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  1. You learn your lessons when you pay attention to what is given to you.
  2. For instance, if someone asks you what preferences may you have towards a particular place to dine, you may choose to make a judgment by naming your preferences, or becoming unbiased while accepting the choice given by someone else.
  3. This is a clear example of what detachment is! Take counsel: Total detachment is like placing your list of desires at the center of a small pond and see it becoming adrift as the wind and current spread them throughout the pond.
  4. Making choices then becomes an indecisive process that takes place when you battle against what you want and what you are willing to give in. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any argument within you and others!
  5. Becoming detached is acknowledging that either or will not matter because either way, you would be happy anyways. By being unattached, the reasoning would be: ”No matter what happens, I will be Ok with it!”
  6. However, the moment you begin reasoning your preferences, then the “wanting to” process begins, and attachment takes place— therefore, leading to suffering.
  7. True detachment is being happy regardless of the circumstances leading to your present. It is not being attached to the fruits of the actions—meaning that you are not concerned with the outcome.
  8. “It happened because it had to happen; I am experiencing it because it happened, and I am not attached to the outcome or end result.” That is being free.
  9. You are free the moment you detach from the outcome, from the consequences, the benefit you would receive or how it would affect you.
  10. The way one learns from lessons is by paying close attention and commit oneself to learn.
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An abstract from the original transcriber,
Francisco Valentin

Detaching is one of the most complex and much-misunderstood concepts for those who seek the spiritual ways.
It’s easy to detach from sodas and candies, where I personally feel this to be a good starting point to test your resistance to change.
It’s also easy to detach from the so-called “goods” of life—once you overcome your resistance to change.
But as you keep detaching from what holds you from advancing, your suffering begins to make you lose clarity as detaching gets closer to your heart.
I have seen suffering in parents who are still attached to their adult children who have not seen in years.
I have seen suffering in adult children who are attached to having their parents close to them.
I have seen suffering in people who cannot bare animal suffering at the hands of us humans.
I have seen suffering in those who care for the planet and feel powerless before the interest of those in power.
I have seen suffering in so many other ways that I will most likely overwhelm you as a reader.
Detaching is letting go of the suffering. It is understanding and embracing the life cycle and the unfolding of the karmic laws in the evolution of the soul. Is being at peace with your surroundings regardless of the circumstances.
But how to detach from suffering while still caring?
This question will be answered as you keep detaching from the simplest to the complex to realize then that suffering comes from simply not understanding our true identity and purpose in life.
I invite you to keep reading The Transcripts as old memories keep resurfacing from what you always knew but have kept dormant for lack of support.
Thank you for sharing time with me.
—Francisco Valentin
Author and publisher of The Transcripts

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