The Delusion Of Life


1 Take humanity as an example: As for this moment, look around your environment: Your house, your car, your living standards, air conditioning when it gets too hot, heater when it gets too cold, roads being built, business being built, pre-cooked meals, entertainments such as movies, television, radio, and so many others I can mention, but there is no need to keep filling pages just to remind you of the artificial environment you live in.

2 Take that and come to terms with realizing that that is indeed a very much artificial life from the natural life humans in their original stage should live.

3 For instance, food purchase vs. harvesting. Buying a house vs. building a shed, a ranch, and quarters. Entertainment such as playgrounds and games that in the past filled the lives of those who enjoyed playing.

4 Realize the big difference between the delusion that this is life compared to the reality of life in its truly natural state.

5 Now, all you need to do is take it one notch further: What if real life, beyond that human understanding, is hidden behind our deluded idea that we are humans?

6 When you strip it down to Spirit form, then you are bodyless. Now, what are your thoughts going to be about? About wanting? About having? About experiencing?

7 Once you come to this understanding, you will come to terms with the true meaning of the concept of us thinking that we are real, a given in so many ways, so you can understand down to your level of understanding so you can grasp the basics.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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