The Difference Between Life And Dreams


1 The difference between life and dreams is that life has boundaries, and time is a boundary. Time is life’s boundary to make things work.

2 We have to deal with what we are working on. Time is the method used for us to work things out. That makes it a boundary.

3 The difference between life and dream is that a dream is an illusion, and so is life. The difference lies in that there is a physical body in the material world. And that body in the material world is the basis for cause and effect, and time becomes a boundary.

4 Whatever it is that we need to do, we need to do it. And whatever wrong we have done, time is given for us to fix it. This is something that we created for ourselves to work with our emotions, feelings, desires, and is for us to work with it.

5 When you are in a dream, you are actually, manifesting without the interference of your body and time because as we are confined to this earth plane learning our lessons, playing our game, acting our role-play, whatever you want to call it—because that is another issue; we call it what we want to call it: A game, a play or whatever ….we chose to call it “here” as a reference point. It is only a reference point to describe something that is taking place in our own terms. We create a term, and we call it as we want, we interpret it as we want, but it is all the same! It does not matter how you call it; there are boundaries and a law created for those boundaries.

6 We sleep because the body needs to rest while living in a physical world with laws and boundaries. However, the soul never sleeps, so it keeps on manifesting to either speed up the process or because it needs to continue because it is an unfolding process of movement that never stops.

7 So, we keep on learning, and the soul, as it keeps moving, learns to distinguish and detach by learning the process by becoming more conscious of life and the dream.

8 The soul, while embodied, having those boundaries, knows, or becomes aware of the difference when it detaches from the body while the body rests. When it returns to the body, there is a moment of acknowledgment when the soul incarnates within the same body, and the conscious mind reattaches to the soul.

9 That reattachment is what brings the memory of those dreams, which is not a dream but the stage of a conscious mind upon attachment, remembering within that fine line what happened. That is when the conscious mind starts questioning itself: What is this? What is it out there?

10 And that’s when the questioning starts; when the conscious mind finds out there is something else! That magic, some call it—that boundless form. And the conscious mind realizes there is more than what has been taught for it to be. That is the key element—when one finds out that there is something more when questioning.

11 FV—But why is one so attached?

12 CFKW—Because the rest of the world, society, and everything that was created have no recollection of what it is! Imagine living in a primitive tribe or community where everyone knows where we came from. Well, of course: Since you were a child, you were given answers to your questions. With those answers, you realize, recognize, and work with what you’ve learned. And as you grow older, you become more conscious about those planes of realities as you pass it on to those new generations who asked the same questions generation over generation.

13 It was men who started forgetting and getting engulfed with the reality they lived and forgot or stopped paying attention to what it was to the point that they got lost and stopped teaching younger generations what life was all about. The soul got lost, and it was forgotten.

14 Only a few kept it, only a few preserved it, and only a few had the knowledge at their reach. Now it is up to the soul, through self-realization, to starts searching for it. Then again—deception. Deception has so overwhelmingly increased that it has become much harder for the soul to find its roots and start going back to Oneness.

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