Parallel And Multi-Dimensional Worlds


1 Parallel and multi-dimensional worlds are feasible and easily recognizable without ever being.

2 In this earth plane, there are monks living in monasteries, whereas all they do is meditate and be in solitude away from this world.

3 Meanwhile, you see the total opposite: People engaging in all sorts of activities, never stopping, always doing something from traveling to seeking adventures and absorbing the energy out of this world, materializing all of what they desire.

4 Then, you see people every day trying to make good, understanding humanity’s wrongdoings, becoming passive activists, and creating a shift towards the betterment of the world.

5 Then you see those seeking war, conflict, to be in dispute with others, and to argue about any possible subject becomes a thrill.

6 Then, you see people suffering from being oppressed, as opposed to those living in constant materialistic desire and power. I can keep going, as you can see now.

7 Within those realities that I have set forth before you, you have the duality of the mind. Your mind, which became the creator, constantly makes you go through emotional stages due to its activities. You see people always worried about the outcome of things. Their minds are constantly cautious about what they do, which creates stress in the soul’s ability to work with the unfolding of the thought.

8 On the other hand, there are those who are always and constantly cheerful. They are so full of positivity that they even get in trouble for their positivity because I can be as positive as I can into thinking that I can fly, yet the laws that govern Earth keep us limited.

9 And yes, it is possible. Our ability to do anything we can imagine comes first from an intent, followed by a thought. Then an action or inaction takes place.

10 I can tell you that, indeed, you can fly, but for that, you need to leave the physical body; otherwise, you won’t be able to because of the physical laws that constrain you within this physical plane.

11 However, the same applies to, for instance, the spiritual awakening. Yes, you can be in bliss. Yes, you can get to be in harmony with the universe. But another set of rules and realities exist. In order to do so, you have to detach from the physical because the most that you can attain while keeping enough consciousness to keep living in this physical body is through the limited mind.

12 Therefore, you will only reach a certain point of enlightenment before going to the next step. To get to the next step, you have to leave this body. That is a fact that cannot be refuted. Yet, if you lose your life, you gain a new life.

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