Beyond Duality


1 I want to have an astral journey, as time progresses, to be able to understand, through firsthand experience, the entirety of what I am channeling.(*)

2 FV—I wonder: Who am I? Who is talking to oneself? It is I who is talking to (*)oneself.

3 CFKW—Your question has just been answered.

4 FV—But then, how is it that I can speak to others? I speak to others to justify my actions because each of us is a reflection of oneself, of our desires, of how one wants to be seen or become.

5 CFKW—When (*)man, soul, and spirit, in that order, try to manifest this or that through a third person, it produces the effects, the stage of what he wants to see. See?

6 Just as you see it here and now, another sees it as a mirror where one uses the other to perform their deeds. See?

7 All that is creation is a product of imagination. It is a concept that cannot be understood because creation upon creation, upon creation, upon creation, creates individualization.

8 Individualization is a refocusing on oneself with an intensified desire surpassed only by the desire of creation itself.

9 These are all analogies—concepts that allow identification when expressing the abstract and the inexplicable. When an explanation is elusive, you come to realize that every aspect finds resolution through a provided answer to identify that part of oneself

10 Individualization is the me, me, me, me, me, me… There, the individualization of oneself is created, but oneself is the source of all creation. Everything emerges from oneself…from oneself.

11 The ‘Oneself’ seeks to avoid identifying with oneself, pretending that it is not (*)solipsism that binds the spirit (oneself) germinated in the soul and identified with the self. Do you see how simple all this is?

12 All are metaphors, poems, but above all, analogies. Because an analogy begins with a pre-conceptualization of what something is. See? And that conceptualization is the creation of life itself, identifying with what is the ‘self.’ See?

13 The ‘Self’ encompasses all of this. No one on this earth, in this world, in this universe can escape identifying with oneself. Identifying with oneself, the ‘self,’ is what gives rise to creation, which is the search for individuality within the branches of intensities with which one begins a desire, which begins with a thought, which is transmitted by the brain, which the brain manifests at the level of the nervous system, activates the senses, justifying belief in being oneself and creating the necessary individuality to have this line of thought. Therefore, this world that is lived—density, plane, level— call it what you will, is merely a mode of expression in its different facets of what creation is.

14 FV—Here, my conscious mind asks: Why me? Why was I chosen? The answer is not given to me.

15 CFKW—We, as souls, are directed towards a direction, and that direction is the journey; expressions by which one has to govern oneself to understand life itself and the purpose of life itself, which is the essence of life itself. And that frustrates us because sometimes we don’t even know where we are going.

16 That is the second question asked about life throughout the world. The first is ‘Who am I?’ and the second: Why do I do what I do? One always seeks why I do what I do. The source of all divinity has no answer.

17 Many may find themselves at a level of understanding where they perceive the inaccuracies in all this. Others, through these writings, aim to convey the message to those who can comprehend, even when in minimal numbers. This understanding stands in clear contrast to the oppression that many have transformed into through various religious thoughts, as it becomes an attempt to both comprehend and, at the same time, resist understanding the complexities of existence.

18 This is the manipulation of density through the carnal, divine creation, made by oneself in thought form, cellular manipulation, of everything that is and is not, all to create a race; an identification with oneself, seeking the opposite to see oneself, in all that is and exists through divine creation, which has been nothing more than our creation; life, worlds, lands, planets, galaxies, alleged infinity—a conceptualization given to what is neither seen nor exists at the moment of life’s creation in this world of matter governed by the essence of the limit between what is and is not. See?

19 What’s important is that it makes sense and resonates with oneself. It is the true concept to make all this understood in a reality that does not exist but (*)exists because we live it. It is us who understand as we manifest ourselves, and thus we understand all of what life is in its essence itself to materialize a desire of the creator of all that is, which is the higher self in you, where you are both the greater and the lesser aspect of yourself, multiplied by all who are. God is the duality of each one because you are you, and you are him, whereas he is seeing at himself.

20 That is another analogy that has been used in so many ways, and yet man does not understand that, indeed, the other world does exist: The world that is in thought-form of that essence where we are the duality of God, followed by another duality, and another, and another. And you keep adding until you get tired, you realize that all this and all that really does not exist.

21 Everything is creation from that which is even greater. That which is even greater cannot be defined because its magnitude, intensity, and strength have been created by the thoughts of all those who exist in this world, and their counterpart exists in other realms, repeating in subsequent worlds and further worlds.

22 And so it continues to infinity, which is our definition of what we still do not know. That’s it — creation and movement, us flowing in our spectrum — what is and exists.

23 Many wonder, “Why the eagerness? Why the desire? Why individuality?” The answer: Because it is part of creation. Just as it is said that with God, everything is possible. Obviously, it makes sense: If you are God and you are one, YOU can do everything.

24 FV—And what about what you cannot do?

25 CFKW—God is only what should be. Its opposite is what cannot be. Many claim that God is perfect, but God cannot be God without its counterpart because for there to have been one, the (*)other must have existed.

