I Am That I Am


1 Rather than asking questions, live the moment. When you ask questions, you will not find an answer because, in essence, one question leads to another.

2 As to knowing or not knowing, it is irrelevant: What you are, you are. There is no answer if you try to find the balance between the question and the answer. The moment it turns into an answer, it becomes the Yin and Yang, whereas if you stay in the center, you go nowhere; it takes you nowhere because we are one. Still don’t get it?

3 It has been told so many times, with different words, in different ways, from one analogy that would lead you to another, becoming an endless persecution for who is telling the truth. You see? For there to be a question, there must be an answer, and the answer will endlessly lead to another question.

4 That is why you will never see a total commitment to one thing, because there will always be one who thinks the opposite. You see? That is why, in this world, you cannot find answers.

5 CFKW—And what is the question?

6 FV—Who am I?

7 CFKW—The moment you open your mind, you know you are something, like now you just did.

8 And when you take the question in thought form: “Who am I?” Who is asking the question? You! Therefore, you ARE.

9 If someone asks: “Who am I?” in the sense of ‘How do I express,’ ‘How do I behave,’ ‘How do I do that,’ ‘How do I perform,’ or ‘What will I become?’ When you ask those many questions, you are deluding the process.

10 The question is only answered this way: We are one, so you are one; therefore, you are you. If you ask Who am I? That is the question. The answer? I AM.

11 It’s all about ‘being’ in different forms and aspects, and people want to separate the spiritual from the material world. How does the material world feel? See it, feel it. How does it feel? It is precisely the same as the spirit world. It is just that we get confused and believe (*)all this is real when it is not. You see?

12 It is us who, in collectivity and through recollections, have created all this with the vibrational intensity we give—vibration in movement.

13 FV— ¿How?

14 CFKW— The answer is simple. Look how an atom vibrates on its own.

15 FV—Why does it vibrate?

16 CFKW—Due to an imbalance. Yin and Yang, positive and negative. Movement creates everything, and that is how it moves. As it vibrates, so it IS. And being that ‘IS’ is what the world does not understand. We are One thinking more of the same, creating conditions and environments by ourselves as everything here is density.

17 FV—¿And what’s wrong with all this?

18 CFKW— To start with, it is a movement that keeps the ‘whole’ away from its center. On the other hand, it is negative. If I desire something, if I want this to continue, I have the free will to manifest with all this for these sights, expressions, and emotions to keep in perpetuity. You see?

19 FV—And what about those many others?

20 CFKW—Individuality within us. It all converges, it all merges. You see?

21 You want to express life on Earth to experience all it gives. But at the same time, you feel remorse for having left behind all you gave up to come and express all this. You see?

22 That remorse is what weakens you, makes you restless, where you don’t know if you want this or that, where you can’t find your identity, seeking not to identify yourself with all this so you don’t fail to perceive the spiritual side, where you were for so long, and you are still not used to these new times. You see?

23 You struggle. You seek and can’t find. Seek no more. It is said that whoever seeks shall find, but in truth, what it does is speed up time. You see? You seek to surpass time and to move in thought form because you seek in an attempt to find.

24 This is good, not wrong. It’s your independent right—free will. But to do good on Earth, you must be anchored. Do not drift away from the spirit world, neither let it frighten you. Strive to understand the balance that must exist in all this. You recognize, know, and understand this. You see? Growing while understanding.

25 Don’t worry yourself so much. Don’t punish yourself with questions that come in their wake. Remember that rushing the process is not necessarily a good thing to do. Be positive because you have the resilience, and you’re working towards it. You see?

26 Do not question yourself: You are you. If you are looking for you, ask yourself who is looking for you— YOU!

27 (*)You just found yourself. If you are looking for yourself and find yourself, it is because you recognize your true identity. You know, because you have a physical body. If you feel and live, you found yourself!

28 FV—Who are you, and who am I?

29 CFKW—You are you, and I am. Every time I say ‘I am,’ I am not saying I am you. I am saying I am; I-am-that-I-am. No more questions.

30 Now that you found yourself, ‘I am that I am’ means that I have found myself and God within me because I now know who I am. That is how you find God within you as you know that You are: I AM THAT I AM.

31 People still don’t get it because they feel they might lose their individuality. Do know that individuality is within us, and by us merging, that is an aspect being told many but many times repeatedly over and over again as an aspect that will take place when the time comes but has not yet come. Therefore, it is non-relevant at this point. So far, as of now, it is non-existent. It only exists in the future predisposition of what the outcome might end up being. You see it now? Can you see it now?

