A lesson you need to learn


1 This is a lesson everyone needs to learn.

2 I may come up with an idea, and bring the story through drawings, images or create a comic book.

3 An idea to reason what knowledge can do. And I can draw a man working hard trimming a shrub in his backyard. And he comes up with an idea to create a set of scissors that could cut and trim the branches of the shrub. And he shares his idea with his neighbor.

4 And from what he knows, he could be alone or be one among many who have come out with similar ideas of creating scissors to cut shrubs. And he shares his ideas and is known for having the ability to create, built and even teach how to build your own scissors to prune your own shrubs. And as everyone comes out with new ideas, two or more people get together to manufacture them for the good of others.

5 If it comes to material or technology that goes beyond the capacity for one to do his own, a group of people can gather together and create a new system to share it with humanity. And if everyone follows, there will be no need for money to ever be exchanged, and everyone would live in harmony with one another.

6 And if someone is good in the medical or other fields as well, then those will be respected as such. And everyone would have their own duties and responsibility to take care of themselves and others.

7 That was the way it was originally intended to be: For each one of us to take care of each other, knowing the principle of cause and effect, and the Golden Rule of not doing to others what you don’t want to be done to you, for whatever harm you do to others, you do to yourself.

8 And everyone would share what’s available on Earth, which it all belongs to no one in the first place. And your intellect should have no price tag either, for it all comes from Higher Sources as you align yourself to expand your horizons, based on the experience you already had as a human being, as you become the latest sum total of all your experiences since the first movement took form.

9 And as each one of you learns to follow the Golden Rule, every single thing humans can do for the betterment of themselves should be shared.

10 But here is the problem. Humanity has little or no control over themselves. They need to be restricted because the day you give your neighbor one of your harvested fruits, now he knows you have more of them. And if given a chance, he would steal it from your tree, as he would feel he outsmarted you, knowing it is wrong to steal, but his gratification is greater than the transgression he committed against you.

11 That is because humanity doesn’t respect each other through their senses, as for instance through the seven cardinal sins ( gluttony, lust, greed, pride, envy, wrath, vanity, and sloth). And what are those if not attractions to what you want the most of something?

12 And it comes as easy as not wanting to share a slide of fruit or sorting your crop and not sharing with your neighbor. Because one would fear that his neighbor would take advantage of him and based on that fear we no longer share things, and it is understandable because we are so many.

13 Knowing how to separate the grain from the shaft is hard as you try to find out who is doing good out of the goodness of their heart and who does it to deceive and take advantage of you.

14 So, humanity does not know how to control themselves. It was last known to be attempted during the sixties when many wanted to build communities among themselves and to live by the Golden Rule, and freedom, peace, and love to be above all because none of this should have a price tag and none of this belongs to no one in the first place. (Look how it ended.)

15 And who are you putting a price tag to what never belonged to you in the first place? Not even your intellect or your sweat. And why you do it should not be out of greed or power but to help yourself and your neighbor.

16 If you do good, you will receive good. Your neighbor will know you shared from your harvesting and will give in return from what he harvested, and there will be mutual sharing among one another and will have the incline to share from what he has. And that would be a healthy relationship for us all.

17 But once one start becoming greedy, then one of those cardinal sins will take a toll on you and humanity as a whole. That’s why you see the good and bad in humanity, from the highest to the lowest—because of reciprocity.

18 And men became greed, and started to build to gain financial freedom, they claim. And once someone learned how to manufacture those scissors while sitting in his office chair, smoking an expensive cigar, while someone else is doing his bidding, because now he spends his time counting his money— greed takes over.

19 Then you see them spending day after day in the factory while losing the time they once spent with their spouse, children, and family. Losing their personality and their life. You see them how they started from humble beginnings, and when fame strikes, they become arrogant.

20 And the law of cause and effect begins to take a toll on them, not realizing it all gave them lots of warning, lots of signs as if something is wrong as it hits them.

21 And that’s the way this world has become. A hell of your own creation, because you weren’t ready for God, or the principles of life, the principles of sharing, creating new things to ease your life and share with others.

22 And once again, someone got greedy and wanted more and more. And the imbalance took place and will end the same way those civilized humans from the past who created money ended. They both are in the same end: Those wanting to have more and more, creating more, scaling people, taking over city after city that never belonged to them in the first place, or just going after a theology that told them it belongs to them…how dare you! How dare you!

23 The richest man can be as evil as one of those killing machines. That is the evil within. The one who kills to take possession of any given territory as well as the greed of those who don’t care if people die for as long as they make a profit.

24 That you see with oil companies, holding on to such an obsolete form of energy for as long as they make money and you still don’t get it. You are burning your lives away by breathing the polluted air, drinking the contaminated water and eating from the poisoned soil that brings fossil fuel.

25 You can see how people die of cancer, how small children get ill as their undeveloped lungs breathe the poisonous gases from your atmosphere, and still, you don’t get it. It is sad, very sad.

26 You all can do so much without the need for money! If you ever, ever understand the law of cause and effect and the Golden Rule. They both go hand by hand, one with the other.

27 The beak is the Golden Rule, and the movement is the Cause and Effect. The Golden Rule is the feminine if you want to put it that way, but its the counterpart, the stopping—the one that tells you ‘Stop, hold on, don’t move, stop looking forward to more creation.’ Because creation is creating devastation the way it’s going now. We are not heading the right way, neither we are going in the right direction.

