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 1 The path to spiritual growth is much like sowing. You see the land and bring your seeds. But seeding will not do any good if the soil is hard, dry, and infertile.

2 You may use your bare hands, but a rake would be helpful. But if you don’t know the basic principles of planting, you will not reap the goods from the land.

3 One must first need to learn from firsthand experience to choose the land, a fertile soil, and the right season until everything you need starts making sense, and you move forward with your endeavor.

4 Another alternative is learning from a teacher or a farmer. You may sign up for a workshop to learn from a teacher, or you may hire a farmer to walk you through the process.

5 The teacher would be representative of religion, while the Spiritual Masters would represent the farmer as to get to the truth.

6 The farmer would be like someone who has walked the path, while the teacher would be like someone who has known a given practice and is teaching them.

7 That does not necessarily make the teacher a Master, but a teacher who has learned from being taught, and has not necessarily walked the path, but the practices from an institution that teaches what to do and how to do it. See the difference?

8 Spirituality is much like farming. Once you are taught the basics, it’s your responsibility, while in the learning process, to learn how to farm so that you can learn from your inner self all about farming, and from your own experiences, as you follow someone else’s’ steps.

9 But you have to do your own farming, by knowing your terrain and finding the right place for what you want to sow. And you work the land.

10 But the elements that refrain you from sowing, such as weather conditions, droughts, floods, and the seasons, those you have to work around them from firsthand experience, as you keep on learning and growing within your progress, knowing that those are natural elements that will affect your farming. Yet, they are valuable lessons because they will teach you about patience and timing.

11 If you take that to the context of living life, you will notice those are the basic principles: Learn what to do, how to do it, be patient, and recognize there is timing in everything.

12 As you can see, life itself is always giving you reminders that there is a cycle in everything in life. So, if there is a cycle in everything in life, then life itself is a cycle. You see? And is a cycle everlasting, or perpetual in the Universe? So is life!

13 It matters not if you believe that you will bear fruits in infertile soil. If it won’t, it won’t. For there is one truth that will come to pass sooner or later, and in the end, you will have to face it.

14 Like in the farming process, either you learn, or you will starve to death. With the only exception that in life, there is no such thing as death, because there is no physical body.

15 But starving is a painful process, and the longer you starve, the greater the pain, the greater the suffering, the greater the lack of understanding, the greater the frustration, the greater the anger, and the greater the dismay.

16 But regardless of how deep you go into those stages, once you find the truth, and move forward, you will learn that all that will fade away as a natural process in the cycle of life.

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13 “It matters not if you believe that you will bear fruits in infertile soil. If it won’t, it won’t. For there is one truth that will come to pass sooner or later, and in the end, you will have to face it.”


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