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In today’s Transcript, I asked those from the CFKW, and the reply I received was not their words but an intent I had to explain in words. Therefore in this Transcript, I began the sentence with a “Q” for my question and “A” for the answer I explain from the abstract I received rather than the usual “FV asks” when I ask a direct question and “CFKW” as they give me a straightforward answer. And please don’t forget to read further explanations in the section “Because I Have More to Say:

1 Q: What is religion, and how does religion feels while in a third-dimensional world when one is one hundred percent conscious of oneself? When is it that one moves from one dimension to another?

2 A: Oh! I see. You start moving into a fourth dimension when you start asking yourself how could you be living in a third-dimensional world when you feel such unease and discomfort in this world. In other words, it is the total opposite of what people think when they believe that they dwell in a third-dimensional world and seek to reach the fourth dimension.

4 When you reach the fourth dimension, you start questioning what is it that you are doing, and the objective of being on a third-dimensional world when living on this third-dimensional world no longer makes sense.

5 Q: How does it feels or how those bound to religion think, regardless of their creed?

6 A: They won’t be on the fourth dimension when they are on a third-dimensional world out of their ideology. It is simple: When I focused on their [CFKW] intent, I felt the sentiment of oppression. And in it, I felt their identification with a God, Angels, and all other supreme beings.

7 And with it, I felt how they [humanity] felt oppression as they saw themselves lesser than those beings—like victims of their own circumstances—at the mercy of their will because that was how their individuality was taught.

8 And they felt oppressed and trapped by those ideals because they lacked the ability to discern and reigned by their rules through indoctrination.

9 Therefore, religion oppresses the spirit on a third-dimensional world. What they identify as peace (or love) leads them to more oppression because it becomes love for oneself. Compassion becomes pity for one another. Compassion and sorrow become one of the same, and oppression become one created by men for themselves.

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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

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I have heard people lecturing and writing about going from third to fourth dimension and even claiming that the world is shifting from a third to a fifth dimension. I am not talking about the multi-dimensional worlds that physics and science talk about, but spiritual realms of consciousness.

Each dimension is a conscious level and not a place to dwell. What is commonly known as the third-dimensional world is none other than the incarnated soul, bounded by geometry, in this physical world, where multiple worlds are lived simultaneously—or parallel worlds such as the world of dreams, the imaginary (or fantasy) world, and the physical conscious world, or mind-body-soul, just to mention one among many.

There are multiple dimensions one can experience while embodied in flesh, but categorizing them as dimensions, from one to five, or twenty, fifty, or one-hundred is an ambiguous limitation of the human mind.

I learned this firsthand when, in 2013, I was taken on an astral travel to the beginning of life. While traveling from the physical to the spiritual realm where the soul inhabits, without having to go any further, I learned (or remembered) the limitless number of dimensions within each level as the individual soul evolves, much as the multiple dimensions (or frequency levels) each individual soul vibrates as it ascends or descends with each life experience on Earth.

But because humanity labeled them as “dimensions” and gave a definition to each, I could only perceived from the CFKW the intent, and not words, to an answer that otherwise could not be explained in their words at the time.

Please remember that this Transcript took place in 2011 when I was barely starting to learn the basics of what I know today to further explain and reason for this new section.

That brings me to last week’s post. Upon reading the section BIHMTS, one reader wrote to me about when she remembers since childhood, having lived in the parallel world of dreams.

As I replied to her, knowing she is an avid reader of The Transcripts, I reminded her that when I died in 1979, I experienced living in the void as a parallel world within the infinite number of realms and dimensions each soul experiences. Furthermore, in 2013, I experienced the many realms (or dimensions) while in the astral travel I just mentioned.

But also (and this I forgot telling her) how in 2012, I experienced the parallel world of evil and deceit I presently speak very little about, and the parallel world of those from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom I keep experiencing from time to time.

There are many worlds on Earth manifesting simultaneously (or parallels) such as the world (aka-energy, frequency, or vibration) of the spiritually inclined and the world (aka-energy, frequency, or vibration) of the deceiver or ill-intended, but each is experienced one consciousness at a time and not simultaneously as many theorize.

To give you a more direct example, while interviewing an empath/time traveler for an upcoming book, he told me how he could walk his dog and suddenly find himself in another parallel world. Because of the nature of the interview and my inquisitive mind, I asked him how was it possible to be in two places at once. He replied by telling me that he just finds himself randomly in another realm but had to admit that while in another realm, upon his return, he finds himself not in the same place but having walked a few steps before coming back, not knowing how.

This confirms that while being conscious in that other realm, his awareness followed him, and not experienced parallel worlds simultaneously as he claimed. It is the use of words what confuses the listener.

Another clear example is the many who have approached me to tell me they have had an NDE, and upon listening to their story, it turns out to be a close-to-death event and not a near-death experience.

As to Article 5 onward, it is self-explanatory; unless you have specific questions you may need answers.


Help me spread these words among your loved ones, relatives and friends. Simply say: “Look what I found in the internet—see if it makes sense to you.” That’s all I ask.

And remember the last words from The First Transcript:

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Message: “Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.

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