Life, God, And Karma


1 All that matters is that we move, because we need to be in movement.

2 Some take the meaning of the word God very seriously. But God is harmony, light, balance in movement, an energy coming from its center, like a Sun, harmonizing in consciousness.

3 God is an energy source that we will never know where it comes from, and we never will because, as energy, it is the source in itself.

4 How can you be *the source if you need energy to be the source? See the *paradox? Paradox gives all this its movement; the paradoxical side of life. That energy has a source which comes from a source that comes from a source, belonging to another source, and a greater source as life IS. Just like a beam of light that makes it all happen in harmony, balance, and control. You see?

5 That is the confusion of the souls: The need to feed themselves from what they think life is, but it is not, because we do not belong to this world.

6 This world it is comprised of energy in the existence of what they believe exists. And is movement in itself that drives that energy as a source to what, for them, seems to be the light or power from above, when it is only an expression in movement.

7 While one desires to be in darkness, another desires to be in lightness. It matters not what you desire, for as long as there is movement and desire to create existence, you take energy from the source to create energy of your own and live in movement.

8 Who wants to control life by their means and ways to manifest and control existence while on their own search for truth? Yet, many take hold and prematurely cling to *what life is about.

9 Life is a construct of materialized energy in what feeling we may have chosen or are willing to choose as a source to express life while searching for truth in movement, music, colors, and every other way that would help them to express and find a way for their own truth to come true.

10 Do respect every other’s feeling while you express yourself with that trivial hope that your movement flows in motion with the essence which, in the end, is all that is and exists in our search for truth: For as long as it takes and for as long as we can hold to that realization of life, then all that which is exists in its own truth, movement, and talents.

11 That is life: A constraint of all which is truth in movement, regardless of language, source, or world we live in; creation is all that comprises it. While some are joyful that there is movement, others are not for being reluctant to change and prefer what is already part of their world.

12 That is how Karma takes effect: For desiring and wanting to experience everything. And as for our erring, they need to be reverted by actions, deeds, amends, and in harmony with everything in movement—creation. See?

13 At times, you may seek entertainment to move away from all that disturbs you, while at other times, you want to express yourself doing what you most desire: Just as this entity (FV) wants to rest, another wants to run.

14 With all due respect, this is a message to help you understand that it is necessary to strengthen the *ether’s spirit: Creation and movement. That is how it needs to be addressed—that you start moving. This has been said in many ways across the globe and through an array of messages.

15 That is why you (the reader) are here, to start comprehending that you need to start *moving.

16 Many are the ones who claim to be moving. That may be very true, and your movement can be felt by you, like when one starts moving after being stagnant for too long. The body aches, weighs on you, bothers you, and you feel uneasy.

17 That’s how you may feel. But keep moving because when you stand up straight, you will stand out—that’s when you know you are moving.

18 At first, detaching from what keeps you from further spiritual growth will weigh on you, like when you stand up from that chair you have been sitting in for too long. When you stand up, although at first you feel unease, it all goes away, and you walk with ease toward your chosen direction. Use that analogy to start moving and advance.

19 We (CFKW) are helping you rebalance what you came here for. Each one has their own life, their own world, but we all need to merge in harmony once again, rejoin with nature and all that fills it, and that space with no space, that eternal movement of non-movement, much like a web— that which is only essence and part of all that is and exists in this world you call Earth, which is just a phase of the whole.

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Article 4—This article clarifies that we come from the source but are not the source. Also addresses the different realms (or dimensions) and their source before the ultimate source.
Article 5—Paradox implies a contradiction, its opposite, aka Yin and Yang, duality and is movement by means of action and reaction.
Article 8—Implies those blinded by science, history, and religion to define life.
Article 13—Movement implies something as simple as breathing and your heartbeat.
Article 14—“Either” implies being the inexplicable physical element, prevalent and inaccessible to human beings.
Article 15—Moving implies starting your spiritual journey back to your center, your being, the source, the light.

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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