The Way to True Enlightenment

Before the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom came forward, I had a vision I was compelled to voice record, not knowing this vision would be the anteroom to new teachings. This is how it started:
I am having a vision. I find myself in an artificial world where everything seems real, but many things do not make sense.
I find myself with a child, but as I look closer, it is someone else with the attributes of that other child. This child made me realize how we are One. Next to this child is a boy who seems like a grown-up man.
Then I shift to seeing myself recruiting people for a job. I am looking for someone with experience in the field, but I chose to recruit someone without the required expertise to help that person gain experience. Meanwhile, I’m surrounded by strange people, as if my soul is wandering in this strange world that makes little to no sense.
End of Vision—Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom come forward:


1 CFKW—One must adjust to the world one lives in and honor what one chooses because it is part of one’s Karma— what one considers good and not so good— because that is what was chosen; that is how one traces one’s own path.

2 One arrives to this world with one set of intentions, but in this ever-changing world, there is no agenda*—there is an agenda but mostly just intentions. Whether they manifest or not depends on how many worlds (people) may collide in between.

3 That is the frustrating part—when one has an intention, another comes up, and one collides with the other. The idea is not to define one or the other but that the experience takes place. You see?

4 One was the experience of parenthood*, and the other was the experience of working with whom you choose to work with. You see? You may have had an original intention, but as a parent, your child brought his own original intentions, thus, changing your life, changing your agenda, changing your original intentions, because each brings their own agenda, their own intentions.

5 Although both are interconnected, the latter’s agenda comes first. You see? Both children are one, but the deviation comes as a second act from the primary act and original thought in your agenda while in this plane. You see?

6 When you choose your partner is the result of the circumstances you face at that moment, and by free will, you choose what to do with what is in front of you. And although there is an agenda, they need to be postponed very often to resolve and work with that which that MAY create confusion and suffering. You see?

7 And upon a given decision, one will never know if it was the best and if it was part of the agenda. It is to make the best of it; that’s what counts—that is what matters. You see?

8 And now you are faced with a new path, wondering if that is the one you must follow: If it was the original intent, if it was anteroom to prepare you for it or not, that you will not know.

9 FV—But what is it to know? Why can’t I know beforehand?

10 CFKW—Because if you know, you attach to it. And to attach is desire. You see? That’s why everything must come out of free will—no preconceived ideas—that’s how it works. If you allow preconceived ideas in your world, you will want to do it. Wanting to do it then becomes a selfish issue. But when you want to do something (out of free will), not knowing the source, you learn to detach; not knowing is the best way to true enlightenment just by complying and honoring your soul and body. You see?

11 Take, for instance, any given illness. If you know it is part of your agenda, then you let yourself go with the plan. If the agenda requires a surgical procedure, you simply go through the surgical process and not self-healing. And if you know that the agenda is for you to work hard on self-healing, then you would work hard because you KNOW you have to do it and NOT because you WANT to do it. You see?

12 Wanting to do it by knowing it loses its essence. When you do something with conscientiousness, not knowing which path is best, that is when you thrive, that is when you excel, that’s when you give all you’ve got because of your will. You see?

13 You will never know if it is The path or Your new path, if it was meant to be, or a choice of your own so you can thrive because you want to excel, because you want to detach, because you want to grow. You see?

14 It is more like the student who goes to school knowing that regardless he* will pass the grade—he is not to exert himself. He will do the minimum required because the certainty will make him slack.

15 But if the student does not know if he would fail the grade or not, that uncertainty would give him the power to strive, excel and make the best of it, not because of fear of flunking but because of sheer desire to excel and move on with dignity knowing he did it himself, not because he is someone’s puppet, and the result comes out of free will, sheer joy and not fate.

16 Your perseverance will take you to your spiritual growth because finding your way out on your own is submission.* That is why no intervention takes place. Because intervention, in itself, takes away the essence, the beauty, and the searching. That is how it works.

17 Ponder on this, and you will see how you find logic and sense to all this as you progress until you reach a point where your relationship with your subconscious spiritual mind, which is this one now speaking to you, becomes your own.* You are you; you are not separate from me. It is your analytical mind that gets in the way. It is the one you need to learn to tame in order for you to let go of your thinking, fed by the ego, and become a thinking entity by sheer knowledge of everything that is and exists.

18 FV—And how do I let go of my ego?

19 CFKW—Know the difference. Once you know the difference, while in your speech (lectures), find yourself in that predicament created by the conscious mind, and find it. Learn what it is, what it takes, how it acts and reacts, and how it may disturb the thinking when it becomes rational. Learn to identify it and then put it aside until it no longer has support.

20 It is you who gives it support. It is you who can remove it from support, and then you can do what others did: ‘Not my will but thy will.””Not my words but God’s words,” and then you become the true messenger at all times. And as you become closer to it by identifying yourself as the Self, you will know no third party is involved.

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Article 2—There is no agenda for a list of things to be done. Rather, a set of intentions that ultimately be considered as agenda. The word agenda is used to ease my understanding based on how familiar I was with the word ‘agenda’ in contrast to the new term (to me) as ‘intention.’
Article 4—References my vision at the beginning of this Transcript.
Article 14—He: pronoun, anyone (without reference to gender); that person: He who hesitates is lost.
Article 16—Submission implies accepting a worthier outcome. Does not imply submission to a deity.
Article 17— Although the CFKW identify themselves as separate from me, in essence, it is me as we are One. It may seem paradoxical to many because of the duality and individuality in this plane of reality. And although it may seem contradictory, it is not. Remember, we are one, but we are many. I am you, you are me, but you are you, and I am me. This is a Higher Truth hard to grasp.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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