The Ever-changing Reality

1 Reality is an ever-changing process. Reality does exist at the multi-level stage. It is not necessarily bound to this physical experience and is also manifesting in different planes.

2 Reality changes because there is no particular pattern to follow. It is like a convection that never repeats itself. And by holding on to one belief or another, it becomes a delusion by understanding that one lives in a time and space defined by nature, but there is none because a thought is a thought. And a thought changes form based on the environment that surrounds us all.

3 Help others understand how life works—at different levels. You see it in the offender who, one way or another, teaches someone else that there is a better or different way. You see? The same offender goes through experiences to find out, on his own, that one way doesn’t work and that the other actually works. And throughout life experiences, he must understand that there is only one way: the truth

4 The same applies to the teacher, the politician, the writer, the dreamer, the musician…everyone is doing something to help one another understand what life is all about. Even in their own delusion, they have an understanding of a greater force. It’s just that they don’t know where to find it or even where to start.

5 Even the non-believers do believe in a greater force. And their belief makes them move from one direction to another. And from that movement, you proceed, you exist, you move, you act and react to what it is. You see?

6 Some people are in order, while others are in disorder. Some are aligned, while others are misaligned. Some enter this body in confusion, while others are in harmony with everything that is and exists.

7 Unfortunately, humans have acquired their own rules, their own guidelines, their own understanding, and have pushed and forced the human mind to get their ideas in an orderly fashion based on their views of how things should move. You see? But movement is one that needs to be in order, and the order is attained when you help others achieve their goal of understanding how everything works.

8 There is no one rule, no one way, and no one method. It’s only the practice of you moving towards that enlightenment form that makes you whole, that gives you energy, all with one rule in mind: Do not harm others, do not push your ideas, and let them follow their own order.

9 Yet, there are rules to follow, and they must be followed because we live in a dense world with our own level of reality and our own concepts of how things should work.

10 You cannot go out there and break the rules you are bound to. If you want to fly, trust me, you will not make it, but the human mind has made creation part of their daily job to acquire the knowledge to reach their goals, even to fly. And that’s how life got complicated: Humans wanted to do more than they were supposed to and achieve greater goals than originally intended. You see?

11 And as time goes by, humans will increase their knowledge and processing speed by converging confusion with new delusions, thinking they can achieve what they want, and indeed they can. But notice one small detail: Humans have wasted an enormous amount of energy and power conquering the outside world and have put very, but very little time, if any, into the inside world that governs everything around us and makes us whole.

12 Millions (money) have been wasted, and millions more. It is just the indulgence of human nature to acquire more knowledge, deluded in the idea that said outer knowledge will give them a final understanding of what absolute truth is. But this will only keep them bound to the physical world in an understanding that will never take form, for they must understand that in order to reach their goal, they must first look inside their soul and see the truth unfold. That’s all it takes.

13 And you will be surprised how simple it is. It doesn’t take much energy-just the opposite. What it takes is for you to be calm, realize that everything is inside you, and learn that all the outside is only a picture of your own creation.

14 The truth lies inside you. Everything is given but never seen for being too preoccupied looking at the outside world, not knowing that all there is and exists is within you. Learn the process, achieve your goals, teach the message, and we’ll see how it goes.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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