32 I can endlessly give all kinds of analogies, but ‘I am that I am’ is a simple concept in any language: Yo soy quien soy.

33 As I understand that I am that I am, I know that I am the creator of my own world and thoughts. As the one who understands that all of this is a conglomerate of all my previous ideas, concepts, and attachments, I realize that I am that I am. As such, I cease to exist. As previously stated: By losing everything, one gains life, and whoever wants to save his life will lose the other.

34 If we are One and I am that I am, then I am the creator of all this, which makes me God, in context. There is a creator of all this, and that is God.

35 Do not take offense now because, as I am myself and as I am God, I have to understand that I am the creator of all this.

36 FV—But if I understand that I am the creator of all this, What is beyond me?

37 CFKW—the Void

38 FV—And what is the Void?

39 CFKW—The Void is the opposite of all this.

40 FV—Therefore: Does the Void exist?

41 CFKW—Yes, as the counterpart to all of this.

42 FV—So, if we have nothing and creation, then where is the center? The center, between nothing and everything, cannot be nothing, right? Therefore, it has to be ‘something.’ Correct?

43 CFKW— Correct. If you are you and you are God, then the center is God: the balance between everything and nothing. As simple as that.

44 Between everything and nothing, there is a midpoint that meets with both, and that is creation: That center where ‘everything’ merges with ‘nothing.’

45 If we have black and white, and both merge at the center, the merging is gray. Correct?

46 FV—Correct.

47 CFKW—As it approaches its true color, the movement diminishes. Correct?

48 FV—Like a wave?

49 CFKW—Correct.

50 FV—Correct.

51 CFKW—Therefore, if there is gray between black and white, then that center is life: The difference between everything and nothing.

52 FV—Define everything.

53 CFKW—Give form to ‘everything,’ and you won’t find it because there is no way to describe ‘everything.’

54 FV—What is ‘everything?’

55 CFKW—‘Everything’ is everything. You can say everything of this and everything of that, and still, that ‘everything’ does not even exist because ‘everything’ is the complexity of everything. See?

56 That is life; the movement between everything and nothing. That’s why everything you build decays; because life is the movement between everything and nothing. The only difference is in its breakdown by the movement of its atoms. That’s all.

57 All this is life, from the rock and the tree to the human being and all in between: The movement between ‘everything’ and ‘nothing’ is life.

58 FV—On this planet?

59 CFKW—Yes, On this planet.

60 FV–And in the universe?

61 CFKW—Yes, and in the universe. This planet is like an atom in the universe. Observe everything that happens within that atom and grasp this: You being a simple particle in the atom, which is the universe, and the universe is not one but many, just like the atom. Observe the atom and see how many are needed to become a cell or matter.

62 And if I tell you that you are a particle in that atom and the universe is an atom, think about how many atoms are needed to make up something? This way, I keep taking you indefinitely into what creation is. Creation is everything that exists in the universe.

63 You are a particle of an atom in the universe; that universe is a particle of the atom of another universe, and that other universe is a particle of the atom of another universe.

64 I can take you as far as you want until your mind can’t comprehend the incomprehensible. And at that moment, you’ll find your weakness as a human when the mind exhausts itself and stops thinking about that (*)infinite world. That’s when you’ll realize that you are a human with limitations and see how insignificant you are in this universe in which you dwell.

65 Don’t question it, and let no one question the system. Everything is your creation. Therefore, create the best possible world—seek. Within spirituality, you find the peace and rest needed to understand that life itself is your creation, and thus, you can do the best within that creation.

66 If something disturbs you or becomes dire on your part, understand that it is the universe itself in creation and movement, teaching you in substance and principle everything you have done that has not helped you grow spiritually. It’s your counterbalance; that is a work on you. Understood?

67 Accept it, and have good thoughts to calm or lessen what troubles you, purify yourself, cleanse yourself, or any other name you want to give to all this. Never see anything as negative, dragging you down or letting you fall. Simply look at it like, ‘Okay, it happened, but it won’t happen again.’ And if it happens again, repeat; ‘Well, it happened, and there’s no reason for it to happen again.’ That is all it takes until you manage to break free from everything that ties you to it because, by not understanding what is taking place, it repeats itself until you comprehend. Do you see?

68 Memory works through repetition, except for a thought (or experience) so powerful that it captures all your emotion and stays engraved in your mind.

69 That’s why you always have to be positive because that’s how you break the very vice that ties and drags you down. See?

