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51 FV—Now I understand why the God we know to be is an infinitesimal part of creation as to everything that is and exists. But for that, we would need to seek the void.

52 CFKW—While in meditation, seek for the void. Now that you understand this, when you search for the void you see how everything vanishes: All that troubles you, from ailment to afflictions. Just by thinking on the void, you rebalance your body, and when you enter into the void, everything balances out.

53 Just as a musical instrument stops playing, and as the “Should I, Shouldn’t I, would I, wouldn’t I, the body goes into neutral, and as it goes into neutral for an extended time, it seeks to rebalance itself. And as the body balances out, total regeneration of all its parts; from organs and tissues to cells, once again comes into harmony. And those not in harmony will perish and are replaced by new cells. That is how the body is constantly regenerating itself.

54 Likewise, a cell out of balance dies and is replaced by a new one as the new thought replaces the old thought. And as the new thought replaces the old thought, a distorted cell dies to be replaced by a new one. And as you can do with an organ, you can do with your whole body. An imbalanced cell can be replaced by a balanced cell by entering into the void through meditation.

55 No other tools are needed. Simply focus and center yourself. Just as a vertical line splits the body in two, likewise the body seeks to balance itself, so that through desire and not desiring the balance is allowed where each cell of your body is replaced by a new one within the original thought: From all its parts, every fraction of a second you create a new cell to replace the next one, and that is the clock of time—of one’s time.

56 That’s why some die young, and others have longevity. Because it is the essence of oneself within the peace that one gives to oneself, what one explores. Each person has their own purpose, desire, and reason for one’s existence. But each of us set our own time to undertake and function at this level, in this world, and on this plane.

57 But although one may strike against oneself, one can also seek to heal. If it is for a unified plan, you advance. But if it is for leisure or self-gratification, even if you also achieve it, it becomes sin, and you will pay the price from your own thoughts when the time comes to judge oneself for everything you have done, you see?

58 But if you do it with a unique and exclusive desire to help the world, humanity, in your style, with your understanding, as you understand it is correct, then you will be gratified, you see?

59 No matter what direction you take, it is your decision, your world, your plan, to help, or deflect as you have proposed, through the unified forces and your desire to serve.

60 Don’t judge, because everyone goes through this. Just as you are going through this, so many others are, for they are part of you. And the divisibility of the Creator, when entering upon the thought of wanting to see himself, and thus, sinned through multiplicity, that is how creation took form.

61 And you, in your ways, seek to transcend, and there will be many others who will not understand any of this, but it does not matter, because your job is to take it to those who do respond.

62 This is like anything else in life. They are like fish in the water. Some swim into the net, others don’t. But in the totality, you will not have to worry about those who do not, because those were the many who are attached to the world, and you will appeal to some of them through your teachings. But who you are looking for are the ones to help them transcend and the ones who want to grasp it all, and take them out of error as you have been for so long — not by choice but the time it took you to reach this Higher Truth.

63 Do as you would teach a child from first grade to college. Because everyone has to go through an understanding process, and the clock of time is all there this. And you extend or shorten the learning curve with your thoughts. So, leave the ‘What If’ behind and start telling yourself, “IT IS.”

64 But when you say, “It is what it is,” you fall in conformity with any given result, and you would indiscriminately accept, not necessarily understanding everything that IS. Just say, “IT IS.” “IT IS” is simply “IT IS”— understood?

65 But be careful not to fall into the illusion of “IT IS” to something unreal or lacking the laws of time and space. Because you would fall into error (sin), which is mistakenly believing in something that is not, for not wanting to understand what “It Is” means.

66 And that “It Is,” is in the manifestation of one’s desire to understand, but if you bond with it and attach yourself for wanting to understand it, you lose and remain oblivious to all that this is. But if you simply accept it, understanding what it is, then you cut the cords that bind you to what ‘is’ and you will be able to manifest in the void. Hard to understand, but It Is.

67 Therefore, within the desire to wanting to do and undo is the “IT IS.” And you can see how both become conflictive. But the dire desire to understanding is what leads you to seek to comprehend all this. In order to understand it, you have to have the desire to learn it as it becomes a paradox. And in that never ending cycle, if you allow it, within that paradox there is the reality of ‘everything,’ and ‘everything’ is the ultimate expression of everything that is and exists.

68 If you remember correctly, while in the void, everything that is, is opposite to the void. And that is the paradox that no one understands. And the world does not understand this paradox because it is extremely conflictive. And it binds and attaches people to seeking the ultimate goal of wanting to exist. And to understand that to enter into the void one must detach from wanting to exist, is what makes the world so confusing, for not wanting to accept what it is, you see?

69 And there is so much lost energy while seeking from the outside world. No one seeks from within for fear of learning that in order to be One, one must cease to exist and seek the void from within. And that is the ultimate fear of all humanity, not wanting to understand that you have to cease to exist in order to exist in the void.

70 And as we once said in the very beginning: We are One. Indeed, we are one, and we need to fully comprehend that We Are One before we could move forward to the next level.

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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

Truth is one…interpretations manyTranscript

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Because I Have More To Say:

This is the end of a one-hour session, seventy articles, and eight pages Transcript from the CFKW as they were comforting, lecturing, advising, and explaining what I needed at the time while facing a new life challenge I had to overcome. Not only did I have to grasp it but I also had to embrace it without attachments.

It took me eight years to understand the extent of the word “It Is.” So, please, do not get overwhelmed if you are having trouble making sense out of this. In short, “It Is” is none other than the letting go of expectations, but not to be driven to conformity by everything that happens in your life.

I have heard so many claiming that everything has a purpose and that you are where you are supposed to be, regardless of how you got there. That is the very reason for clarification under Article 64.

Let me explain: We all are reign by the law of cause and effect. Therefore, you are where you are because of (1) your actions or inactions, (2) someone’s actions or inactions, (3) divine intervention, or (4) a master plan, or Karma if you will. Therefore, many present conditions are not necessarily the result of (3) and (4), but due to (1) and (2) by means of free will.

Many of us fall in this trap deluded in the idea that they were supposed to end up here or there, when in truth, it may well be them all along who, by their error or someone else’s error, ended up here or there, and not necessarily as part of a divine plan. Make sense?

The bottom line, from Article 1 to 70, is that if we want to transcend, we need to first understand in great depth our true nature, origin, and ultimate life purpose. All in between has become the maze we know as “Life” while we search for our way back home spending a lifetime searching for outside sources and not from within.

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