Money, Abundance, And The Soul

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1 Letting go of your desires through karma is a tricky task because while karma is the unfolding of our endeavors as we learn to let go of desires, at the same time, we endure the discipline or the lessons we are taught as a result of our previous actions or inaction, mostly from previous lives.

2 We are also being taught, even recorded in history, that one can achieve anything by only the thought of it. While it is true that your thoughts do manifest, in order to manifest, they must be pure.

3 Impure thoughts would not give you what you want. And by wanting, it means desiring, and desiring, in itself, goes against the evolution of your soul.

4 So, here is the predicament: Do we evolve because of our pure thoughts, or do we evolve because we learn to accept what is given to us through karma?

5 Take, for instance, money. Money is something that most of us desire having. How to acquire money has been taught in many books as if whatever you think you can materialize; therefore, if you call for money, it will be manifested in you. It is also said that there is abundance throughout the world, so you can request such abundance at will, and it will manifest in you.

6 So, how is it that some people do get abundance (money) upon request while others, for as hard as they plea for abundance (money), and as pure of heart they may be, it is not given to them?

7 Many people think that money is the abundance everyone makes reference to. But abundance means so many other things and not necessarily money, yet people don’t see it.

8 For instance, if in your previous life you were a hoarder of money, opulent, greed, did not consider your fellowmen, and were rich and powerful, most likely your karmic path would take you to experience the scarcity of money, so you experience poverty as you learn to rebalance your soul.

9 If, on the other hand, you still receive more abundance in this life, and you don’t change your ways, you would not break the cycle you created on yourself, and a rebalance neither would be achieved in this life.

10 So, for as hard as you plea for abundance, if it is not in your karmic path, you would not get the money abundance you requested, for it will not be given to you in this lifetime.

11 However, once you learn and accept that abundance will not be with you in this lifetime due to possible errors in the past, and after much pondering, you come to peace with yourself, that is when you will have abundance in other areas of your life.

12 Imagine, for instance, if every soul would have abundance in all areas of their life regardless of what they have done in the past—where would the balance be? Where would the learning be for those who in the past created an unbalance by indulging in opulence, power, and money?

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