer realize that no one is picking us up. It is us, ourselves, the ones who hit bottom, like the child who doesn’t wake up on time, and realizes one day that we have a new responsibility.

11 And when we acquire such responsibility we claim that God gave us that responsibility or came upon us to give us that responsibility. No, he didn’t. You have free will—it’s yours to choose. You see?

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(1) Ponder on how you have learned to know the One source of life. Reflect upon how you perceive this presence. Many of us claim to having a better understanding as to the true identity of God, but keep falling for the same rhetoric of calling on His name, asking Him for things, or thanking Him for an action or inaction in your life not realizing that your inner soul has not yet recognized your true identity.
If you are still having problems identifying with your true essence, write me a few lines with what is troubling you and I will get back to you.

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Message: “Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.


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