Another Aspect Of The Doubt


1 Doubt is what makes you fail when you attempt to reach your spiritual goal. Doubt brings forth a thought; that thought becomes a potential reality in your mind, and that potential reality becomes a reality that you can foresee and express as it is seen through the mind.

2 When you learn to control your mind, you make your thoughts a fact—a reality. But there comes a moment when you think: ‘What if…, ’ and that thought comes to mind with the realization that you may not succeed— and you fail. When you fail, you are convinced that it is true that such original thought, which was a doubt, was true and came to pass.

3 Doubt is a thought that becomes a reality when the will is not strong enough for a change to take place. If you doubt that you can achieve your goal, the thought process consumes you as it becomes wasted energy on your part.

4 The power is in you. What you want to accomplish is available to you for as long as you have faith in yourself, asserting that it would be inconceivable to not accomplish your spiritual progress.

5 This applies to everything in life. You create your own reality as your thoughts take form. And it is within you and everyone else who has the strength to make it work for them—the good and bad.

6 The doubt within us makes us suffer because we fear. Within that fear, we bring forth doubt, which in itself creates a form. Because doubt was a fear in the first place, when it comes true, it creates suffering, for being not what we wanted but came to pass because we thought and feared failing.

7 That becomes your reality, either from doubt or positive thinking. Everything starts with a thought, which is the part of creation that builds it all. Thought is the creator: A source from the original creator. You see?

8 The thought is that instrument that builds it all. For instance, medicine started with a thought from someone seeking a solution to an illness to later become a reality.

9 FV—But what about those thoughts that turn out to be wrong?

10 CFKW—They become a reality as well; they become false realities that are not sustainable by the physical force of nature but exist as a thought. That thought became a theory, and the idea became captured in the knowledge that once was a thought within the essence but not materialized for lack of sustainable energy (support) based on the universal laws. Everything can be created in the mind and depicted on paper as it becomes an idea.

11 FV—But is it, or will it be a sustainable idea or not?

12 CFKW—That is limited to reality within a form, which can or cannot be measured by mathematical principles, chemistry, or physics. If sustainable, it will come to pass, but if not, it will become distorted and unsustainable.

13 Every idea is a potential creation. But if it lacks sustainability, it stays as a theory. See all those inventions that in their beginnings were an idea, an impossible task from that original thought for years, decades, and centuries, until after understanding newly found principles to make it become a reality. And after years, decades, or centuries of that original thought, it becomes a viable idea, following a need and a reason for it to work.

14 That is how technology has advanced. What seemed impossible centuries ago became a viable idea. And if you go back centuries ago, that idea would have become a non-sustainable crazy idea. You see?

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