Seeking For Your True Self


1 The battle between good and evil is non-other than the battle between becoming spiritual or being engulfed in earthly things.

2 As you become engulfed with earthly things, you become detached from spirituality as you seek other things that feed your energy source of life.

3 When you feed from earthly things, that becomes your motive, way of living, and your true north. But when you search for the spiritual ways, you seek for godliness, fulfilled with a clean mindset, the light, the spiritual way, the esoteric, and similar aspects of life.

4 Both are Life. One is the spiritual life, and the other is the earthly life. Both energies of equal value and attraction come from the same energy source of creation.

5 With spirituality, once it is clearly seen as this One source to rebalance and return to the source, you can see the big difference between both worlds. Likewise, at the same level, with the same energy force, both bring attraction and aversions because there is fear in uncertainty in both the spirit and the earthly world. Both bring with them fear and doubt, and it becomes a matter of choice.

6 You choose which world you want to face and which world you want to live in because, in both, you are going to have doubt, in both, you are going to have fear, in both you are going to have attractions—desires.

7 The spirit world is not void of desires. It is full of desires: I want this, I want that, or I want to be spiritual, I want to have peace.

8 Searching for spirituality takes desire, and desire itself is a diversion. You see? It is a fear: I want because I fear the opposite. If I want something else is because I want to walk or run away from my present, because I fear something. So, through desire, you walk away because you feel unpleasant in your present. So, desire moves you to higher grounds, so to speak, because you feel threatened in your present situation. You see?

9 Looking for spirituality and feeling the desire to progress, desire itself is an diversion for fear, lack of complacency of your present, and you want more, something deeper, better, greater, because you are not happy where you are, and that is desire!

10 That is the same desire that drives you to earthly things, because you want more, more gratification, and better things for your present condition.

1 1 When you live in this complex world, so full of needs and wants, and accomplishments, where money rules on earth, then you are in trouble because desire will take you farther and farther away from spirituality, where spirituality is also a diversion because you seek for spirituality because you fear earthly things. You want, through desires, to move into spirituality, you see? So, it is also a diversion.

12 FV—Where then can we be free?

13 CFKW—Nowhere. Neither world can give you freedom or peace unless you cease to exist. Let me put it this way: You seek spirituality because you want to feel your identity as a spiritual being, but looking for your identity is to go astray, as you do in your human life, because you are attached to your individuality.

14 You want to be whole, but through your individuality, searching for your individuality, through desires, for you as an individual, as you seek for wholeness, when you reach that point, you do not want to cease to exist because you want to keep being the individual in you.

15 And through individuality in spirituality, you want to see yourself, you want to feel yourself, you want to be the self. You see? The spiritual path is no better than the earthly path, because both will lead you to individuality.

16 FV—So, how do I find the way?

17 CFKW—The only way to find the way is to cease to exist. To cease to desire to be an individual. It is not about dying because dying is denying, not caring one way or the other, not wanting one way or the other, and distance yourself farther and farther away—giving up—and no one gives up.

18 Giving up is the most cowardly of all desires. The desire to give up is to deny what exists and cease to exist, to no longer continue to live, fighting, existing, and renouncing. That is not life, that is not love, that is not searching—and neither human nor spirit is meant to do that.

19 It is meant to excel in understanding the true nature of the self, which is not found in individuality form. It is found in the collective of all energy and spirits that make this all exist. It is through releasing the ‘I’ from individuality that has kept us all frozen indefinitely because we cannot see; we cannot feel the desire for our individuality. You see?

20 The desire for individuality is what keeps you holding on, frozen. And to unfreeze, we have to want to cease to exist. We have to let go of our individuality, which is an impossible task unless we see, from the goodness of our hearts, that through the true separation from our individuality, we grow.

21 FV—So, why am I looking now at earthly things?

22CFKW—Because you want to strive, live, write, and bring this message because that is your true purpose in life. And be at peace with yourself as you spread these words and finish your work.

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Article 19: dividuality: divisible. divided. shared or shared with others.


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