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1 Having possessions is also a strong anchor.

2 When you have material possessions, it keeps you anchored to Earth due to the desire to have or to keep either having or up-keeping material possessions that, in turn, keep you anchored to Earth.

3 By letting go of material possessions, you become more subtle as it lessens the desire it generates.

4 Material possessions make you hold on to that which is created and keeps moving. When you hold on to material possessions, you seek to keep in suspension that which once was created.

5 For instance, you may own a boat to navigate through ocean waters. The corrosion properties of saltwater serve as a highly corrosive material that recycles matter at an accelerated rate.

6 Owning a boat would require a high level of maintenance to avoid the corrosion properties of water from affecting the performance or lifetime of a vessel. An automobile is also vulnerable to weather conditions along with the number of moving parts that would wear down or break if the appropriate maintenance is not performed.

7 It’s when someone chooses not to keep such material possession in its original state with the desire to preserve and upkeep, that matter takes its course of breaking down to its original form.

8 That is why when someone does not give the proper maintenance or care to a car or vessel, it’s noticed how quickly it deteriorates as it seeks to return to its original state. This person either purposely detaches or is not focused on that aspect of preserving and up-keeping. Some would judge this person to be irresponsible, but it may also be merely detachment.

9 He or she may not see the consequences of such detachment, and yes, he or she may be paying the consequences of their own actions, because a car may be needed for transportation, but detachment itself is a process where one does not care much for material things because said worry consumes the time that the person may be using to enjoy life in other ways.

10 The enjoyment of life is not in the holding on to material things but the enjoyment of nature and what is available for you to enjoy.

11 Human-made creation may be enjoyed, but know its limitations. You may experience it, touch it, feel it, enjoy it, and move on. You see? Know that everything that is human-made is only artificially made with a tendency to return to its original state as it seeks to rebalance itself.

12 Therefore, what is most important to the eye and the rest of the human senses is what is natural and not what is artificially made. And the enjoyment of life is seeing how everything moves and evolves; enjoy it, but do not get attached to it.

13 Simply enjoy it, see it come and go, enjoy it, hear it, feel it, taste it, try it, and move on. That is the essence of life—to enjoy everything as it moves—the good and the bad.

14 And remember the ‘bad’ is the cleansing of everything and should also be seen as good. And the more subtle you are, the less density will be in you.

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