Questions Can Be Overwhelming


1 Questions are overwhelming.

2 Questions are simply wanting to remember something already forgotten, but they are also used to wanting to know something.

3 When you ask to know something, it is because you are searching for what you have forgotten. You ask to know, or you ask to remember because knowing is everything, and so is understanding.

4 There will always be questions because you want to remember the past, and there will always be questions because you want to know. See?

5 Wanting to know and wanting to remember is the same, but its opposite. And doing the opposite makes it the same because everything ends in the same cycle.

6 You want to understand, you want to know, as well as you want to remember in order to know. And to know is to remember because if you don’t remember, you don’t know. One goes with the other as it brings a new cycle of ideas and concepts brought to the whole world.

7 Many ask: “What is all this around me?” Here is the answer: All this is a world of analogies derived from life itself. It is then when one wonders: What is life?

8 Life is a game we have created to distract us from our own knowledge that everything is nothing and nothing is everything. And just as we see all this and understand it as ours, it is nothing but a reflection of the very desire of what everything is.

9 Look all around you. Contemplate the environment where you are right now and realize that all this has the answer to your questions.

10 He who asks about [1]wars is receiving his answer so that he can understand what war truly is. See? And that knowledge brings oneself to the answer to his question of what this is and how it is: If it is of war, it will be war; if it is of peace, it will be peace. Be it of darkness, so it shall be. They all come from our thoughts.

11 All this is our wanting and understanding because either we ask or remember ourselves. See how all this is essence? Life in itself is essence, like being in a game and asking ourselves all that is to ask.

12 Life is an illusion from the truth that once existed from life itself. We, (CFKW), returned and repeated ourselves many times before, for as long as needed to carry this message in any language that would correspond and please humanity. This is a message that we deliver through this body (implying FV) to let the world know that none of this exists and all of this exists (First Transcript A-25) as we answer questions or help remember.

13 How much work it takes from us (CFKW!) to come out of this lineage to help humanity understand all this that exists through an array of messages as culture requires, but always seeking to gradually bring them to this final point which is to realize that all this knowledge has been acquired from all that which has been learned because one has asked according to the universe so requires for there to be a constant movement and resolve all doubt that still exists.

14 Either you ask, or you remember. And if you ask, it’s because you want to remember, and if you remember, it’s because you asked and awakened.

15 And if I use a body (implying FV) to make all this be understood, it is to make people learn that there is an original thought— that which came from YOU. And you let yourself be carried away by all the influence that your being carries. By being, you become confused, disturbed, and you fear losing your life, thinking that if you lose your life, you cease to exist, regardless of how many times you have been told that the body is an illusion.

16 And if you feel and suffer it is because everything is interconnected in thoughts and ideas of every deed. And it weighs on you to know all the burden that one has to carry within oneself, both individually and collectively, from the load produced by the fear of oneself not reaching one’s ultimate goal: To remember any which way you can.

17 But it is not the same to be here listening (reading) all this, which is totally opposite to the meditation process, where one shuts one’s mind so as not to continue thinking about everything that for one is good, bad for another, and indifferent to others.

18 And to understand what for one is good, bad for another, and indifferent to others makes not one better than the other; for he who understands that all this is an illusion is compelled to pass this knowledge to others. (First Transcript Article 40)

19 Regardless if it is good or bad, understood or not understood, exists or does not exist, it does not matter; you have to free your mind from everything that binds you to life and live it from time to time. And never worry about what will be on your part or of your life, because that will consume, corrode, and destroy you when everything has been given to you.

20 But not that one should stay away from the true self of oneself, which is to be in harmony with the universe that governs one over life itself, where we are creation from molecules and atoms emitted from an energy center, called the sun, [2]which is that God who is an infinitesimal part of the universe and its parts, which being part of God and its energy, if seen from afar looks like having life, as a light of energy, comprised of those other suns, which are like molecules orbiting at a slow pace when compared to the molecule you are familiar with and due to its smaller size you see how it takes shape and makes up everything you know.

21 Look at the universe and see how all the stars are spread across the galaxy. Do the same with a microscope, where you can see something solid becoming scattered into molecules and atoms. As you can see, there’s a lot of empty space, which many call darkness or lack of light. And so, if you look at the galaxies, you will see that everything is comprised of the same light that is part of the energy field from which everything exists. See?

22 And just as everything ends in the life cycle, the process is endless. Only epochs end— of light or darkness. That is why all that is dark is just a fragment of darkness, a lack of movement, from the need that while one shines, the other rests, like the sun and moon, day and night. See?

23 Let’s go back to the beginning— all this is none other than an analogy of the same. The truth is one disguised by many lies. But it matters not because he who seeks finds to then realize that all this has been a lie to make us believe and understand that (physical) life itself is all that exists. But it is impossible to try to dissuade those who see life as only physical. For as there is light, there is darkness, and so is all this.

24 Life itself is an illusion. But you are asked to always think positively and not allow negative thoughts to affect your life. Because the negative brings doubt, discord, lack of desire, darkness with itself, and nothing that reflects what is good.

25 That is why it distorts your mind, so as not to give peace so that the semblance of disgust prevails. Because being disgusted seeks that source of darkness, that source of gloom, that source of negative thought—that which many are already influenced by.

