Breaking Away From Temptation


NOTE to the reader—This Transcript begins when the CFKW took me to experience what they wanted me to interpret and describe under Article 1 and 2. What follows from Article 3 onward is a Q&A between the CFKW and me.

1 FV—There is a battle between how much my body weighs me down and another force that asks me to be happy—content. It’s like a tug-of-war where on the one hand I think I’m tired of all this in body. On the other hand, it makes me disown those thoughts and reiterate that not only am I in my fifties (age) but that I feel like I’m still in my thirties (age), and I must progress, ascend, and push forward all the goals and commitments I have to achieve.

2 But I can also see another side that drags me to think on the negative, the evil, and challenge everything I know, all in a vicious circle thinking that there is no reason to fight if there is nothing to find beyond our own reality.

3 CFKW—Well, in that negative state, you are correct! Because when you think of it: Why fight? Why argue if, in truth, all you want is to live? If not here, somewhere, elsewhere, in another realm—but it is living! It is still living.

4 Because you get tired of a form it does not mean that you cease to exist and no longer live. Because by moving, you are living, and you give power to that desire, and the negative turns into something positive. It is that desire that leads to something being destroyed and start again: To start all over with new ideas, new principles, new everything.

5 But that entails other sacrifices, which would mean starting over in a new relationship with yourself as a child, adolescent, adult, having so many divergences, which can take you from one stance to another due to the interconnection between so many souls, interconnecting with one another and with so much free will flowing in all directions.

6 And that insignificant free will multiplies and becomes constant because it creates a universe of free thoughts without decision making that flow, get confused, and form a wave of confusion where free will becomes part of the confusion.

7 If there were not so much free will then there would not be so much confusion. And the conglomerate makes oneself confused. And that’s the negative aspect.

8 Between the tug-of-war of positivity and negativity, there is individuality from within. One must seek one’s center and help others, but without intervention, because that further confuses the subject of free expression, also known as free will. You see?

9 In the positive, there is individuality so that one seeks within oneself the desire, encouragement, and drive to advancement, not forgetting that the battle is towards the collectivity so that all of us united in that line of thought can get out of all this and advance.

10 There is nothing more beautiful in humanity than finding the truth. That collection of truth that confuses so much are ramifications of one truth. Wherever you are, in the branch you are on, the center will be the trunk of that tree that generates life and gives life to this entire universe by producing the air that you breathe and to joyfully live the life of that truth that once prevailed from the truth of life itself.

11 FV—And what is temptation?

12 CFKW—It’s just a process that gives life to the body, but it confuses, makes you empty, plunges you, twists your thoughts, and becomes a whirlwind. It’s like a prank that you regret doing and sow doubts after you do it. It ties you up, it burns you, it doesn’t let you live life to its fullest. The bad times are more than what little temptation gives.

13 FV—But it intrigues me, and I don’t know how much it affects me. Temptation, what is temptation?

14 CFKW—Temptation is the one that takes you into the dark. It imprisons you; it ties you down; it feeds you and feeds on you. Any temptation feeds on you, and when you are fed on temptation, you stop working, you stop moving, and it weighs you down. Temptation entertains you because the evil of darkness feeds you so that you won’t move, so you won’t advance. Either through carnal desire, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, or whatever it may be, temptation corrodes and builds fixation.

15 FV—To what purpose?

16 CFKW—Because it suits the dark side. It’s part of the plan. It’s as though some energy functions like an attraction so that we take notice, absorb its power, make it come to life, and it then draws us away from the truth.

17 FV–And what is the truth?

18 CFKW—The truth is that step forward that you take to get away from that temptation that feeds you, binds you. That’s how you understand it because you now begin to realize that temptation is like an empty hole that doesn’t fulfill anything. While the new desire (awakening) increases, you begin to understand the whole process.

19 And as you understand, you see more clearly the benefits that the spiritual movement entails. You realize that what fed you no longer fills you and creates a space that you will use to give more strength to that part where you advance, where you feel alive, useful, and energize everything you have, because you know you can; you no have the slightest doubt about what you own and what you can achieve.

20 Therefore, today, you will look at temptation for the last time and give it a farewell where you are going to close the door and not open it anymore as an agreement and a pact that you have made to get rid of that which has kept you in captivity by feeding you and giving you life.

21 The time has come for YOU to say goodbye to the one who kept you from living life, so you can change your ways and reach that other side that will become your truth from now on. You will conquer and give yourself entirely, fill yourself with life, and enjoy life, knowing the message you have to take to all humanity.

22 That is going to be your new truth, which you must sow deep in your mind with no other commitment than the truth. And you’re going to close the doors to temptation and what doesn’t lead you to the greater creation. And you will be the creator of new lives with new ideas and new thoughts for people to see and live.

23 And that will be your entrustment from now on. Let there be no doubt on your part and listen to this message every time you need to because for that reason it has been allowed to be repeated; to give you life, the one you need to reach your attained goal and give you the energy to achieve your objective of giving more life to the external world, to humanity, to all those who want to return to their center, to be able to move in one direction, to be able to see all this and to contemplate and see what was and not what will be— seeing the world as it is.

24 FV—And where is God?

25 CFKW— It has already been explained to you. That part you are looking for is incomprehensible. It goes very deep, deep inside, and it is indescribable. It is not known and cannot be known. We are all limited to understanding certain parts of the conglomerate that exists. You cannot abruptly change something that has been evolving for so many aeons.

26 It is like taking a branch that has grown over time, with experiences, many winters, and trying to bend it. What will happen but for it to split? And everything that had progressed becomes ruined, delayed, and damaged. That is why changes have to be made gradually. Because what you change abruptly, you may damage. Everything has its time. Everything has its space. And all the progress you have made has been achieved over time, which has been your best ally.

27 Have no doubt. The moment you have doubt, you take away strength from that desire. You see? Doubt is the first cousin of free will. And doubt makes one consider other options and possibilities and then one deviates from the path when in doubt. You see?

28 Free will does not exist if not because first there was a doubt. Do you see how free will is tied to doubt? And that is what has created so much confusion in this world. Everyone has their own path. Everyone has their job to do. And yes, we all can be affected by doubt, which leads to free will.

29 We are subject to all these changes because we are like floating in navigation waters, that if we let ourselves be carried away by the current, just as it takes you to a horizon, we have a sail, where the wind is the doubt, and the sail is the free will.

30 In accordance to the doubt, being all around us, like the air, one adjusts the sail, changes direction, leaves the environment where the current is taking us, and don’t let yourself be carried away by the changes of the free will created by doubt.

31 That is why through free will, it is said that always ‘someone’ straightens you out and puts you back on track. Because it is those other souls, disembodied but well attached to this world who help us. Some lead us astray while others help us. Some entice us while others take us by the hand—good and evil—positive doubt and negative doubt. A whole assemble of thoughts where everything ends in what it is: A thought.

32 Those spiritual beings are the ones who help us to straighten ourselves in the path of the stream that gives life. Do you see now how new concepts are created?

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