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1 FV — I see a tunnel where I can move through it, going everywhere. This tunnel is like a spiral, and I see it from all angles as if it were a ‘black hole.’ Where does that black hole take us?

2 * CFKW — To density. Everything that is density enters a black hole[1]. It becomes denser because there is a separation between the black hole, matter, and spiritual.

3 What is spiritual is sublime, very sublime as if it were a mist. And we seek to be in that aspect of ​​spirituality … the mist, the light.

4 FV — So, how do we get out of this black hole?

5 CFKW– By being in balance and aligned with its center, which is expanding inside that black hole. It becomes denser as it expands, regardless of which direction it moves away from the center as if it were a sphere with no end[2]. You see? And we go in that direction if we don’t stay centered.

6 FV — And how can one become centered?

7 CFKW — Within the density, there is neither good nor bad. Everything is the same: Heading in one direction takes you to one side, and heading in another direction takes you to another. But that plane, which is the one that makes up everything, keeps turning as one keeps searching for one’s true origin.

8 FV — How do I translate this into human language?

9 CFKW — Human language has become confusing. It has been understood that language has created a vicious circle away from the very thought that gives you the spark of life. You see? That thought has an origin, and it is that of the creator who comprises everything.

10 What’s important here is not the language used, but that we move, and we do not move because we are diluted in those concepts and ideas.

11 For example, religion. Through religion, a logical reason is sought where we can understand what for some does not sound logical, but for others it does, and where for one, it all makes sense while for others it does not make sense at all for becoming something new to some and nothing new to others. You see?

12 That IS the thought. And we have created a train of thoughts, understanding who we are by saying, “I am me, and I am God.”

13 Many have joined that circle (group of people) and have created an illusion without knowing the true definition of the origin of life, which neither encircles God because God is only a slim aspect of the whole, deluded in the idea that we belong to someone. What is sought here, and the actual intent is identifying themselves with someone. You see? Always looking for identification in order to have approval and reciprocity of things without understanding that everything goes far beyond what is contemplated.

14 Atoms, cells … were created by man[3] within everything he has created seeking for the beginning of something.

15 FV — And if everything is thought, what is life?

16 CFKW — Simply a manifestation of thought. That part of manifestation where you work with the senses and the human factor for the relationship of one with another much as numbers are related to one another. Just as there are even numbers, there are odd numbers. It is through odd numbers that one enters into confusion.

17 Odd and even number is relevant to positive and negative, good and bad. You see? Everything fits, everything is the same manifested in different ways, but if you take it to its essence, everything is thought. And the essence of everything is thought — the origin of everything is thought — which makes you move.

18 Whether or not there is a god is irrelevant because the search is the same. Looking for the truth, whoever seeks one or the other, both seek the truth. Whether it is because God exists or not, it does not matter. They both lead you to the same thing. And that is a thought in itself. And the thought leads you to another thought, and so on.

19 FV — And who originated that thought?

20 CFKW— (chuckles) Oneself. You see?

21 And everything keeps turning. And the identification with matter is a thought — pure identification. But in reality, the thought is what encircles everything, which is the mechanism of that force and central axis that rotates in abstract energy, and of course, continues to rotate.

22 And as people keep searching for the purpose of life, none will find it because it is being created while searching. You see? One process leads to another. And it is being created.

23 But the thought of searching for our origin always goes forward because the thought resulted from that original thought. You see? Thoughts make up everything, which are the residues of life itself, searching for its essence, its own life.

24 This never ends. Do not worry. Even if it brings you agony, it is life itself. And this life is what you have to live, always looking forward. Avoid problems; always go ahead the way you have chosen to do.

25 Good and evil, you are the one who seeks it, who chooses it and determines how you contain it. Good and evil are like two heavy stones that you must keep balanced. If there is a lot of good, it is unbalanced. If there is a lot of bad, it is unbalanced. Both have to run in unison for there to be a balance.

26 So, there is the good or the bad. That is why one direction or another direction is chosen. It doesn’t matter — it moves, it moves. And people always look for an excuse not to do things. You see? Both the things you have to do, as well as the things you have to work with.

27 Whether or not you master something is your decision but work with dignity and integrity. Because in the end, the benefit is for you and those around you, because everyone is looking for the same thing, looking for identity — something or someone to identify with.

28 Therefore, no matter which way you practice, be it the religion of your choosing or that fulfills you or with that which you have been instilled, use it as a tool to start.

29 Religions must be taken as a ground in the language and context in which they are written. It does not matter…the thing is to carry a message. The belief on whom does not matter because beliefs have been made to fit the differences between the entities that inhabit Earth. You see?

30 FV — And who am I? Who speaks?

31 CFKW — One of many sent for you to do your job with dignity. That’s the way we move. This is how everything moves. You see?

32 Religions are instruments to step up and separate one from the identity that one has with oneself and to start looking for encouragement elsewhere.

33 Those who do not believe in anything have their own belief; therefore, they believe too. You see? And by believing, they give movement to the search because they are also searching. You see?

34 And in their search, those who are not tied to any religion, seek — both seek. The purpose of life is to find the identity with oneself and others through an instrument that they can choose, such as God, Christ, Buddha (and others).

35 Doubt and insecurity are the same. It is a thought adjusted according to the description you want to give to it. But those two words represent the same thing. That is why there is a thought and so many languages ​​to carry the message in different ways.

36 People have to wake up little by little from all this. No matter how fast or slow, the important thing is to move and get rid of the fanciful ideas that have been created over the years by the limited human intellectual capacity that existed. Like the child who is told a story as the only way to get to him, everything was written likewise.

37 FV — Why does a world have to exist?

38 CFKW — Because everything is a thought. And a thought created a new thought of what the world is, and has been given density to form part of that starting point of what a thought is—essence—and it will continue to be a thought because it is like that — without beginning or end [2], because it was always a thought originated from a thought.

39 FV — And why does it tie us up, kill us, and feels so heavy?

40 CFKW — Because we get confused in thought. Thought is one, without movement, and the one thing we have done is identify ourselves with that movement, because there is no existing entity in the abstract of the abstract. You see?

41 It is so abstract that it goes above and beyond everything we know that it is abstract because it has nothing and is part of nothing. But as we give it movement, we get it out of all that. You see?

42 One thought leads you to the other indefinitely, and we can keep explaining this with all the metaphors, similes, and analogies that you already know.

43 It’s a world. Just one world and no need to worry. It is part of a movement, and as a movement, it has no beginning or end [2]. But if something originated that movement, to originate it, it has to move, and it creates a movement, and that movement creates another movement. That is why it is said that thoughts become a reality.

44Those who seek spirituality seek a way to rest since the thought is tied to life itself. You see?

45 In spirituality, one takes refuge as a way to rest, of which we need a lot — all of us. And that is spirituality…rest. Stop looking for that something that truly does not exist. But as long as we continue to feed it, it will continue to exist, like a balloon that expands and occupies space with its different verbs.

46 That is why they have divided into stars and suns, spreading their density. You see? See yourselves densified in this infinite world, knowing that only you can get out of here, but only if you could understand everything that is being said to you, although it requires a lot of sacrifices because people will not want to understand it…and I say so.

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[*] CFKW is an acronym given to those Ascended Masters who have preferred to be called “The Collective Forces of Knowledge And Wisdom”
[1] ‘Black hole’ is a simile or metaphor to what it appears to be seen and interpreted from the abstract
[2] ‘Endless’ is a limited expression of the uncertain future—not about the infinite.
[3] the word ‘man’ in this context identifies us as the creator and not the limitations of the homo-sapiens of today.

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