70 Pursue your goals and give them life. This world is your creation, the creation of another, divine creation, other thoughts, other ideas, the good, the bad, the rich, the poor, the beautiful, the ugly. Everything is the perception of each person, of each individualization of thought.

71 If this or that bothers you, you have to understand that it has been the creation of the entire complex. It’s not just your creation—it’s of the complex. You are part of all this. That’s why it concerns you, that’s why there is a merge, an arrangement, because it’s yours along with everyone else’s, who continue to be you, but have had that thought in their individuality, and that creation has had an effect. In its effect, all of this has come together. See?

72 That’s why something can please or discomfort you equally. You don’t have to be in agreement with everything. Simply understand and respect their way of life and their personal approach.

73 Respecting that part of creation is indispensable. See? And if something disturbs you, distance yourself, reject it, and continue your path. You don’t have to curse or bother. You don’t have to accept it—simply respect it because it’s part of creation.

74 If you don’t respect, you won’t be respected. That’s why there has to be balance. If you do something wrong, (what is known as) the Law of Talion applies; an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. That was the basic or original concept within the law of creation. See?

75 But, as in everything, they misused it. They started judging and advancing the process. They wanted to rule it themselves. In the creation of that thought, that concept grew. And it began to be applied in the material world as an understanding and appreciation of all this, and they gave it form. But they judged, and in judging, in having that predisposition, imbalance took place.

76 The Law of Talion is a universal concept but without prejudice. If you harm someone, someone will harm you. If you steal, you will be stolen from. See?

77 And just as there is bad, there is also good. If you give, you will receive; if you act with kindness, kindness will be shown to you; if you respect, you will be respected. See? That’s how everything works. It’s a matter of balance. Therefore, act rightly, don’t steal, and respect; if you have pending debts, move. See?

78 Don’t harm others because, by doing so, you are hurting yourself. But you must also demand balance. Because part of the balancing process is making the one who does wrong understand that there must be balance. These are called moral principles, basic life principles, or principles. See?

79 Certainly, geared towards comprehending the concept that we must acknowledge that we are One, to enter into harmony with the (*)Creator through creation, and grasp what has already been explained: We are One, and I AM That I am.

80 I can depict all the paradises you desire, all the adventures you crave, create any scenario you wish, and they will all simply be analogies of the basic principle of life: Creation is the thought of the creator. And we, being one, understand, each in our own way, what is and what exists, to convey the message, that sensation, that element in an emotion of what is the interpretation of life, and thus convey the message of all this to the (*)creator.

81 FV—For what purpose?

82 CFKW—That is one question many ask. The creator is the creator.

83 FV—What role does the creator play in all this?

84 CFKW—It is not known because it cannot be understood. The purpose behind this cannot be comprehended: The reason why the creator created all (*)this. Even we (CFKW) are governed by the conceived idea that we are the creator because we are all one.

85 It is necessary to respect the individuality of each of us and creation itself. See? All of this becomes a complex, paradoxical aspect that makes no sense because it is one paradox after another for you but not for me (CFKW) because it is quite simple and already explained.

86 The paradox is to find the paradox and understand that no matter how you portray it, it remains the same as it has always been. See?

87 All of this is a paradox, hardly understood, and even harder to reach total unity because all of this is creation, and in creation, there is the opposite.

88 Therefore, no matter how many agree, there will always be one who thinks the opposite, because that is life: The interplay between everything and nothing. And in that center, all the elements of what is everything and what is nothing remain.

89 The more in the center one is, the more complex it feels because the movement of the vibration of who composes it (oneself) is less. And when you see that movement, as it is less movement, at a lower volume, everything feels clearer, and the more you see, the more incomprehensible it feels.

90 You can see this in colors. When you see a color, you define it. When it is complex, and you think you are confused, it is simple. Through color, you define yourself and give a name to that image called color. Color is an image; by giving it color, you define it because its movement is high (intense). See?

91 That’s why white is the (*)preferred one because it identifies with something (purity). But molecularly speaking, white is another color. They just call it the absence of color: black and white. One is absence, and the other is presence. Explain yourself: How could you extract color from the absence of color?

92 Everything remains a paradox: deceiving is a paradox; good and evil is another paradox: How can good exist without first having experienced evil? How can you determine something is good without judging its interpretation of what is considered evil? See?

93 There is only one message: How many times must it be said? The message has to be repeated. Some choose to learn it themselves, while others choose to share it with the entire world—from those who want to do everything to those who prefer to do nothing. See?