28 If we were going in the right direction, of understanding how to live life on earth, we would be the happiest beings in the Universe: Experiencing that, wanting to share with, no money in between because it is not needed—because ‘I know that you will not take advantage of me and I will not take advantage of you.” And everything that is and exists is shared in equal ways. And no one is seeking to take advantage out of anyone or anything.

29 Even if there is water deprivation because there is a drought, everyone will unite to find a way to help each other in such a way that everybody can survive over a specific environmental issue—but no, there is always someone looking to get rich out of the misery of others.

30 And if we would understand the Golden Rule, then the Law of Cause and Effect would have no bearing in taking effect, because the rebalancing is no longer needed.

31 Can you imagine a world where following the Golden Rule is the universal law? And for as long as we keep ourselves following this rule, the cause will give no adverse effect—because the Law of Cause and Effect will be in harmony: As you do good, good will be done to you.

32 And as long as you keep doing good, there will be no remorse, and no need to go back to make amends, and no other intent other than to move towards one direction. And once you see how that one direction is to seek peace and harmony among one another and your surroundings, then you would understand the principles of life and would go ahead and move voluntarily to higher realms, of higher truths, beyond what is known on Earth.

33 And you keep growing in spirituality until you go back to the original source, the creator, and when merging with him by losing your individuality, you become One.

34 Because by becoming One you first need to become nothing, and nothingness is being everything. Everything is creation, while nothingness is the non-creative part of life, which is the stillness of that energy— just being itself, and that is God: LIFE IN ITS PUREST FORM. Not even vibration, but the origin by which vibration comes to life.

35 Not even energy, because energy is a movement by itself, and God is no movement but the void, the nothingness, so you can become everything. You see?

36 The day you become something, you become individuality, and by being individuality, you have a life of your own, not realizing where you came from, which is from that center of creation where creation started.

37 And what is better: To become individuality or to become One? Individuality always seeks for something, while One is the whole: The everything, for being nothing you are everything. Creation brings individuality—the whole is everything.

38 The problem is that the human brain doesn’t get it, simply don’t get it because everything has to make sense, everything has to be logic, everything has to be tangible: ‘I have to see it to believe it.’ And ‘Everything has to be replicated; otherwise, it does not exist to me,’ many claim.

39 And those using mathematical equations to quantify the existence of God, let’s say, as energy in its purest form if it comes to that, it has to be first mathematically speaking approved. But nothing can provide a better view of what God is better than the absolute zero. The so-called non-existent number for it is claimed the absolute zero not to exist.

40 There will always be an equation because everything is movement. Of course, every creation is movement. For instance, you can put an astronomical set of zeros, and if at the end, you put a one, that becomes the first movement. You see? You can put as many zeros as your mind can register, but if at the end you put a one, it will always be that first movement.

41 And you can go as far as you want and I’ll assure you; there has to be an origin to those zillions of zeros before that one number that gives the first movement. And for that number to exist, there has to be an opposite zillion before that number one. And in between the positive and the negative the absolute zero does exists: Where everything starts.

42 Still don’t get it? There IS a starting point. You can go as far as you want no matter how many mathematical numbers you put in between, endlessly, in all forms if you want, but at the end, creation started with THAT first movement.

43 If you bring it to the material world, yes, you can put it in numbers, or you can put it in molecular structures: The first movement of that creation is One. Or you can go through the spiritual realm, and see how creation took form—in the same fashion, like the different examples I gave you so you can understand what God is.

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Because I Have More To Say:

The extensiveness of this Transcript goes beyond what I can comfortably add without taking more of your already compromised time, although I do have a lot more to say.

Many concepts are being dealt with as I break this Transcript into articles. And much explanation is needed to avoid misinterpretations from the original intent. Therefore I rather have you replying to me with what you may not fully understand, as a shortcut to lengthy explanations. 

But because I still have more to say— for those who may disagree as to the overall human behavior in most of us, simply take a look at what has happened in the past while under a catastrophe:

While some of us go above and beyond to help the less fortunate, many more see an opportunity to steal, vandalize and destroy property. Others are in the lookout to deceive the weak, while many seek for ways to benefit from the less fortunate.

I have seen arsoning, vandalism, theft, murder, riots and an array of mischief while one transgresses against the other all over the world.

That experience I saw when hurricane Maria hit my homeland Puerto Rico in 2017. Today millions of dollars were deviated to enrich the government, private sectors and even those civilians with political power.

Much of the food, water and goods sent to the island perished as it was never delivered to the needed while the commercial sector benefited from the sale of those very same goods. Millionaire contracts were given to outsiders to rebuild an already weak electrical system, and today the infrastructure is even more vulnerable than ever before. The deceiver didn’t stop, the thief kept finding ways to steal, and the sloth kept finding ways to benefit from the system.

How can we pursue a life as described in this Transcript if we have no respect for each other?

If you take to an island the best people out of each trade, who happens to understand and follow the Golden Rule, and each one does his/her part to build a new world out of the given resources within the boundaries of their surroundings, where no money is ever exchanged but the good intent to build and share knowledge and labor among each other prevails, I can guarantee you a new world within our world could be created.

But two questions still remain on the table: 

(1) Would they ever be protected from the one who would infiltrate while not living by the Golden Rule?
(2) Would this new territory ever be saved from war and ultimate invasion as it has happened with past civilizations?

It is sad, very sad, to see how I received, perceived and transcribed the original intent embedded in this very Transcript, and to know from the core of my soul how very little or nothing can be done about it as those in power will never let go, unless it is taken away from them as it has been taken by means we already know from past civilizations.

Think, just think.


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