The Transcript: Our Desire to Live and The Thought Process While Meditating—Explained

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1 Even when you are doing nothing while laying down, sitting down or meditating, while keeping a blank state of mind, a thought form is still taking place by means of breathing, in its simplest form.

2 As your body, your circulatory system, and your heart keeps pumping, a thought process takes place, as all those basic and essential movements occur in your body. Your heart cannot make its next beat if in though form you don’t have the desire to keep on living.

3 It is a direct result in the most subtle of all forms to keep the constant movement within, you see? Your lungs will not expand and contract to feed on oxygen—a process that takes place every second because in thought-form you are desiring to live, you see?

4 Even the most despaired human being, in his own desire to commit suicide, falls into depression. Even if he chooses to leave this life, the conflict is so overwhelming that the struggle within himself to make the fatal decision becomes troublesome, because part of him still desires to keep on living.

5 Otherwise, all it would take for a human being to leave their body—in the absence of all desires—is to simply die. This cannot happen, because the human condition is such, that the desire to keep on living holds them as one struggles in confusion resulting in falling into a depressive state, you see?

6 Science does not take this into consideration, yet it is the most logical of all explanations, you see?

7 Those who meditate, create a blank state to allow the inner soul to be felt in thought-form. We have seen so many meditation practices where one describes that you will see this, while others describe that you will see that. One describes that you will feel this, while others describe that you will feel that.

8 In essence, each individual sees his own reality, based on their experiences, knowledge, and background from this and previous lives— in spirit and human form—and the combination of both, along with the predisposition from one’s meditation methodology, creating in essence his or her own individual path to see its pure essence in meditative from.

9 But no two meditations’ result are ever the same and will never be, because in essence everything is done in thought form.

10 Experience it yourself: Sit down or lay down in any which way you want. What is not recommended, unless you have fully practiced it, is to lay down, because of your predisposition to falling asleep—unless you do it early in the morning as you wake up, and after you do a recollection of your dream, the memories you have worked with throughout the night, and you take time off to meditate in the comfort of your bed knowing that you just woke up and there should be no reason to fall asleep, as you are fully refreshed to start a new day.

11 Practice by not thinking of anything. Become one with the void, and wait for your soul to express itself, without any pre-determined desire to see any outcome whatsoever.

12 Train your mind to stay still. Train your mind to avoid words, to avoid images, and to avoid any desires or outcome. Stay still in a blank state, in the void, and let your soul express itself.

13 Since every case is individual one from the other, you may feel love and emotions emerging from your solar plexus as it brighten your whole essence within the void.

14 You may feel the darkness of the void clearing out as you feel or define as light. But not a light that may come from the Sun, a candle, or a light bulb. It’s just the absence of darkness from the void.

15 And in that essence, you may feel the rejoice of pure peace as we define peace into words, but an indescribable peace that surrounds your whole essence where you discard the notion that you even have a body, while paying attention to your essence which is “Light.”

16 Within that stage you will realize that not words but answers in thought form will come to mind and record them in your conscious mind as you always keep consciousness while in meditation.

17 And in such , listen to your inner thought which will help you answer your questions as you find yourself in your constant evolution in human form in this earth-plane. Everyday new things will emerge and as the understanding comes out, new resolutions takes place.

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