26 And thus, wars and sorrows are reflections to draw one to the negative thought which brings within itself doubt and distances one from the truth—Truth is one.

27 Between good and evil, there is always a place at the center of everything, where you can see good and evil; accept good and all that is not good- what many call evil. And understand that by being at the center, everything is seen, everything moves, and everything is possible, because you seek to balance the opposite, one with the other.

28 And so the universe looks for one another in search of a complement of the opposite, so that the opposite is understood to be part of the opposite of oneself so that one can see and understand oneself; as one is, as one was, or as one was programmed to be.

29 That is why religions were created. It takes so little energy to think of a third party who gives and takes away, freeing oneself from that responsibility and passing it on to another. That is why “God” has been employed so much, because that God has been used to distort all this, as a means of escape, as a third person so that one can unburden oneself of everything one feels. See?

30 And if one becomes entangled with this whole idea of wanting to understand everything that comprises this world, one loses rationality and becomes unbalanced. One should not give so much thought to these matters, for they become entangled among themselves.

31 Those who seek through external sources, such as [3]mediums, psychics, and the like, are not learning. To be told what to do in the next event is a futile guide corresponding to everything you have done, like a stream of water. And as water flows through the stream, you predict the next movement. And when you predict the next movement, you predict the next and the next. Likewise, you unleash the future of your life as the current takes you away from understanding the truth.

32 The conglomerate of what energy is, which, by its vibration and movement, harmonizes waves of light that branch into what energy is, of its own light, eventually transformed into a sun by creating an explosion of that hollow universe that is being filled with light, according to its density, within its own cycle as it allows it from that darkness comes out the light in a great explosion of energy. And light gradually takes over all that darkness, which is simply a lack of light, energy, and movement.

33 That is why they call the darkness ‘rest,’ because it is the lack of movement, where one rests or gets tired of creating light. See?

34 And when there is light, it consumes itself, dwindles away, until it rests, and becomes darkness, which is lack of light. As it rests, it builds up, becomes denser, gains strength, and explodes, creating new light in its new awakening, and the universe keeps illuminating itself steadily.

35 And though science does not understand yet, the universe is not expanding. It is gradually illuminating and densifying itself into light to create a collective mass of lights that fill an energy field, which is part of life itself: The motion of the universe with its stars and explosions of all that is.

36 See what the universe is? Light, darkness, and everything that makes it up. All this is seen daily. All this has been done and is made part of what can be understood.

37 From the moment you see something, you can see its cycle, and you start to remember and understand that life is a cycle. See? In the creation of things, people have allowed themselves to be manipulated by creation in the universe and have become lost (engulfed).

38 You also have to learn from the human body. Why wait for things to go wrong and then fix them? That’s why imbalance takes place. Learn about the human body and what it takes to keep the body fit and healthy.

39 As your cells die, they are replaced by new cells by the programming in your genes. But you also have a say as to what to eliminate that does not belong in the body: Everything that does not belong in, your body fights it. When your body is fighting, it becomes predisposed and weakened. That’s why you need the energy to keep fighting.

40 That’s why you are asked to do daily activities and exercise following a routine to remind you that your body regenerates itself. But if you don’t exercise, your body loses the ability to fight everything that is not a natural part of the body.

41 Your body is constantly battling external forces. And if an external force accumulates in one place and continues to accumulate because you allowed it to accumulate, then when your body wants to fight it, its strength is not enough; therefore, the malignant force seizes the organ, which is the battle with ourselves:

42 The environment where you live today is already polluted with many external forces with which the body has to struggle against and weakens the body.

43 Therefore, one must eat in the most natural way possible because the body will fight against everything that is not part of the body. For example, when you ingest a soda, your body has to fight against that external chemical compound that is not water. But when it is pure juice, it has nutrients, and although it should not be taken in excess, it is much healthier for the body. See?

44 To those who keep ingesting [4]red or white meat, fish, and shellfish, they all contain toxic.

45 FV-So from what should one be feeding?

46 CFKW-From plants and everything they produce. That is why the plant-based diet is healthier, because their body, instead of fighting with external forces from what they consume, what the body needs are being given through a good source.

47 This way, your body does not have to struggle with these negative forces, and it will be able to have the strength to eliminate everything that is not part of the natural body and purify your blood. Take inventory of your food and do your part. No liquor, no soda-just water.

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Article 10 [1]—Answers comes in many ways, from firsthand experiences to answers already given in ancient texts.

Article 20 [2] Implies that the sun is the source of energy for all living things, also considered God by many, as a metaphor and idealization of that part which is God.

Article 31 [3] Although it may seem self-referencing, I’m not a medium because I do not speak to the dead. I’m not a psychic because I don’t fit their definition. Neither the CFKW give readings to individuals or individual advice but exclusively to me and only about the work I’m entrusted to do on their behalf. They reference the many mediums that speak to the dead and give advice, divination, and the like. There are a few good mediums that channel spirits of good intent, but there are many who channel not-so-advanced entities and many others who are charlatans—especially those with whom many people get attached and rely mostly on their advice. Those are the ones the CFKW make reference to.

Article 44 [4] To learn more, go to

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