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SUMMARY: This is a Q&A Transcript. As many Q&A Transcripts, this Transcript is being redacted in first and third-person interchangeably. Those responses from the CFKW intended to be direct teachings for me bear words such as “you,” or “your.” Those are not intended to make reference to you as the reader, but to you as the observer to what I’m being told or taught. However, when the intent from the CFKW is received in abstract form, it is meant to be translated into words telling them apart by including myself in their teachings as I use the words: “we,” “us,” “our,”  and the like.

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1 FV asks: Why are we still here?

2 CFKW: We are still here because we are engulfed with this reality. Just like in a dream. In a dream, you have no control whatsoever as to what happens in your life and cannot control your desires to move forward.

3 Know now that you are a bit more enlightened, and do acknowledge that there is something other than you, which acts upon you, and makes you decide into better choices because you started training your mind to understand greater things.

4 FV asks: I have trained my mind and I can work with that, but: How come in dream-form I can’t? How come when I’m dreaming I’m not conscious about it? How come when I’m in a dream I do what I do out of pure instinct?

5 CFKW: Because that’s how instinct works. Instinct works without the conscious mind telling you or reminding you. Instinct makes you act and react without the conscious mind. So, the conscious mind plays a role here where it acknowledges what is and what is not.

6 The conscious mind is a guide that helps you fine-tune your state of mind: That is the conscious mind.

7 FV asks: Could it be that the conscious mind has a role, but we have misused that role as we are thinking beings, having the freedom given by free will?

8 CFKW: Yes. Free will is the conscious mind. The conscious mind is free will. It is what makes you choose between one way or the other.

9 But the conscious mind has been misused within the free will. Free will have been tarnished with the “I want” rather than “I should.” The conscious mind should say “I should,” and there are even those who say “I must.”

10 The conscious mind or free will is the tools separating humans from (less evolved) animals.

11 FV rebuttal: But animals do also have free will knowing when there is wrongdoing!

12 CFKW: Yes, but less evolved in many. Many are having their first steps, where very little is controlled by free will, but when it reaches humanity levels, it should evolve to full capacity.

13 Therefore, free will is the conscious mind—the conscious mind is the free will. While in dreams, the conscious mind is asleep, as the conscious mind is in the body.

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(1) Go back and re-read article 9. The words “I should,” and “I must” comes from the intent of helping others and to change our ways.

I’ve heard many who claim that they are not ready to make those changes they already know that must be made to evolve spiritually but become reluctant to change for fear of missing out.

I have walked away from things I never thought possible I could live without. Many times I’ve said to myself, “I should,” and others I have forced myself to say “I must” to become a better self from who I was.

Today I look back and can see my wrongdoings, with regrets, as I clean my soul from what was keeping me from further evolving.

As I said many times before: Whoever tells you that the Spiritual way is an easy way, an easy road is wrong. Why? Because you need to dissolve your old self and become a new you. But once you transform yourself, it becomes bliss; nevertheless, it’s still a rocky road.

Don’t get caught in the fear of missing out and wake up to what you are truly missing.

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(3) And remember the last words from The First Transcript:

“We are one, and as you help me, you advance”40First Transcript


Message: “Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.


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