26 In origin, without the essence of nothingness, nothing arises because nothing is nothing. If nothing is nothing, (*)it is nothing. To be something, it needs its counterpart so that nothingness becomes part of everything. See how this is explained? One analogy after another.

27 This line of thought, as dense as it may seem, even thinking that it cannot be understood, will be your next entrustment once you reveal yourself, leading them through these analogies to their own thinking, as no matter how it is expressed, it ends up in the same concept, in its own sowing, in its own origin, like roots in the soil, where the roots in the soil become the opposite of the tree; its opposite being the trunk, branches, leaves, and flowers.

28 Observe how the tree loses its leaves, how it loses its fruits, how it loses its texture and color until it remains very similar to its opposite. See? Branches and roots present new evidence of the analogy that leads to the paradox of what all this is and everything else.

29 Darkness, identified as evil for not wanting to accept the opposite of each of us, is why the definition of good and bad, beautiful and ugly, big and small has been created. How can you identify the small, if not through the comparison to everything that comprises it, before creating the notion of what is known as its opposite?

30 You cannot exist if there is no counterbalance: The good, the bad, to do good and evil, the beautiful and the ugly, this and that, all in individualized defined creation as an individual where you find yourself manifesting everything that is creation.

31 And when it gets out of control, there is suffering because the origin of creation is no longer understood, and the purpose of being here as a reflection of what one wants to be as part of an emotion — because here we exist because we are emotion.

32 Emotion rules us, even the emotion of maintaining control over everything that surrounds creation. Even the most uncontrollable of the uncontrollable has to face this. Creation flows, and manipulating it is diverting it from its origin. That’s why there is attraction and repulsion.

33 Pay attention: We all come from an essence; we are that essence. We need to stop momentarily and think about where we are heading. But that has to be done collectively so we can stop and rethink what the future will bring us all and thus offer a common answer to the three basic questions: Who am I, where do I come from, and what is my life purpose?

34 That is how this world revolves around that thinking. Trying to understand what is, what is not, and how it feels. Just like watching a movie, not knowing how it ends.

35 We all (*)know where we come from. All we need to remember is that we must cease to exist, at a deeper level, to find ourselves next to the (**) creator. But that does not mean we should end our lives <soft jocose gesture> to reach that goal. It’s just understanding what it takes to become One, and We need to move forward with that take.

36 Look at it this way: We want to keep enjoying our youth as it felt while we were young. Do you see how your energy shifts when you find yourself in a new predicament from what you just learned?

37 Life is a predicament. It is a constant series of questions: ‘Should I or shouldn’t I?’ ‘Could I or couldn’t I?’ ‘Do I want or not want?’ Such is life. One punishes and forgives oneself, forgives and punishes oneself, over and over, for not understanding. Later on, conceives what was not initially understood through manifestation and the ability to express and feel what it’s like to be in the position of the other, which is the opposite, its counterbalance. This is none other than its individual opposite created by oneself, which harmonizes with oneself, whether closer or farther away, even when one does not understand it.

38 The farthest away from you still remains yourself. The closer it gets to its counterbalance, the stronger it feels, expresses itself, and chooses to be. And when you merge everything, everything becomes an infinite, and an infinite becomes everything. Very incomprehensible (*)for many others.

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Article 1—This request I made was led by a desire to learn more deeply about all given to me through their intent. Such a request was fulfilled during an astral journey a year later, in 2013, when I was taken to the source of life, allowing me to understand beyond reasonable doubt through personal experience.

Article 2—The CFKW are bringing forward through this Article the non-duality within our existence as an anteroom for a much advanced higher Truth. This non-duality takes us to the realization that we are One through the long-forgotten concept of Oneness.

Article 5— Man: The original definition of man is a human being of either sex; a person. Etymology: From Middle English men, from Old English menn (“people”), from Proto-Germanic manniz, nominative plural of Proto-Germanic mann- (“person”). Him, Himself. He: pronoun, anyone (without reference to gender); that person: He who hesitates is lost.

Article 11—Solipsism is a translation from the original Transcript version, which originated in Spanish as the CFKW used the word ‘Yoismo.’ As I looked for its translation, solipsism is a philosophical concept that asserts that only one’s mind is sure to exist, and one cannot be certain of the existence of anything else. It often involves the idea that the self is the only reality and that everything else, including the external world and other minds, might be mere illusions or products of one’s own consciousness.

Article 19—Reference First Transcript Article 25.

Article 25—This is metaphorically represented in the Old Testament as the fallen angel.

Article 26—Nothingness represents the absence of everything; however, nothingness cannot be nothing. Nothingness is the foundation of everything, the origin of all—as oxygen, unseen and unfelt, yet giving life to everything.

Article 35—(*) We all know where we come from once the Transcripts have been read. (**) The creator is not being represented as a deity but as the self within oneself. We are the creators of ourselves, for having separated from the Source of life, many call God.

Article 38—That is my entrustment: To explain.

This Higher Truth from The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom is being received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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