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1 Temptation; the greatest gift of all

2 The most accurate proof of true attachment to what holds us all from spiritual growth.

3 True evidence to show us how we are still attached to what we no longer want to pursue.

4 The one thing we dread to face but a must to prove to ourselves if we are truly detached or have yet much work to do.

5 And once you know the way back home, see how it becomes the one act you embrace the most to prove yourself as a true follower of spiritual advancement.

6 And the day you come to your senses it would no longer influence your daily life.

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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

Truth is one…interpretations manyTranscript

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You may have heard of the great temptation of Jesus by Satan throughout his 40-day journey. You may also have heard how 500 years before Jesus, Buddha faced and overcame the temptation by Mara. Many others have faced their greatest temptations. Some overcame them while many others have failed.

I know of many who have become spiritual leaders and how they have fallen to temptation for power, money, and lust among others. You probably know of some of them who have become public figures, and how their story has made it to the media. 

I had faced my own demons while during what is known as the dark night of the soul I was tempted and driven to commit suicide in 2012 to deflect me from doing my work. And yes, I’m familiar with the temptation of wanting to commit suicide and being able to overcome it on my own— not without having first to attest that evil forces (entities) do exist and to never underestimate them.

But for now, let me walk you through some temptations I have overcome to help you walk through the path us all must walk as we learn to detach from what holds us from further spiritual growth.

As I learned the truth of our existence, I had to embrace and face the fact that we all are One. Not to become a catchy phrase or a new trend for many, but by experiencing the true intent behind those words.

Becoming One means that we all come from the same source. And with it, our evolution from spirit to human is a path we all had evolved into.

But first, we must understand that the evolution of humanity is the end result of the evolutive incarnation from the misunderstood and misconstrued word “nonliving matter” to becoming a “living organism,” when in essence all there is and exists is Life.

And when you come to your senses and understand that you also were an evolutive soul experiencing life in non-human intelligence form—from the lowest to the highest—then you come to understand how you have harmed those who are evolving as you have, and you will seek to stop the genocide of innocent creatures for your palate indulgences.

That’s how I learned to abstain myself from flesh-eating, judgment, indulgence and many other attributes humanity has built for themselves as they become influenced by those in the world who holds us from spiritual growth. But not without temptation getting on my way.

That’s when temptation does the number on you—when the memory and urge makes you want more of what you know you should give up once you learn the path back home.

Just imagine how much pain and suffering you had to bare before evolving to who you are! And when you wake up and begin to remember those glimpses of your past lives, true repentance, pain, and regret will overwhelm your aching soul as it cleanses from the genocide and abuse as you were also a victim or your own creation.

I do distinctly remember previous lives where, for instance, I became enslaved and was transported overseas in a cage. Such fear and cruelty still hunt me making me today claustrophobic. It also boils my blood with anger when I see a whip and knows how it felt. And the memories of physical punishment is a though I barely can stand.

I also have glimpses of being underwater and how my massive body glided me through the deep dark ocean as I searched for food. Not only do I remember my life in animal form but I have also found myself recalling the feeling of being part of a plant and the soothing warmth of simply being myself part of it for as long as needed.

I bet, if we all were raised from early childhood to understand the true origin of our present existence and the true evolution of the soul—from spirit to soul and to human—understanding the evolutive process reign by the physical world, none of us would be killing each other, hurting each other and lesser eating each other as we are currently doing over the dilutional conceptualization of nutritional values given to the flesh. 

Did you know that a human slave was considered “property” and not a person in early Centuries? How wrong we were! Today, for most people, animals are considered having no soul. How wrong we still are!

And the day you realize you once were what you call today “a thing” and not a soul, you will STOP, and your regret will overwhelm you until the day you come to terms and seek to join forces as those who fought against slavery gave their blood for the freedom they deserved. Yesterday we called them fools; today we call them heroes, martyrs or the brave.

Think, just think.


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“Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.

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