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Today’s Transcript is one of those one-hour long recordings that I would need to break down in segments to avoid overwhelming your mind. It started with total silence before I formulated my first question. Not satisfied with the answer, it asked again but with a more challenging intent. The unfolding is what you are about to read:

1 FV—What is Life?

2 CFKW—For some, life is a world of agony; for others, a joyful world.

3 FV—What is Life?

4 CFKW—A struggle. A struggle to find the path to life itself:

5 Life is a world formed by desires—restlessness. This world has been a collective creation from an original intent, where One grew separate from itself and became two of the same as God wanted to see itself.

6 God’s original desire unleashed limitless moral offenses (errors), taking us all to become Humans. This divine act of replicating itself is identical to the cellular process of mitosis as creation takes place.

7 Men, this creation becoming flesh, found his limitations in himself, and within those limitations dwells men, limiting himself from further expanding and advancing within himself. And because we all are being of light, life itself became a distraction.

8 Therefore, life became the negative intent, producing within oneself the external forces and external growth, when all the soul needs is to look within.

9 Those who seek from within are the few who seek to rebalance this troubled world from lust, desires, power, and the mundane.

10 Therefore, those who hold on to life, are holding on to the negative side of life, which is preservation and sustenance of density—which is the one we are most attached to, gave it form, and gave life a purpose.

11 And upon seeking for this life purpose, one could only find the holding on to the physical, and wanting to continue living over and over again in this cycle.

12 And what’s holding us from achieving this objective is the spiritual side in ourselves that gives, not what we call life, but the desire to live, because our desires are what drive us to this perpetuity.

13 Life itself is that divine essence that drives us all, out of good intent, to wake us all from this dream and return to our spiritual origin.

To be continued— Transcript T120517071122

This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

Truth is one…interpretations manyTranscript

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Because I Have More To Say:

—Divine is hereby termed as the spiritual nature in us all and not of deity origin.

—God is the given name, not to identify a deity, but to help you relate with the self as this message comes across. It implies ‘The Father,’ ‘The Creator,’ ‘The Source of Life,’ or simply ‘Home.’ I do not call it “Universe,” as I have heard many times said, because one particular Transcript already explained that “Universe” is what has been created through creation, and God is not creation but the self.

—To better explain the complex context in Article 11, there is a spiritual side in us all that is keeping us from falling in this perpetual physical cycle, and is asking us to awaken and to seek the perpetuity in our true divine nature.

—For those who already went through the 10 weeks learning the Concept of Oneness as duly explained by the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom, they will find much connection in this Transcript with Principles 1 and 2.

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