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SUMMARY: The concept of Oneness is being brought here by the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as part of the core foundation of the teachings of The Transcripts. Pay close attention as you will also be reading some interesting answers, for they are of utmost profound significance. Also, you will learn from a brief explanation as to how we ended up here, from spirit to flesh, in ways you probably never heard before.

ACTION ITEM: Today’s Transcript is one not to be taken lightly, and much pondering will be needed to fully grasp the concept of oneness. Take your time reading it, and go over some paragraphs more than once if needed. You might end up remembering what you never forgot in the first place but kept buried deep inside you for lack of support. As it resurfaces, lay down and clear your mind to allow the resurfacing to take place.
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TRANSCRIPT T-120114082851

1 When you are tired, you are only tired of thinking over the same subject. That’s how you get tired—tired of thinking.

2 Your mind, in spirit, needs some rest from thinking, and while you are dreaming, the thinking keeps going but not affecting you for not manifesting, much like a relief valve.

3 But through the spirit itself, the soul needs to quiet down, and while it quiets down to gather its thoughts, it moves closer to a better one, IF, it moves towards a greater good.

4 If it’s moving downward into another plane or thinking, it still needs rest to gather its thoughts. So the same thought keeps on flowing; either upward[1] or downward.

5 FV asks: But is one better than the other?

6 CFKW: Both are needed. The negative though is needed to help you understand that you have to let go of the negative. The negative though is a reminder to go back to the center, to stop thinking, and to go back to the center. To keep focused on the positive thought on a positive note.

7 For that, your mind needs to rest from its thinking for your dream thinking to flow like an open valve while you need not to do anything. And you get caught up in your dreams when it makes you think if you start thinking.

8 But when they are positive, then those dreams will help you understand what is positive. If it’s negative, it will help you understand what negative is because by then you are attached to the dream and see how it works, but is not part of the flowing—it becomes more like a relief valve.

9 The spirit needs to rest. It needs to change subjects. It gets tired of the same thinking. And when you start thinking positive things, you move forward with that creator, which is the thought.

10 Everything is thought. You are not a piece of creation. You ARE part of that thought.

11 You see, if God[2] is a thought, you are part of that thought. And you become conscious about what you are part of.

12 When you want to get an answer to everything, and when that answer to everything leads you to a thought, after a thought, and after a thought of a thought, of a thought, that’s when you need to break the thinking of the thought, of the thought, of the thought.

13 You have to stop thinking and be happy with that thought in a way that does not get you attached to anything as you become the observer.

14 And when you become the observer, you see all good. And when you see all good you see what God sees in thought form.

15 You think what God thinks and see what God is: The powerful consciousness, the original though. And you see its diversification like light rays that diversify into a thought, after a thought, after a thought, after a thought—a never-ending though that doesn’t need a beginning[3] and doesn’t need an end: Just the pleasure of becoming a thought—of being a thought!

16 Fv asks: Are you a thought?

17 CFKW: You just ARE. And you stay focused at the center of that thought as you are a thought. You will never be gone, for you are part of it, and that’s the beauty!

18 Don’t want to be God! Because God is only One. Just be part of it. just be part.

19 And don’t try to accomplish anything—be part of it. Be at peace with being a thought. Not wanting to be more, or wanting to be something.

20 There’s no need to be something because there is nothing to be. If there is nothing, then what are you looking for? You are looking for nothing!

21 And the frustration is that you are looking for something that does not exist—somethingness.[4] You’re looking for somethingness. It doesn’t exist.

22 It’s just a thought, and you are part of that thought. And be grateful you are part of that thought (not in physical terms) but be content with what you are—that you are a thought. Just be content with that. And be content as a thought for eternity.[5] You’ll see the beauty that you are part of a thought, and that’s it.

23 Once you’re a thought, you don’t have to worry about anything because you ARE part of God, you ARE part of that wholeness, and WE are part of that thought. You just ARE.

24 Don’t keep on searching for the unsearchable. Be a thought, and be happy with that thought, an be content that you are thinking. Be glad and praise that the Universe is for you to have.[6]

25 The beauty of thinking! You are a thought—you are alive. And for as long as you recognize you are a thought, that you are alive, and you can think because you are a thought—that’s all to it. There’s no need to search for anything else.

26 FV asks: And why do we have to go through this?

27 CFKW: Because it is. It’s all a thought. It’s so beautiful just to be a thought! Its just part of the original thought. No attachments, no holding on to anything…just thoughts, the good thoughts, positive thoughts, the beauty of the thoughts!

28 Your fears are no other than your doubts to what if, what if, what if, what if, what if. Every ‘what if’ becomes a thought. And every thought IS a ‘what if.’

29 A thought is a thought. And happiness is being contented with just being part of that thought. You don’t need to say Farther, Mother or similar connotations (as to a deity.) Those are just characterizations to help you understand from your human conscious mind, but in the end, all this is just a thought.

30 Religions were made for all this to be understood. A relationship with a father, mother or creator were brought to help you identify with what no matter what, the father, mother or ultimate creator will be there for you—which is just a line of thought. But the love that brings being someone identified with the closest figure to pure love, is of your creation by means of a thought.

31 If we are souls who exchange experiences and return to thought form…

32 (FV asks:) What for?

33 CFKW: To experience it. In a broader form, more fulfilling, more visual.[7] We wanted to make it more visual, it didn’t have to become visual, but we wanted to give it form, one of visual aspect. And we became separated from the source as we made it visual, and we believed it, by becoming visual. By being able to see it, touch it, express it, manipulate it, feel it. We created matter and worked with it to later incarnate into matter, and we perfected it…

34 FV asks: To what purpose?

35 CFKW: Self-engulfing. But in essence, we didn’t need to. We are thought. We can have physical creativity but in the end, we are only thought. Matter breaks down because it is bounded to time and space. And it takes us to a more complex spiral-thought-formation created by us, mingling together. But we can break that by becoming thought, understanding that we are thought.

36 Much hard to digest, because everybody wants to be someone. Just because they wanted and no longer remember how it all started. So, when I say we are One is because we are thought and that thought is the original universal thought that keeps spreading, and we are part of that thought.

37 You don’t want to be God; you don’t need to be God, because there is nothing to accomplish by being God. Nothing to look for because God is one force that you cannot attempt to be because is it is One—the original source.

38 Just be content that you are part of that thought. And try to get as close as possible to that thought by becoming positive and happy.

End of Transcript T-120114082851

1 Upward or downward is a metaphor for advancement

2 God is a word used to describe the One source of life. That which has no name, but many have been given to help us all relate to one as the creator. Not to be termed as a separate entity but the self-experiencing life in individuality form.

3 Beginning/End: This concept does not imply that there is no beginning or end, for there is a beginning and an uncertain end to all there is and exists. It clearly states that it does not need (not that is or isn’t.)

4 Somethingness is the quality or state of being something: real or material existence—Merriam-Webster Dictionary

5 Eternity is in Oneness and not in the individual self.

6 ‘To Have’ is not as in possession but to be available to you.

7 By visual, it is implied to be in physical form.

This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

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