No Wonder There Is So Much Frustration On Earth


1 I am not a preacher. I am not a guru. I am not even speaking in my native language, but one thing I am: I am you, you are me, and we all are one.

2 This is a hard subject to address, understand and grasp because we all have lived our individual lives all along. From the very beginning, we have been taught to be individuals, strive, succeed, excel, and do our best. We have even been taught to go beyond the extra mile, and if someone gets in our way, to get them out: Success is for the powerful, the brave, the courageous, and then success follows. No wonder there is so much frustration on Earth. We need to understand that our individuality comes from having detached from the source.

3 I am not here to preach religion. I’m not even here to teach theology, science, politics, culture, or everything that bounds us to something because that binding itself is to get lost in individuality. You see?

4 One religion tells you to go this way. The other one tells you to go that other way. One theologian will ask you to concentrate on this technique while the other tells you to follow a different approach.

5 I say to you: That is each one’s reality, and I understand. Trying to make me fit into that reality of yours does not necessarily resonate with me because your experiences are different from mine and your understanding of things is very different from my understanding of things.

6 We need to have that established from the beginning. My experiences in this lifetime may be very different from yours, so my perception of things may be very different from yours. And knowing because you have been told, or knowing because of what you have read, is not knowing at all: It is just acknowledging that someone else had his own reality spoken out to you, and by doing so, you made it your truth.

7 It is like when a child is first shown a rose, never seen before: What would cross his mind at first sight of the rose? How pretty? Not even that. Because for the child to see it as pretty, he needs to compare it to something else he can relate to.

8 The first thing that crosses his mind is pure consternation: What is that? Then you say: Isn’t it beautiful? And the child would respond, “Yes!” This becomes (to him) confirmation from (your) pre-existing knowledge.

9 Now, if opposed, you look at it and say: Isn’t it ugly? The child would also respond, “Yes!” Therefore, knowing because you heard or read, is not knowing at all, but by experiencing through actions.

10 The purpose here is to help you understand the learning process of things, so you can work within yourself and find your true reality as you walk the path: No dogma to get in the way.

11 However, you need to be aware of this: If you follow this path, trying to stay as close to the center as possible, understanding that you are like a pendulum—should I, shouldn’t I? Good, bad, up down, high, low, and you keep going in that pendulum: What does that movement do? That is part of the decision-making between one side and the other.

12 The only way to stay centered is to stay as close to the center as possible, knowing there must be movement. Because if we stay still, we cease to exist.

13 FV—Why?

14 CFKW—Because there is always the need to think. I will teach you how it works: Try staying still without thinking. Utterly difficult! Because thought is life, and life is thought. There is no life without thought, and there is no thought without life. I am not talking about Earth life but life itself—not human life, but life itself: The thought-form.

15 So, we have a pendulum, and you want to stay as centered as possible. But in your mind, there is good and bad, should I, shouldn’t I, and there are times when you want to stay at the center, but: What will the Bible say? What would Buddha do? You want to stay at the center, but wonder: What would Jesus do? You want to stay at the center, but: What about Hinduism? You want to go back to the center but….

16 You have to deal with all that. That is why you need guidance until you reach the point I have reached—and you can also reach it. I’ve gone far beyond God (of human understanding), but knowing this may disturb others. It would be much like having a child asking you where did he come from, and you cannot fully explain for his limited scope of comprehension.

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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