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DETAILS: As I transcribe this message, I could see how the “father” figure could have been used in the past to help humanity identify themselves with a Higher Power—not to be in control, but to help us throughout this journey of our own creation.
In this Transcript, the ‘father/son’ example is used in a simple form and does not imply in any way to be a representation of what many call ‘God.’

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Remember this:
1 The life that you have is the one you chose to live and go through that process regardless of what it may be.

2 Because it was your choice, you have to be in peace with your choices. You have to understand why you chose what you chose.

3 Not necessarily understanding the ‘why,’ the deep ‘why’ inside of what it is, but you have to trust yourself that you have decided to live life or be conscious in this stage in a way that will fulfill your obligations or your chosen path.

4 You don’t need to understand it; you just have to accept it. And be joyful for what you have accomplished. You see?

5 Once you understand that you chose your path, that you decided to be on this Earth plane, with this environment, under these circumstances, in search of (whatever it may be) then you will come to be in peace with yourself and happy for what you are doing because…let me put it this way:

6 Picture yourself as a child who sees his father doing something, whatever it may be. See how even though you don’t know what he is doing, you trust him. You know that he will either pull it off, build it, make it work, or finish whatever he is doing.

7 At that confident level, you are at peace, because you know that the outcome, even though you don’t know what the result may be, or how is it going to turn out, you are confident that it’s going to turn out fine and you are simply the spectator looking at it and trusting.

8 So, like in that child example, you, the human flesh-ego-conscious-human-being that you are, you need to become that child and let your spirit do what needs to be done because it was a chosen task. You see?

9 You have to become the child within yourself and let the spirit be the father…’figure’… in you. You see?

10 We are so used to be the ones in control, the ones who know it all; because of the circumstances we have gone through or the blows we have received throughout our lifetime, and we think we are in control.

11 But actually, we are fighting against that ‘father,’ so to speak, who is trying to build or fix something. We get distracted— we are not helping.

12 It’s like if the father would be building a chair for that child. The distracted child takes the hammer away from him, scatters the nails away from his toolbox, tag somewhere else and not helping while the father keeps asking for his hammer, the nails and to hold for him a piece of wood, or something else.

13 And the child becomes a brat, not listening, thinking he is bored and rather be doing something else. He becomes attracted by other things and not paying attention to what his father is doing.

14 If the child pays more attention to what his father is doing, he will enjoy the process, so he can, later on, enjoy that chair. But he doesn’t know yet that the chair is for him. So he becomes a little rascal, not interested.

15 But once he stops, helps his father and enjoys the building process to later sit on that chair, he would see the benefit of being in harmony with his father, instead of looking for distractions somewhere else. You see?

16 You have to see life that way. Stop being that little rascal who is always trying to do something else and focus on what you have to do.

17 Pay attention because the soul is the one doing the bidding. And that bidding has a purpose; a greater purpose! You may not understand it now, but you will…eventually.

18 Start paying attention. Start helping through the process…and you will know.

19 Remember, the spirit is the one father figure, and you are the child—not the opposite, as many think.

20 How many times have you thought you are better off being here, or there, and all you receive is a smack upside your head for you to pay attention to what you truly need to focus?

21 It has happened many times in our lifetime, but we always blame others instead of seeing it as it is—a smack upside your head for you to pay attention and focus on what you need to do and not on what you want to do. You see?

22 That is true control when you surrender to your inner self and help your soul do what it came here to do. So, help him. Stop fighting for what you want and against what you fear. Don’t be afraid of anything. Help your soul achieve its final goal. Its all there is!

23 FV asks: How do I help (him?)

24 CFKW: Follow life as it comes. Sometimes you are going to be tired, others you are going to be joyful, at times you want to work hard all day long. Just don’t become a slacker.

25 Do what you came here to do, move forward, help, become the helper, help as much as can so your soul can achieve its goal.

26 Be happy every morning, be happy that you woke up, and let that ‘father’ help you achieve what you came here to do, either by design or decree.

27 Just be joyful, see life as it is, enjoy it, and help the greater cause: Whatever it may be.

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(1) There is a lot to take from this Transcript. Reflect on your life journey following each article and not from the overall extent of this message. How many times, especially during your youth, have you experienced Articles 14 and 15? How many times during adulthood have you experienced Articles 20 and 21?
Throughout this week and moving forward make Articles 24-27 your goal. And as to what is your soul’s final goal? Wait for next week’s Transcript.

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Message: “Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.


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