The Mind Shifting Process

1 When someone tells you what life is, that is their reality; there will be no way for you to convince them otherwise. One mechanism you have to convince someone that their reality isn’t what they think it is is through doubt, where doubt becomes the principal element because it sows in their minds the idea that what they thought to be no longer is. You see?

2 However, if their conviction is so strong that whatever persuasive idea or concept you bring forward does not move the preconceived notion already imprinted in their mind, you will not make a shift on them.

3 Now, making a shift is termed on Earth as good or bad. If you intend to change someone’s ideas with yours, for understanding yours is correct, and you do it with the intention to benefit others, and those others see the benefit because it goes more in accordance with what they might have thought at one point and viewed as something that does make sense and does not contradict that something inside them that tells them there must be something wrong somewhere, if you manage to move that needle in ways that such person feels more in peace with his internal thought, then that shift that you have done will benefit that person.

4 If, on the other hand, that shift creates more confusion for that person and unravel a chain of concept and ideas previously aligned in someone’s mind, and the full alignments start unfolding because one triggers the other and confusion begins to unfold, then you are doing harm because the human mind needs to be at peace with itself in order to move in either direction—in either direction.

5 However, there are instances where a word or an event shakes someone in such a way that their whole concept of reality shifts in an awakening process. Then that realization taking place is for the good of the soul, yet there is a fine line: How far are you willing to push to make a shift, and how far is the person willing to move, if any, towards that shift?

6 In fact, there is an element beyond human control, which is the obscure of the thinking in realizing that there is something other than what we think exists that may indeed manifest and have no reason (logic) behind it. Those are called miracles, or mystical events, such as a sudden awakening process after someone goes through an extreme event that shakes their whole thinking or a mysterious apparition for no apparent reason of something beyond our recognition that may exist in other planes of reality away from us, unreached by us, but still does exists. You see?

7 There are forces beyond our control that we might term as good or bad, contingent on the direction used to move that force. But those elements do exist, those and many more that go beyond any reasoning and cannot be attested by following the physical laws but do manifest in different ways, in different forms.

8 That is why humanity needs to become humble to know that it will never, ever, in our limited form, be able to comprehend the greatness of the life force. We are only an aspect of what is and exists.

9 We do manifest in our own ways, in our own realm of reality, reign by our own laws: The law of nature, the law of geometry, the law of limitations. Those laws do exist in this plane, and are what give and hold everything together in order to control and maintain what density is—that realm of reality that does exist on Earth, in our lives, in this experience we call life on Earth.

10 But do realize that life is only one, manifested in different forms, in ways that no one will ever know how far and how great it is, for it is for you to know that only you exist because you THINK and what IS is what is manifested in your creation by the laws that govern it all in union with creation, which is One source that we all know is and exists.

11 That source that gives it form to all that is and exists—call it God, call it universe, call it thought form, no matter what name you give to it, is only One: The abstract, the unseen, the unfelt because it cannot even be felt because what you feel is only an aspect of it. And the relation you guard with it, as you gave it form as a He, does not exist but Is—You see?

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