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SUMMARY: Short after a brief moment of pondering over a negative thought that crossed my mind, one from the CFKW came forward to clarify and expound in depth what I knew I had to register as a new Transcript. Pay close attention to each Article, because there is much more than what seems to be in this Transcript.

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TRANSCRIPT T-120114161232

1 This is how it works: The mind gives you positive and negative thoughts.
You get involved in negative thinking, and negative thinking drags you down.

2 The same way there are wars and world hunger, there are also blooming flowers and children playing.

3 Both worlds do exist (as above, so below) but which world do you want to live in; the positive or the negative?

4 Both worlds do exist—with or without you thinking of it.

5 By focusing on the positive, you begin to realize that by dismissing the negative, you are not focusing on it. Is the holding on to the reality what gets you closer to the pain and suffering, which you relate to it, and as you relate to it, then you have a justification for your thinking (or actions).

6 You see that is real, you see I’m not the only one perceiving it, you see how others are in the same position as you are, and it’s a justification for negative thought: One thought after the other and after the other in a collective way.

7 So, when you concentrate on the positive, then the negative will cease to exist for lack of support. It will have support from others, but not to you as an individual. Therefore, as an individual soul, when you dismiss negative thoughts and hold on to positive thoughts, then your positive thoughts become your whole.

8 And as positive thoughts become your whole, then you get closer to the God thought[1] that does not have negativity in it.

9 As it is only One, that One source spreaded as it separated from itself, becoming more and more negative. Positive or negative is not a fact but how we see it because it’s only One—no negative or positive is ever involved.

10 Negative and positive is something we have created ourselves, to separate one from the other, to justify one from the other, but there’s only One.

11 FV asks: How do you explain the positive and the negative of energy, or power?

12 CFKW: Actually it really doesn’t exist, because when you put a positive and a negative in an electrically closed circuit is a loop, like in the universe, since everything is only One.

13 And as you get closer to the positive and dismiss the existence or dismiss support to the negative, then the positive becomes One. And since there is no negative, there is only One.

14 And as it is only One, it is (becomes) much closer to the Oneness of God—and there is where you want to be. Separated, so you can acknowledge and unify with God, so you can feel the bliss of becoming a thought.

15 You can go even further and get to God, but you would have to surrender your existence, so you can become One. And that is the part we don’t understand that we are called for (to do).

16 But, for as long as you get as close as possible, that would be the ultimate goal of us all, within our limited understanding as to what is being closer to God.

17 Again: Positive thinking at all times, and dismiss negativity.

18 FV asks: But what if negativity comes to me?

19 CFKW: Only if you allow it!

20 FV refutes: But it may become present even if I don’t allow it!

21 CFKW; It is a teaching to test your faith[2]. And that’s how faith is tested within yourself because you are God. People say, “God is testing me.” Not such; thought form is all beauty, and no test is ever needed. The test is within yourself.

22 Because you are part of God, you are God[3]. But that power is testing you. The power of God is testing you: The power you have within you as you are part of God.

23 It’s all just an interpretation. It’s like (God) the Father. The Father figure is the closest to fatherhood. But it’s not about fatherhood or motherhood, it’s just a way for you to understand, but human beings take things literally, and it becomes a problem. By taking things literally, you get confused in your thinking.

24 But there’s no judgment. It’s just You allowing the negative thought to cross your path and makes you doubt. Stop doubting, start trusting and letting go. And if it shows up, trust, and you’ll solve it.

25 But is you who have to solve it within your inner thoughts. Hard pill to swallow, but you have to stop blaming others and take responsibility for your own actions, your own thoughts, and your own behavior.

26 FV refutes: Yes, but this world is controlled by government and power…

27 CFKW: Yes, it’s governed by power and the individuality in this third-dimensional world, but what does that have to do with you? It’s only if you allow it! You can be free.

28 Fv refutes: But we are slaves of the system!

29 CFKW: Yes, we are—because we want to have what they have to offer. For as long as they provide what they are offering and you comply with it, and you benefit from it, then abide by their rules!

30 But if you want to be separate from the system and be with God, all you need to do is keep with your positive thinking, even within the system. Positive thinking will dismiss negative thinking, and you will succeed within the system.

31 Fv refutes: But what if it doesn’t work?

32 CFKW: Oh!, doubt—that’s the problem. “La duda[4].” If you have no doubt— if you have pure faith[2], everything fades away. And that is something people don’t have. Fear takes over, and then they go back.

33 Even myself[5]. Fear of letting go of what I have right now on Earth: The calling, my spouse, my children, the dependence they may have on me, or the dependence I want them to have on me. Not setting them free because I’m afraid they cannot make it on their own, or they may suffer making it on their own, or they may have grief, and I want to avoid their grief. So I’m holding on to this because of my fear of letting go because of the acknowledgment I have over myself here. You see?

34 But there is a much stronger force: The calling which is the bringing of the message to the world, for people to understand how everything works, which is what is holding me around.

35 Once I see the completion of my purpose, and as I keep evolving, I will detach and be set free.

End of Transcript T-120114161232

This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

Truth is one…interpretations manyTranscript


[1] God is termed as a unified or the One source of life.
[2] Faith or pure faith to be termed as trust and ultimate trust, respectively.
[3] This metaphor translates as a leaf being part of the tree, yet it is the tree.
[4] ‘La duda’ is a Spanish word that translates as ‘doubt’ in the English language.
[5] Most Transcripts are written in First Person, for I am the one who receives and perceives the original intent from the CFKW and translates into words. In this particular article, I perceived ‘myself’ as part of the message and chose to keep its integrity.

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(1) Close your eyes and picture an imaginary whiteboard serving as a view screen. Now choose a negative thought that had recently disturbed your mind and view it from that imaginary whiteboard.

While viewing this negative thought over this imaginary board notice how your state of being changes from peace to disturbance.

Once you experience and acknowledge the change, take an imaginary eraser and while erasing this negative thought notice how your disturbance fades away or recedes as you erase the event.

Keep practicing, and you will soon notice how effective you become by controlling your thought process at any given moment moving forward.

(2) Help me spread these words among your loved ones, relatives and friends. Simply say: “Look what I found on the internet—see if it makes sense to you.” That’s all I ask.

(3) And remember the last words from The First Transcript:

“We are one, and as you help me, you advance”40First Transcript


Message: “Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.


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