How Far Have You Yet To Go?


1 Life is a constant evolutionary process of karma and dharma.

2 Our happiness or sadness is just an interpretation given to our actions and reactions

3 Our choice to see things one way or the other is based on our preconceived ideas of what is and what is not, which is also based on the culture and principles we have been taught.

4 We live by choice and the world we have chosen to express our need to unfold our karma and dharma.

5 See, for instance, how, in the same world, you see people who live throughout their lifetime in luxury and pleasure (opulence) acquired through an evolutionary process of education: They have learned to be where they want to be and to learn to be successful.

6 This alleged success is based on our understanding of what is and what is not in our social and cultural understanding of what is good (acceptable) and what is not. We call it success to show that we acquired abundance of one thing or the other.

7 In this capitalistic cultural structure, we call it the acquisition of money from which you acquire all you want and engulf yourself with the acquisition of whatever is within reach, not knowing that it’s actually taking us far away from the source.

8 However, the unattached, for instance, see that their excess money is given through nations just as the fisherman gives away the excess catch, you see? By doing so, he frees himself from the excess he may indulge from, and by seeing his life as not in poverty, he keeps himself in balance with the truth I told you before: Karma is not a debt-paying sentence, but the experience one needs to go through.

9 There are many who have rebalanced themselves from within, while others have not. But again, you are not to judge others because you will never know the origin, the source, or the lesson to be learned that has been chosen as their path.

10 Your suffering is your suffering while searching to understand how things work:
See how much you have changed.
See how much you have progressed.
See how far you have yet to go.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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