We Are One In Different Forms


1 We are One in different forms as we seek to understand how everything works. Those are the many ways one can see things and understand as a whole how everything works.

2 Life is only One, yet seen in different ways and forms. Life is an essence, an experience, knowledge, and acknowledgment, but it must be seen away from form to see what everything is.

3 And God is a form given by many to understand and relate to life: A source and way of information. You see? That’s all it is. Nothing more. But if you insist on seeking the way through form, then it can become not a journey but a maze of your own creation.

4 Life is all about searching, seeking, and understanding. We all would cease to exist when we stop thinking and seeking how things work. For as long as we keep on searching, we will have life; we will have form.

5 FV—How come this has become such a painful search for truth in such a dense form?

6 CFKW—I will tell you now that life is all about searching. In different ways, in different forms, in different practices, in every…everything. But because we are One and many, we constantly collide and demean what life Is.

7 We do exist in this plane of consciousness because we have chosen to be in form despite being in pain and suffering, and it is all by choice…by choice. It’s all an awareness in thought form, and we have densified thinking that this life is all there is. We have stopped acknowledging our true nature in different forms and essences.

8 Density is an alluring attraction. Be happy, be joyful, enjoy life, and see all there is and exists and all you can accomplish. See that it is up to you to do good, to be firm, to be true, and see the truth among others.

9 Keep searching, finding, and learning. You will then understand that life is about learning, understanding, and seeking how everything works. Your answers will be found only when you look inside of yourself and see that THAT individuality, where you become One in essence, as you understand that oneness and individuality are One, becomes the One truth of your existence.

10 The One truth is an abstract that has no definition. Some call it love assuming that for as long as they give it definition, they have found an answer. What is interpreted through the senses is an experience of the abstract to understand the beauty of it all, which is none other than one truth manifested in different forms, but it is still an abstract, a beautiful abstract. It becomes a bliss once you know all there is to know and become whole in experiencing that life is the search for that essence.

11 And be good to one another because, as you can see, everyone is in that search. And good and bad are only definitions of what is and exists. And fear is none other than doubt, and all your experiences come from your own search for truth in different ways, in different forms, and how it feels to live and exist.

12 And your experiences take you to new definitions of what truth is. And in experience after experience, you come to look and search and try to understand the different aspects of life in search to understand how everything works in different forms, in different ways, and keep searching and searching, giving you form, energy, power, and strength to keep on living in your own plane of reality as you see fit to your understanding and at your search level. You see?

13 As to understanding other spiritual forms in other planes, there are other means to understand how everything works because there is no physical body but essence. And the effort it will take for you to vibrate at that level while keeping your life essence in this plane while seeking the needs, the feel, the wants, and searching for truth in those other planes is not part of your journey. But those who already know how to navigate both worlds come to help others to understand how everything works in their own way, at their level, while in their own search. You see?

14 That is why compassion, time, love, patience, and waiting takes place when that soul, that spirit, that essence, waits and waits and waits for others to understand how everything works. You see?

15 Once again, we are One—one formless source wanting to understand how everything works. Be calm, be at peace and help others understand that this is the way for them to learn the true essence of life without conceit, without force, without meaningless forms and ways to force one to see a way that many have been taught and learned to see it in other ways and forms. You see?

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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