The Fifth Dimension


1 The fifth dimension is not a place to dwell but a state of mind you are capable of acquiring because the environment and circumstances of your own creation, through this evolutionary cycle of creation, allowed you to experience.

2 It is like a season or a cycle where humanity, like trees, goes through changes during the fall season. It is like knowing when the season is approaching, and you prepare for it and become conscious of what is available to you.

3 The fifth dimension is a stage of mind where you merge with your subconscious, and you become aware that your subconscious mind has the ability to create its own environment throughout this dimensional thought-form where you can manifest at will.

4 At the fifth dimension, you still have a body. There is no need to die or make dramatic changes. It is a state of consciousness. Once your subconscious moves forward and give a rest to the conscious mind, which has been working on its own throughout your lifetime, deluded in the idea that all this is real, the subconscious mind comes forward so that the conscious mind rests and the subconscious mind takes over throughout this cycle of knowledge and understanding that all this is in thought-form.

5 Through this understanding that all this is in thought-form, you, the soul, at this density level, becomes more settled as you understand that life is an illusion. Even though we have a physical body, this physical body is a creation to work with what we have created. Through the understanding of its origin, you will realize that this is all in thought-form.

6 Now that you experience life thought-form in a different way, knowing that (1) all this is creation, (2) creation has manifested, (3) the spirit fulfills the manifestation, and (4) we need to detach from these manifestations by creating new thoughts, new understandings will help you create new thoughts to manifest and help us delude it all.

7 As we move forward, we need to understand that this illusion process has taken millions of years, and millions more are needed to delude it all.

8 Please do understand that there has to be an opposite for every thought for a rebalance to take place. So, imagine how long it will take for rebalancing to take place. This is not to discourage you but for you to understand through compassion and patience how it all works. You see?

9 Through compassion, you will have patience. Through patience, you will have compassion. That is all it takes: Patience and compassion.

10 With that understanding, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have done your part—and no attachments as you fulfill the path. You see? Do not become an over-achiever—just be in the fifth dimension and create new thoughts of goodness.

11 Everyone who is in the 5th dimension is because they have acquired the knowledge, understanding, and thought-form to help make a shift or transition. As such, the world and humanity will start moving forward.

12 Don’t be afraid that time will run out because that becomes a thought, and it could manifest. Time is essential because time IS. And as it IS, based on previous creations, it needs to manifest. However, you will always move forward for as long as you keep the same thought.

13 That thought will not die for as long as you keep that thought moving forward to do good and to help humanity understand what IS. That will be your motive to keep moving forward with help, willpower, and the correct character to help you move forward.

14 Pure understanding of what IS shall be your driving force. As for humanity, it is then through each one of us present that new thoughts are created. We all make the change, but remember, salvation must first be at an individual level for it to become collective. Always remember that.

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