“..and the message comes forward without theological ties, this time around”

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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

Truth is one…interpretations manyTranscript

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An abstract from the original transcriber, Francisco Valentin

When I started transcribing from The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom, most of the quotes that today have become increasingly common to The Transcripts, such as “Life is one, experiences many,” “Truth is one, interpretations many,” and “Once you know the truth, what are you going to do about it,” are just a few among many others that still need to be published.

At first, they reflected a strong conviction to a powerful statement. But as I grew closer to the embedded truth in those words, I came to realize that the profoundness in those statements goes far beyond the written words.

For instance, as I kept using the words “without theological ties, this time around, ” I knew there was more to it, but couldn’t entirely make out what it meant. At first I had the tendency to leave out the last set of words “this time around,” because somehow I felt it was redundant, not knowing preceisely what it meant. But somehow, I felt it needed to go together, because it was part of an entire phrase.

But my wondering came to an end when I attended a live lecture were a past life regressionist was speaking, and I felt this never before innate attraction to find out about my past.

This particular person didn’t know me, my work, and less of my entrustment. However, while at the session, she immediately picked up on a previous life when I was a monk and was burnt at the stake for heresy. Moving forward (or backward if you will), she saw how on another life I was a missionary and was killed by the King of the tribe I served, for being too vocal.

Later on, throughout my journey, I met highly respected people who have come forward as mediums or through other modalities to find me on another life repeating the cycle as a monk or priest and even having seen me as deep as an Ascended Master who has come forward one more time to deliver a message across.

And I vividly recall each experience as it has been recorded in the history of our existence.

If you would have asked me what did the phrase “without theological ties, this time around.” meant back in my early years (2011), I would not have answered it correctly.

Today I can attest to the fact that the words “this time around” mean that I have been making people understand at multiple levels, through many lifetimes before, in different ways, the true nature of our existence.

And here I am, explaining things once again, except that the message comes forward without theological ties, this time around.

End of abstract.

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“Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.

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