A Lesson About Death and Dying


1 FV—This morning, I saw a lizard, and as I saw it, I realized I wanted to identify with it, to see if I could understand the suffering that could have taken place at that moment where that lizard lost its life. And I asked myself, Why do we have to identify with the pain, or why do others ignore and don’t give importance to the loss of life?

2 CFKW—You see? Everything has to do with the identification. If you don’t identify with what surrounds you, then you become a selfish individual who is only looking for his best, for the self. That is bad because it both creates and defeats individuality, ignoring the rest of it all. On the other hand, if you identify with the suffering and loss, you become part of it because you feel it; you sense it.

3 In the scheme of things, because we all are interconnected, you feel the pain related to the nonexistence of things how they are. And even if that animal did not even recognize whatever happened, you do, because you gave it form, you gave it thought. And that thought created another thought and another, and gave energy to that illusion, identified as suffering.

4 It is not about feeling the pain or ignoring its reality. It’s all about a balance: Acknowledging that there is suffering because our existence seeks to relate to things. But don’t ignore the things around you, for they ARE.

5 When it comes to respecting other living forms, by killing, mutilating, caging, and the like, it creates an environment of suffering related to the inability of that Being to manifest itself in the realm of all things created by creation itself.

6 And yes, we can term this as attachments, but also it goes further into blocking; you, blocking the essence of creation itself, thus creating a stressful environment to that Being that wants and needs to exist to do its part in the realm of World, which is a manifestation of thought creating an imbalance in whatever it is that needs to be done to become fulfilled in form and move as it should be done by the essence of the worldly cycle of life.

7 See, for instance, a bird. The essence of freedom of flight is an expression of creation. When you bound it to a cage, it limits its creative force, thus creating an imbalance in the essence of that Being, which has been created in density form by a thought-form in itself.

8 Thus by you creating an imbalance, you imbalance yourself because you are part of that flow. Even if you don’t know and you don’t understand, it does affect the spirit. Thus, there will be a time where you will understand what you have done. And you will seek for balance and rebalance in an attempt to understand what took form. That seeking we call Karma, while Dharma is the manifesting of things: Acknowledging, letting go, and honoring whatever form it took as it unfolds in life. You see?

9 So, everything has to do with balance, because it is and is not, because it exists and it does not exist: As if plus one and minus one equals zero. As if positive and negative balances to zero. As if Yin and Yang balances to zero. As if good and bad balances to zero. As if up and down balances to zero. As if left and right balances to zero. Everything you know that is and exists do balance to zero.

10 And if we all learn the process and learn to balance back to zero, then we all would be at peace in a universal world that would seek to cease to exist to give it a chance for everything to unfold back to its origin in thought form and to be at peace, to be still and find comfort in its uniqueness of keeping still so it can rest in peace, harmony and union with all that exists. And for you to become part of it in thought-form, which is what holds us all up to what is our existence but in much much greater form and be at peace all within, and see it all just as it is, in great peace in the beauty of things.

11 So, life is not about dying. Life is all about expressing yourself. And do good, not harm. Life is about understanding the process, seeking for truth. That’s what keeps you in movement.

12 Truth in each one of us is different. But we all seek for truth—that’s all we do; that’s what all have ever done—seeking for truth.

13 But some, while seeking the truth, find power, control, not understanding what matters IS and wants to grab it all, and get confused, but still, they are looking for their truth.

14 You see? If for someone their truth is money, they are looking for their truth. If this one is looking for spirituality, he will be looking for this truth. If that one is seeking for power, he is seeking for his truth.

15 Now, is truth always right? No. Because for the criminal who does not respect human life, his truth is not true. For we need to understand that even though there is movement in all and we need to move, by moving is the only way we can understand real truth.

16 No matter how far you go away from the truth by moving, and seeking and not finding, no matter how far you go, there’s going to be a point when you are going to say, “No, this is wrong,” and then you will seek truth. You see? No matter where you go, no matter how far you go.

17 That’s why Jesus, in his wisdom, said, “I’ll be waiting for you.” Because he understood this process. No matter where you go, you will never find but the truth. You see?

18 And as I said before: Who are you to tell someone that he is wrong? In an attempt for people to help others, they do their deed by helping others in good faith and in good heart. But notice that those who have been helped are those who seek help. But that one who is not looking for help, by you interfering or attempting to interfere, what you do is disturbing and confusing for the one whom is not ready yet to understand things. That is exactly what has happened to the Bible, the great book written for the masses, but the masses took it wrong.

19 You see the big difference? Previous masters spread their word to those who were seeking within the same realm that they were. So, the concept and understanding went well among those seeking to understand things. All that knowledge was passed from generation to generation in ways that people could understand and relate to. Through human interaction within themselves, they found common grounds to better themselves within the understanding of things, and they pass it on and on and on.

20 But when you take a message, and you write it down and have it accessed by the masses, then those who are not ready start giving all sorts of interpretations to what they read and felt within their realm of existence. They made it part of a disturbed manner in such a way that it would make sense to them but not to the whole world; because of the diversity of human comprehension, abilities, and deception. You see?

21 Through interpretations, confusion took place. Through power, fear, and dominion, power took place. But if you seek and learn to read between the lines and take away all that was misinterpreted, you find that the teachings, from the old to the new, they are all the same.

22 So, it is only a small group that would understand this whole process. Much of them are lost, searching for truth somewhere else, and what you are about to do is show them a way so they can understand, grasp, and find peace within themselves, knowing they are going through the right track but yet not able to see how it all act in their search for truth. You see?

23 It’s a heck of a task (slight chuckles). Like the first step I just mentioned. But we need to start moving forward before we stall. So, what you were given this morning as a dream, was in essence, how it feels to be stalled; for you to move and for you to explain that there is no evil, it never did exist, it never will. That all is just an interpretation because we need to feel there is a relation between us and something else to make it real. But there is no such thing: only movement and balance in all.

24 That’s exactly why you never saw anything. You never felt the presence of any Being or ‘other’; because I did not reveal it to you so that you can see how it all unfolds through experience.

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