What You Need To Know Before You Meditate—Pt 3 of 3.


This is part 3 on what you need to know before you Meditate.

Just as I wrote in part 2, if you missed part 1 and (or) 2, it is a must for you to go over both parts before you proceed with part 3.

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This third part pertains to learning to keep your mind still while you Meditate.

Some claim that keeping your mind in a blank state is impossible to achieve. Others proclaim that allowing the mind to run free and not to paying attention to the thinking mind is all you need. However, through the years I learned that yes, indeed, it is possible and very doable to keep your mind in a blank state and no, you cannot let your mind run free to Meditate appropriately.

Please allow me just a few lines to explain what Meditation is from what I learned from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom:

For the unawaken, Meditation serves as a moment of reflection, to release the stress from a long day, to overcome moments of frustration, a quiet place to find peace or any other moment to be with yourself.

As for the awakened, Meditation serves as a process to freeing the soul from the physical as you regain self-awareness leading you to understand your true origin and purpose in life.

The latest is achieved by quieting the mind long enough for you to free yourself from the physical plane and become the observer. As the observer, you experience being the soul while the physical becomes your counterpart (or partner), as you dissect what belongs to the physical and what belongs to the spiritual.

Becoming the observer is not having an out-of-body experience but to separate yourself from the physical while still in physical form. It’s knowing who you truly are at a deeper level. That is why it is so important to distinguish what Meditation is for the unawaken, and what it means to the awakened.

If you define Meditation as a time of reflection, then sit in a quiet place, free your mind from any unwanted thought and ponder about your daily life. That would probably be all you need.

If on the other hand, you define Meditation as being in a peaceful place, just turn to meditation music or get some guided meditation audio, sit and relax.

But if you are committed to becoming awakened, then let this be the basis to this long journey to freeing your soul from karmic entanglements and pursue ultimate freedom.

So, let us start by quieting the mind:

In Part 2 I gave you the tools to free yourself from any unwanted thought. Having a blank state of mind is not an overnight thing, but if you commit yourself long enough, you will gradually see the results—which is a good thing—because as you see your progress, you become more and more interested in pursuing your final goal, which is to become awakened.

Now, assuming that you already learned to keep your mind in a blank state (free of unwanted thoughts), I want you to acknowledge your presence as a separate entity embodied in this body of yours.

Keeping your mind in a blank state is by no means becoming unaware of your surroundings. It is keeping your mind free of unwanted thoughts in order to see yourself as the observer at a deeper level. It is like unveiling the mask you have been wearing as a human being and seeing yourself as the embodied soul.

Let me here clarify that “seeing yourself” does not mean becoming a third party as you may misinterpret my words in a literal context; instead, it is being able to sense your physical body as the biological and mechanical instrument by which you chose to experience life through the physical senses: That being one of the primary reasons we keep reincarnating here on Earth.

Most people don’t realize this, but by closing your eyes to meditate, you are shutting down the sense of eyesight as your first step to detaching from the physical world. That is why it was so crucial to learning to properly close your eyes in part 1 of this three-part series.

For the blind, it would be shutting down the next closest sense attaching the soul to the physical world; the sense of touch. As you close your eyes and put your mind in a blank state (part 2,) pay close attention to your physical body. Feel the vibration of your atomic physical structure. Start with your hands and arms knowing you need no eyesight to see them. Then begin to scan your body at will without having to make any physical movement. Enjoy the experience but don’t get attached to it.

When you are ready to move on, proceed by acknowledging that you are a soul embodied in this physical body of yours as you focus on what is known as the Third Eye. The Third Eye is located at the center of your forehead,let it relax. If you are not familiar with it or cannot find it, gently focus on your forehead and look for a soothing and tingling sensation mostly situated in between your eyebrows. If you are new to this, it may take some time to find it. If it feels too dim, focus even more until you find it.

Here is why it is so important to learn from part 2 how to keep your mind in a blank state. Being this the hardest and longest process (learning to control the monkey mind), I highly recommend for you to take first a grip at controlling your mind before going any further.

For those who have learned to keep a blank state of mind, please proceed. For all others, please understand that here you cannot allow distractions because the distracting though may lead you in the wrong direction. Be especially aware that non-incarnated souls of no-so-good intent do attach and tend to infiltrate through unwanted thought. Remember: “As above so below.”

If you already learned to keep a blank state of mind, focus on your third eye and expand the tingling sensation to its fullest. As you focus on your third eye, make yourself aware of your presence as a soul keeping full attention at your overall physical structure as you become the observer of yourself while embodied. This is like overseeing yourself but at a very, but very close range.

Once you acknowledge your presence, continue detaching from your next sense. Remember I just mentioned that for the blind the next sense to detach from would be the sense of touch? Well, go ahead and dim your sense of touch just as you learned to shut your sense of sight.

To help you on this one, choose to dim your sense of touch starting at the tip of your fingers, then the palm of your hands and work your way down to your farthest extremity. I say, “dim” to help you understand that the eyesight is the only one that is shut and the other senses are only dimmed proportionally and down to a minimum that you would no longer perceive—at your own pace and time.

Then move on to the next sense leaving the hearing to last. This one you dim at will, as you feel safe in the environment you are dwelling at the time while meditating. If you are relying on the voice-recorded version of this three part series, you will be receiving special instructions at this point on how to dim your hearing sense while you listen to my voice.

From here on, what you will experience under this deep state meditation is entirely dependent on your spiritual path. Some may bring back to memory certain life experiences they need to work with. Others may connect with those from the other side or may become awakened (one step at a time), while others simply stay connected with themselves in awe for quite some time before they move on to the awakening of the soul.

That is why it is so important to train first your mind to avoid unwanted thoughts. I cannot stress this strongly enough. At this point what may come to mind should only come for the higher good and betterment of your soul. This should be clear enough, so you don’t throw the though overboard thinking it is an unwanted thought.

If in doubt from here on I can help you on a one-on-one basis because each one of us is different from the other and no one explanation fits all.

Hope this 3 part series helped you understand and achieve what it is intended for.

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