Something To Learn About The Spirit World


1 FV—What can you tell about the Spirit World, ghostly appearances, and the collective information gathered about the spirit world? 

2 CFKW—By the same law that dictates that upon this level of consciousness and the chosen path of being in the physical plane, at this frequency range, there is also a law that governs the soul when not embodied. 

3 This is easily understood within the known human word in religion as “purgatory.”[1] In essence, purgatory describes the place where the spirit dwells as it’s purified. But, purgatory is non-other than souls trapped in time, as they keep on dwelling within a range of frequencies that keeps them attached to this plane. And since there is no physical body, the soul dwells on energy throughout this earth plane.

4 A good example is when a person dies, and the soul goes through the transition. Nevertheless, it is still the same spirit, it is still the same soul, it is still the same person.

5 Who you were in human form will be the same in spirit form. Just the fact that you left your body does not give you automatic holiness. You can see, for instance, enlightened people dying and becoming “spirits” of good intent and still attached to Earth. 

6 Those are the ones who, because of their enlightenment, will stay and keep on spiritually growing by acquiring the intrust, by voluntary action, to help others on Earth. Since there is a fine line between the flesh and spirit within this earth plane, it is easy for them to have some level of influence to help us. 

7 By the same token, you do know about people who die in extreme circumstances from criminal behavior or old people bitter out of life, not having learned their lessons, and on the contrary, becoming darker in their spiritual path: Same embodied spirit, same disembodied spirit, same behavior pattern, same attachment, same bitterness, and so forth. You see? 

8 This has been very well documented where you can see others’ experiences with souls helping and interacting with us with good or ill intentions. We all move through that stream of energy, and one way or the other, one will affect the other. It’s just a matter of you channeling your thoughts, frequencies, and desires towards the good, the light, and not evil or darkness. 

9 You can see it every day when you seek an environment where you choose to stay safe—in your house, your community, doing the right thing. For as long as you stay within those who influence you in a positive way, you will be content, cheerful, happy, and in spiritual growth.

10 However, if you, for some reason, choose to adventure into places and times that are not safe, where you know that the high incidence of criminal behavior is abundant, those negative influences will be against you, and you will be running high chances of being exposed to bad influence. As you choose in this incarnated life, the same choices you will have on the spiritual side. 

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