Salvation—What Does It Means?

1 Salvation is not of collective but individual nature. It has already been told so many times. And it has been interpreted in so many ways, driven by the influences of the physical world.

2 But in truth, it is of such nature that it is you all along the one having to make the inner changes in you and not rely on others to make the changes within yourself.

3 You may have had similar experiences or relied on others to help you do some work, and you may have felt that you could do that work yourself. But by relying on those third parties to do your bidding, you may be cutting off your learning curve of how things work. So, it is upon you to work it all to understand all the facets of whatever you must learn.

4 You may have, for instance, a situation where you could be dependent on one person to do some work, and upon an argument, you both decide to no longer work together and finishing it yourself. This could be a test on how things unfold in such a way to understand that you would have to endure that aspect of your life.

5 There are other instances where you would need help by having a spiritual being helping you understand or to help you carry some load.

6 For as long as you understand their place in your life, that’s how much you will grow. And if you become dependent on them, you will not grow.

7 But if you understand that that push was needed for you to understand some patterns and work yourself from such understanding, that’s a positive way of seeing things, but again, remember there is no positive or negative.

8 For instance, as your spiritual growth increases, the path to salvation turns from individual to collective. See it as a person who walks towards a gathering, wearing perfume, a lovely dress, and a smile on her face. Many will feel attracted to her from the scent she leaves behind as she walks through those gathered.

9 As you grow spiritually, you will attract others who will follow you as you keep growing towards higher frequencies. On the other hand, when you work at lower frequencies, for instance, inclined to gossip, judgmental behavior, and the like, you attract those inclined to follow such conduct.

10 People manifest in this Earth plane in different ways. One way of manifestation, for instance, are the monks. Many judge monks for not mingling with people and stay secluded within their confinements.

11 They chose to seclude themselves as they seek to detach from their surroundings.

12 It must be understood that, as you learn the concept that salvation is of individual and not collective nature, those who choose the path of seclusion from this world, temptation, and attachments, are actually manifesting at a higher frequency level which attracts more of those who wonder about their behavior.

13 You may see a monk and wonder what it would be like living his lifestyle. Just by observation, you begin to feel the freedom going through your mind where you could understand up to a certain point—not fully comprehended—but a limited understanding of how life would be for them.

14 Many feel envious towards them, in a good way, as they wonder how a day could be in their lives.

15 As you can see, it is much like the essence that emanates from the perfume we just mentioned. It’s an attraction, a move forward towards that goal at a different level.

16 As an individual, you see them living by example while you feel a trace from the scent that emanates from that state of consciousness.

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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