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(FV) —So what is it to do?

(CFKW)—Let go of fears and let go of individuality, for the soul is only taking a journey into experiencing the world you have chosen to live rather than experiencing life in other realms.

(FV)—So what other worlds exist beyond this world?

(CFKW)—All those that you have dreamt. Don’t you see? You cannot free yourself as those fears will also manifest in your dreams. Whatever you fear in the conscious flesh will manifest in dreams as well, for there is no escape when every thought is a manifestation of the self in relation to what life is. Attachment is a desire. Desire is an attachment. And fear is an attachment as well. Only peace has no boundaries unless you attach peace to a condition. “I could have peace only if..…” That is the conditioning that every attached soul gives to the reasoning and definition of peace.


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An abstract from the original transcriber, Francisco Valentin:

This Transcript excerpt, answers the question as to what to do next once it is understood that attachment is what holds one from attaining Higher Truth.

We all are here because we chose, voluntarily or by decree. Many claims that after death there is no judgment. But if you were given a life review right now as a life-transforming experience, wouldn’t you take the opportunity to make amends for all your wrongdoings?

The problem with the conceptualization of “judgment day” is the wrong belief that if you truly repentance before death, all your sins would be forgiven. Another wrong conceptualization is that there is no such thing as “judgment day” and you would be free upon death.

However, from what I’ve gathered from the teachings of The Transcripts, life is an evolutionary process of the soul where the rebalancing will always prevail in our existence as one infinite mind, endlessly expanding throughout the physical and spiritual realm, limitless. We can see the rebalancing in everything that is and exists around us. What makes you think things are going to be different upon death?

As I asked for the existence of other worlds, the answer given is very consonant with previous Transcripts identifying dreams as a realm where the soul keeps experiencing life while the body rests.

In fact, “dreams” is a subject I shall soon explain in depth as I keep gathering new insights from The Transcripts.
Meanwhile, keep logging every week as I get you closer to answering all your questions.


Thank you for sharing time with me.
—Francisco Valentin
Author and publisher of The Transcripts

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