One Of Several Imbalances in Life


1 FV —  I recently read about the increasing poverty rate in the USA, contrasted with a cover story about a highly paid athlete buying a multi-million dollar home. Where are fairness and balance in our society? How can one accumulate more wealth than one could ever spend while others struggle to meet basic needs?

2 CFKW—That imbalance is just one example of several imbalances on Earth. Look what happened with those days of fair trade from your own resources to balance any need to keep the basic principles of life.

3 FV—When did this imbalance start?

4 CFKW—We are one. One only needs what one can consume in a season, in a cycle, in a limited period to retain one’s balance.

5 See, for instance, how this multi-million dollar property could be representative of at least twenty families, even more, due to its space for dwelling and crop growing.

6 (*)Men have changed—it’s obvious—they have changed for fame, glory, power, greed. Humanity has replaced nature’s given creation with an artificial world of their own making.

7 Men have replaced nature’s dwelling with concrete, the act of walking with automotive transportation, and the confines of his environment with leisure travel.

8 Those conditions once necessary for humanity to detach from Earth have been supplanted by elements of judgment and choices in an alternate realm—within this realm—forging an environment where people desire to continue dwelling and experimenting with new creations.

9 Take, for instance, that you were born hundreds of years ago. You belong to a family who inherited property from their ancestors, living in a balanced environment where food was plentiful and shared among all, forming the foundation for communal exchange. Clothing was crafted by hand, learned from your ancestor’s knowledge passed down through generations, with ample food and shelter, and trading was minimal, temporary, just enough to sustain life at a comfortable level.

10 See now how men have changed in so many ways that an imbalance took place, and you see the evolving process as life becomes a struggle between what one has and what one wants. It won’t take long to realize that men have transformed life into a process of creative forces simply to manifest what they believe creation should be.

11 Now, it has become so complex that creation involves the artificial process of life creation.

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Article 6— Man: The original definition of man is a human being of either sex; a person. Etymology: From Middle English men, from Old English menn (“people”), from Proto-Germanic manniz, nominative plural of Proto-Germanic mann- (“person”). Him, Himself. He: pronoun, anyone (without reference to gender); that person: He who hesitates is lost.


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