1 Today’s message is patience. Patience is the ability to allow things to flow and allow everything to move the way they intended to move.

2 That does not mean to become lazy. On the contrary: Not being in motion out of indifference, procrastination, or negligence is to err (sin). It is delaying the advancement process, which is the same as doing nothing about it.

3 The spirit moves in ways where obstacles are not considered obstacles. They are like walls that you encounter when you stray from the path.

4 By swerving and stumbling, many times naively, you come across a wall, and that wall forces you to veer in the right direction. And when you turn to the right direction, if you deviate some more, another being seeking to help steer you back in the right direction.

5 Doubt is another aspect that arises when confidence is lost—when you are not sure of yourself. Doubt is the tool used by the strongest of all means — the one people call the negative force.’

6 It is the strongest force because it is like swimming against the current. It is the one that brings doubt into your life, and through doubt, you face fear, and its purpose is to bring doubt … doubt.

7 But in the absence of doubt, one moves favorably with joy, without doubts.

8 All those obstacles that one gets, what many call the blows one receives in life, are but a reflection of what one sees through the emotion, which is the degree of resistance one has towards changes.

9 The bigger the change, the stronger is one’s resistance. That is moving towards the negative field — which is neither negative but a movement towards a different direction. But for people to understand, the word ‘negative’ is more appropriate at this time.

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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