The Law of Cause and Effect, Forgiveness, and Judgement Day


1 Each individual has to form himself, unfold himself.

2 But the individual cannot seek freedom just by sheer desire because that would be wrong, and every wrongdoing has its consequences.

3 I am not here to judge but to tell you that every wrongdoing has its consequences. You have free will to do as you please, but whatever your choice, it should not be guided by a selfish desire or engulfment. It should not be by: “I want to do this or that, and you are in my way.

4 You must see the greater picture and ask yourself what your desire drives you to do. What will the consequence of your actions be is a question that needs to always— always—be considered because there is a law of cause and effect that will eventually take place. You see?

5 The Universal law of cause and effect will not leave anything undone. Everyone has to do or pay for what’s due, regardless, because in the end, no matter what you did, withheld from doing[1], or how bad you wanted this or that, in the end you will be held accountable no matter that you hold on to dear life.

6 And when the time comes, you will look back at what you did and withheld from doing as presented before you[2]. That is when you will surrender to do good throughout your life because now you know how it all ends.

7 In the end, when one strives for dear life, one wants or seeks for justice, and justice will be served in this life and the other—as necessary.

8 In the survival game of life, you will become desperate while running out of time trying to solve all unsolved issues, transform all wrongdoings into good deeds, and will seek forgiveness because you will know that you will run out of time.[3] That is death: When you run out of time.[4] And those involved will expect forgiveness out of self-pity.[5]

9 You may ask for forgiveness from others. It may be granted to you, but that will only create an artificial balance. But, when you leave this world, and judgment day comes, you will find out it will be you and you alone who will see the whole picture, with no external influences. You will see things as they were and not necessarily as you saw them, for you will no longer have your human influence to advocate for you.

10 In spirit, you will see the harsh truth of what you did and held from doing and come to ultimately draw judgment upon yourself to then find ways to determine how to ease your grief, your sorrow, your strain, your load, your burden and how to rebalance by means of this universal law.

11 When someone acknowledges having done wrong, one judges oneself for one’s wrongdoing, and self-condemnation follows as it has been seen so many times when people have disapproved of themselves[6] as in: “For having done this, I must suffer for that.”

12 They become their own judge, prosecutor, and punisher on Earth, without realizing that, likewise, one will behave similarly in the spiritual realm. Instead, one should seek for one’s faults, self-judgment, self-healing, and make good any harm done upon returning.[7]

13 If one, while on this Earth plane, chooses to judge oneself for any wrongdoing and has self-punished, at times so severe that one does not believe of oneself, likewise, self and severe punishment are self-imposed to purge any harm done in spirit.

14 This is something you can see every day in the suffering of all those who live in misery, in the lack of things, in how hard it becomes for them to reach their goals. That is self-imposed.

15 Therefore, if you understand that the path and punishment have already become enough suffering, and what had to be learned has been learned, then one no longer needs to keep punishing oneself, and one can self-proclaim self-relief and no longer condemn oneself and move forward. That is when self-compassion comes in.

16 Therefore, if you have self-imposed any punishment for any wrongdoing from previous lives, and you feel you have already suffered enough, and if there is no longer a reason for having to bear such burden because you have truly learned your lesson, true compassion will come to play, and you may release yourself from self-punishment, free yourself, and become free.

17 We are individual souls searching for truth. Some do not remember why they are here, and others simply don’t care, but for the conscious soul, the path becomes challenging because they know what needs to be done. You see?

18 The one who forgot will eventually learn, and the one who does not care will eventually learn as well. Therefore, the learning path is the chosen one. Be fully conscious of what it takes to excel and know who you are (at the deepest level) and where you are heading.

19 Every path is a chosen path. And the ultimate path is the same for everyone: To become fully conscious of the true nature of their existence. But there are many who are searching for truth and don’t know where or who to turn to. Those are the ones to be reached.

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[1] error or omission
[2] Commonly known as a Life review
[3] This statement references when I was drawn to have this experience at the end of the First contact, explained in detail in my NDE book.
[4] Not to be taken as a definition but as an expression to ponder.
[5] Those who believe in a forgiving God will seek unconditional forgiveness for all their wrongdoings.
[6] Many Christians believe in self-flagellation, becoming martyrs, perpetual sinners, and not worthy of God for their sins.
[7] Reincarnation process

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