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Someone just says “Hear me now, speak the truth!” And there is another saying “Hear me now, I speak the truth!” Just as I here do, and then you ask: “Who is correct?”
Both are correct as long as they do it in harmony and understanding that what they are doing is moving a crowd to think the same way they do.

They both can be in harmony drawing a crowd to see two sides of the same tree. Much as climbing both sides of the same tree, because that is what they do: Climbing two sides of the same tree—my way vs your way of thinking—one facing the east while the other one faces the west.

If one sees the sun reflecting towards his side, the trunk will be seen bright and might proclaim to be on the right track while judging the other for being in the shadow of things. But be wary, for the sun rises from the east and might give light to the other, whom in turn might see you as being in the wrong side of the tree; and being there, what are you going to do? Remember then, that both are climbing the same tree.

What’s more, who are you to tell that other person that he is climbing the wrong way? Let him learn at his own pace how to climb the tree.
It takes knowledge, practice, strength, patience, thinking process on how the tree could be climbed and which branch is best to climb.

His branch will not be the same branch you have next to you, each one of you will have a different set of branches to climb the same tree: Different perspectives, one branch stronger than the other, one branch farther away than the other for you to reach, one more flexible, one more rigid, some branches more difficult to hold a grip, one more secure than the other, they all giving you is all about options…chose wisely. Different branches of the same tree.

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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

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An abstract from the original transcriber, Francisco Valentin

This particular excerpt comes from one among those extensive Transcripts I have saved to be later released in full content— another reason why I didn’t break it down into articles this time.
The teachings were for me to better understand my role as I deliver the message and to pass it on to you to help you better understand your role as you learn Higher Truth.
The message is simple: Do not judge. But also it implies for you to discern and chose wisely.

Since I was a child I always wondered who was correct when it comes to the true religion or set of beliefs and never found a straight answer simply because everyone kept saying “Follow me, I speak the truth.”
As I found myself in this paradox of delivering a message and with an urge to respond in the same fashion, this Transcript came forward to ease my mind knowing we all are climbing the same tree.

Although it seems that a different approach, such as the climbing of a mountain could be easier to visualize than the one of a tree, I can see how a tree is a more conscious approach. Let me give you a hint that differentiates a mountain from a tree: The reflexion and shadow that gives the sun to a mountain in no way compare to the one over a tree.

Let me help you on this one. As you should know by now, I receive, perceive and transcribe the abstract from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom. As I was receiving this message I vividly recall how at the time I was given the image of a tall tree being climbed by two people from opposite sides. And although I could see them both from a distance as the observer, I knew how neither could see the other climbing the tree.

We all are climbing the same tree, and while the experience of one may differ from the other, in the end we all should see the same view when we look at life from the top of the tree.

I invite you to visualize and to ponder, (not from my words to help you understand each Transcript), but from the Transcript itself as you put into practice what you learn from the teachings of The Transcripts.

Share this message with others—and remember the last spoken words from The First Transcript:

“We are one, and as you help me, you advance”39First Transcript

Help me spread these words among your loved ones, relatives and friends. Simply say: “Look what I found on the internet—see if it makes sense to you.” That’s all I ask. Remember: “We are one, and as you help me you advance.

“Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transctipt.

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Thank you for sharing time with me.
—Francisco Valentin
Author and publisher of The Transcripts

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