94 The message must get across. That’s why you have been prepared for so many years to do this.

95 FV—What are (*)photographs?

96 CFKW—They are images of creation captured and formed at a specific moment. These images aim to identify with a part of the past that is now a part of your present—capturing both pleasant and bitter moments where individual or collective manifestations occurred. However, none of those moments exist. These images are imprinted for the mind to reflect on the past, to compare, and sometimes to disavow what once was and what now is.

97 One must accept that what is today just is and what was already was. Avoid focusing too much on the future. Instead, live in the present to understand that true living occurs only in the present. If you live in the past while in the present, you will be reliving the memories of your past, not moving forward, but rather reflecting, going backward, into the past, which no longer exists.

98 That’s why everything around you gradually decomposes. Because it is an image, a memory, a vision, a creation that is always in motion. Everything you create is movement in action—everything that happens.

99 Sometimes, it is through inaction, simply waiting patiently for life and its decomposition to do its part, and one adheres to it. This should be understood as a process that one has to go through, something temporary until new creation movements emerge, and one becomes content with what has already been seen and experienced, no longer need to move, calmly waiting for the process of one’s death, and subsequence resurrection (reincarnation) as another entity or manifestation of what the mind leads one to create; until one grasps that creation is inherently tied to movement and eventually tires of creating, reliving, and rebuilding what will never cease, understanding that, by doing nothing, everything unfolds, but in its own time.

100 Because when there is much movement, nothing stops. Just as when in one’s youth, one wants to live and do everything, likewise, mistakes are made, and one spends a lifetime rebuilding to create a new balance for all this to continue life forward. See?

101 Everyone must do their job. What pertains you to do, not necessarily what you want. Because what one wants is simply more of the same. Something is desired because one wants more of the same. Something is desired because there is an expectation.

102 That person who claims not to want to die with their music inside is simply wanting more, and more, and more. See?

103 But when one stops wanting, it is understood that life is just a movement. One stops wanting TO BE to simply do what corresponds in this lifetime, according to the (*)divine law, with what has been imposed, and understand that all this is divine creation and respect the law itself in motion as required.

104 If it is your role to work in this profession, work. If it is in another, do it. If it is your role to do this, do it. If it is your role to do something else, do it—to cleanse karma—that’s it!

105 Why keep wanting to argue and complain if we came here to cleanse karma!? What is the dilemma? Why so much struggle, why so much complaint?

106 If they say that God does not impose burdens you cannot bear, nothing could be clearer. You may have a burden, but on the other hand, you are given a reward: Cause and effect, Yin and Yang.

107 A question is asked when seeking an answer. The same becomes a thought and being a thought: What constitutes it? Everything or nothing. The everything is everything, the nothing is nothing. What is in between? Life, thought, the interaction between everything and nothing: That is the world we live in.

108 FV—¿And where is (*)God?

109 CFKW—Within you. Seek, and you will find it. And when you find it, you will realize who you are because you found it. When you find it, you will know that you exist; if you exist, it is because you are. And if you are, it is because you are: I am that I am. And with that, you close the chapter because that answers all questions.

110 That simple concept is what envelops everything. Everything emerges from that. It can be taken along any path because that question originated from doubt and seeks an answer.

111 The question is the origin of thought: Who am I? Yet, the answer cannot be given if no prior information is received from the question. The question is the origin of thought.

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Article 11—Reference First Transcript Article 25.
Article 27—By then, the Collective knew I had grasped the intent and found my true identity.
Article 64—Infinite is a word the CFKW uses to ease our limited understanding. However, there is a beginning and an uncertain future in the ever-expanding universe of creation, contrary to the erroneous belief that everything has already been created. Reference the core message from the CFKW: “We are One infinite mind endlessly expanding through the physical and spiritual realm, limitless.”
Article 79—This article implies the creator is your higher self. Not to be misconstrued as a separate entity or a deity.
Article 80 implies bringing this Higher Truth back to ourselves at the deepest level, or for better words, prior to the first movement, or simply, to bring it back home.
Article 84—It is known as a metaphor of God wanting to see himself in our limited way of comprehension, but in truth, no one was there to attest other than metaphorically expressed. Reference Article 64 (our limitations.)
Article 91—Favorite implies the most favorable color to define or describe the spirit world.
Article 95—I asked this specific question because I kept wondering that, since none of this exists and we are thought, how can one still see an image (photo) from that which does not exist?
103—Divine Law does not imply the Law of God, but the universal law expounded from Articles 73 to 80.
108—Please remember that at the time, I was still struggling with the misconception of God from my Catholic indoctrination.

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