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SUMMARY: Human relations in this Transcript makes reference to the love relation of two souls with the intent of sharing their life together, either as a married or unmarried couple and either building a family or not, implicitly out of love for one to the other.

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1 When it comes to human relations, no one can predict or judge what is best for any relationship.

2 For instance, you may have known of people who love each other from the start, and they end up divorced because one or the other chooses to take a different path. You may also see others meeting in less than ideal circumstances and end up loving each other for life. Then you have others who’s relationship started bad and end up bad.

3 Some relationships are for convenience, while others are pre-arranged because of cultural or social influences. Then you see those whose motive is to walk away from families or the environment where they live. You can see this everywhere and wonder what is the best way for them (or you) to be happy.

4 If you start on a relationship full of adversities, such a relationship may not bring you happiness, but happiness comes from within yourself and understanding who you truly are. You see? And where you are may determine your happiness because of your perception from the environment that you have chosen.

5 Relationships are not for everyone. Not everybody is meant to have a relationship. Society imposes that for you to be happy, you need to have a relationship and raise a family. That is actually creating an artificial environment for people to sustain a society.

6 For instance, you may have made a pre-arrangement at a spiritual level where you would meet someone you may have agreed not to be appealing to you, for you to learn and understand someone’s feelings and learn to love that person regardless of their personal appearance or looks. By doing so, you begin to love your environment, surroundings, and to share the most loving pondering experiences with your new loving partner— just as a given example.

7 Another example applies to those who from the very beginning chose to incarnate and meet in the best of circumstances. For instance, they may choose to be big or small, tall or short, and so on, so one can look for the other and feel a mutual physical attraction.

8 Therefore, who are you to judge how others choose to incarnate in this lifetime? Even for those pre-arrange marriages, the soul can choose to reincarnate in those cultures so they can be forced into a relationship in order for them to learn what needs to be learned from that experience.

9 So, even the most distorted of relationships that you may see—you never know!

10 In today’s world, many are just mistakes from the engulfment in this earth plane due to social, environmental, and personal or cultural behavior.

11 If you get caught in the game believing, for instance, that opulence means happiness, although that was not your intended path, but you chose to get into another path by pairing with someone from an upscaled social class, and you end up not being happy, that is yours to work with, and would need to find ways to rebalance your life. You see?

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(1) Bring back to memory all those relationships you have known in this your lifetime and notice how this Transcript makes reference to them, including your own. This Transcript, however, brings one aspect of the whole and not to be considered as all aspects of human love relations. Here is where you add your own particular experiences, knowing they are all part of the whole. Notice how you may have judged one or many relationships and how this insight of Higher Truth has taught you how to better yourself and abstain from judging others.

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