A Lesson On Spirit Communication


1 CFKW—You have asked many times how the spirit world converges, or how the spirit world is.

2 You have to comprehend the relationship between us and the spirit world. It is simple: Let’s examine how you channel this information. Your essence is spirit, as is mine. Through spirit, we are in tune with each other. We are functioning simultaneously on multidimensional levels. This lets you experience the bliss, the essence, of the feeling of the spirit world.

3 Now, when you feel you are on that plane of reality, where you detach from your body, the spirit merges with you as the spirit experiences what it feels in its own form what it is like to experience being human while in spirit form. But because it is sturdily unattached, it does flow with your inner soul. You See? And you both merge.

4 That is how the merging takes place. But for that, you both need to be in tune with each other, in the same harmony. For instance, you may have an experience with a friend where you both merge and are able to be in the same place at the same time and simultaneously vaguely seeing the same thing for a very few seconds in places or stages where you both merge. That is an expression of the multidimensional levels— simultaneous planes that many can live and attain, but they are totally unaware of and totally unattached to it where they don’t recognize that such plane exists, where everyone is One in the same place.

5 Likewise, you can experience channeling of what you term as negative, which is none other than one way of expressing themselves, tinkering with what you call ‘the negative.’ That is when you may experience sadness, anger, or frustration, which are not your own feelings but those of the other entity. You are safe from harm because of your higher attunement with us.

6 You cannot feel the negative at this point because there is no conscious level (of negative force) in spirit form merging with you. There is none. But those times where you have felt it—a distance, density, or confusion— is because the spirit that relates to that emotion has merged with you when the thought form comes in and you are open to the expression of the senses and you allow those expressions to take form.

7 That spirit form [thought-form, essence] can flow within you and experience what it feels like being human while in thought-form and then takes you into the same (negative) experiences from which you have to fight back and detach on your own. See how it works? It’s very simple: Attractions and aversions are simultaneous efforts to understand how everything works and unfolds.

8 If the spirit in you is weak, as well as your body which experiences such, it can drag you down and make you ill and weak if you don’t have the will. You see? It’s just one form of expression. If contrarily, the spirit in you has doubts, questions, or curiosity, and if you are in tune with Spirit of good intent, the message will come through. You see? If the will is for truth, in search for truth, in search for that willingness to help to understand and to work with that understanding, it will come through. You see?

9 But it is up to you if a negative thought comes through in the merging to understand its essence, where it comes from, and disallow it as you know the truth. You see?

10 There are also, as I taught you, other ways that you can help people understand and relate to things and make them understand how things work in the ways they are used to and could understand.

11 Once you know that and teach that, they can learn how everything relates and how everything is the same, as above so below: As there is anger, there is happiness; as there is sadness, there is joy; up and down, east and west, north and south— there is always a counterpart, always, to create a balance, and the truth is to be in balance, as it is also being out of balance—both are true because one cannot exist without the other. And the understanding of the unbalance makes you want to be in balance.

12 There is no good or bad; there never was, there never is, there never will be. You just have to move in thought-form towards what is good in your world. What you may think is bad is never bad. It’s just a way, it’s just a form, it’s just a thought. You see? And your relationship with that thought is what you term good or bad. Just the relation with that thought. That’s it.

13 And yes, you can do many wonders, you can do many things, whatever you want, in thought-form, but please understand that in order to do that, you need to gain and obtain not knowledge but awareness, because knowledge is what people are full of, taking them nowhere. But acknowledgment is the only way people can become whole, as they know and feel, to truly understand what truth is. Not by knowledge, because knowledge is like hearsay, but only truth is what you can live, experience, feel, and can attest to be true.

14 But if you experience the thought of God, then you cannot merge unless you are willing to take that further step needed to detach from this world and advance in though-form to higher levels of consciousness, as you term as being in another place.

15 And so are the limitations of what you can do, as it has been given to you, and you have read it, and you have been true when you said it: That Jesus, as One, once said that you can do what he could do and much more. But do not take it literally because he also said that if you had the faith of a mustard seed, you could move mountains. You know you cannot move mountains…in this your evolutionary stage!

16 FV—But in there you can?

17 CFKW—Of course, in another level of Spirit awareness. See the big difference? What was given to you was the ability and the knowledge to do more. But for that, you have to let go of this plane because you will always be you. Your essence is all the same as you merge. You see?

18 So right now, at this moment, you are detached from the conscious level of Earth. You are experiencing, momentarily, what it is to be in spirit form, but still attached to this earth plane. What goes through your mind right now is none other than the acknowledgment given to you, but that someone else (CFKW) that once was or will be is in tune with your thought, acknowledging the truth, helping you seek the truth, and helping you with your thoughts because we both are in tune. You see?

19 That is why it feels as if it were you, because you are in tune, and you are in balance with that consciousness that seems to be you, and we are in harmony, and I’m showing you how close we are in harmony.

20 Feel the love, feel the peace, feel the harmony. We both are one, and that is how it shows that God is thought. God lives in thought-form within each one of us, and is part of us, in essence. The beauty of it is that such essence is you as we experience individuality—the individuality of God because God is though-form. You see?

21 For me, it is time to go—time to experience life through my realm; as I work to help you see what real life is, and in harmony, we will see and experience truth in different forms.

22 When you experienced the spiritual world and feel isolated like nothing is out there is because, in those moments, you have detached from the body but have not acquired that connection needed, so, as you can see, you are the one who needs to seek and be open for expressions in different ways, in different forms.

23 But please be cautious because there are bad intentions you don’t want to be close by. Always seek the light in the positive thought form of life with good intentions, and that is what it takes to get good impressions of thought form from others (spirits). So, please reconcile the information given and understand this is how the merging to the other world takes place.

24 And be cautious about the visions, expressions, objects moving, and energy forces from other sources (spirits). Those are the ones attempting to manifest through other people’s thoughts. And many have gained the ability to get into people’s thoughts and make things manifest with the strength of their soul. As above so below, just like the thief who gets into your house and makes you worry. You see? Just work on that. Work with that thought, so you will understand.

25 For now, I have no intention to go any further to avoid influences that now do not matter to this subject in this form.

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