Another Aspect of Love


1 Love, as it is, is known to be conditioned by what we give and receive. The level of love one has among others is based on that principle: How much I give and get in return.

2 The first (initial) emotion comes from the inner source where one sees love for the first time through the veil in such form that one feels attracted to another, like magnetism, as humanity keeps on growing and evolving.

3 That initial thought form is viewed as love, then merged with the human emotion from the emotion itself. That emotion leads to the carnal delusion of attachment at its lowest level, not lower as degrading but as the base fundamental magnetic feeling force that attaches you to Earth, density, and lust. You see?

4 That love, as people define it, is the original thought-form of love in its original state combined with emotions, termed as love, which is the root of attachment through lust, which is none other than an auto-autonomic system of neurons working to keep a high degree of energy flowing through the body and identified as ecstasy. You see?

5 And that love create the opposite, which is hate (apathy). One attracts while the other repeals. You see? You cannot love one without hating (disliking) the other in a balanced form. It is like a search for understanding: One sees love and tries to define it, so one can understand it, see how it works, see where it comes from, see where the mistake was, and where the delusion was. You see?

6 We humans are conditioned to measure love based on the amount we give and receive but always conditioned to something, always attached to something, one in exchange for the other: ‘If I don’t get this, then you will not get that; if you don’t give me this, then you won’t receive that.

7 And as to the deed from one another, some people come to absorb energy while others come to give off energy. Energy is an exchange in different forms; one comes here to suffer while others come here to experience joy.

8 Its a mix of things, and you have to be exposed to it all, so you can understand how it all works, so you can learn by watching others: Know what to do and what not to do, so you don’t have to go through all the experimentation process to understand how everything works.

9 If you observe, if you see your world around you, and you learn from others the good and evil, then you can discern, and as you discern, you will find your truth. You see? Learn from others. That would be the best way to determine which path you would take.

10 The bad (evil) will not resonate with you while the good will resonate. But for others, the bad (evil) may resonate even if it would not resonate with you because each of us works at a different energy (vibration, dimension) based on our needs and decision-making as we find ourselves.

11 It does not matter which direction one takes. The problem arises when one faces another person and does not comprehend that person. But if each one of us would understand the path each one takes and head towards one common goal, understanding that the path is One, and God is One— then, that one thing is the one that prevails and exists on THIS plane, so you can understand that the origin of oneself is One, and that everything that comprises and surrounds it is One.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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