Parallel Worlds And Their Counterparts


1 On this Earth, you have your counterpart. That life you are not aware of but are living is lived through those around you and with whom you relate, being yourself and acting and reacting differently, but simultaneously. You see yourself through the eyes of the mirror where everything moves. You see? Parallel worlds in this same world.

2 There is no need to look outside but inside. Outward is creation, while inward is movement. External creation in movement.

3 FV—And this counterpart, where is it?

4 CFKW—Within you. You can see it every day with everyone you relate to, and you exchange information. As you perceive others, you become conscious of the relationship you carry out throughout someone else’s body. But in truth, it is your own reflection, creation, and thought form that took place at one point in time.

5 That reflection, which is called the other aspect of you, is manifesting before your very eyes—that other part of you—that you are not conscious about but is manifesting.

6 Those are the parallel worlds. Each one is interconnected with another, creating a collective movement where you do not see yourself, but it is happening simultaneously in motion.

7 You only become aware when you see the manifestation in another, creating a relationship with your present: The aspect to which you are conscious at this moment of all that is and exists.

8 Look around and tell me if it is not part of your existence if you acknowledge that we are One, knowing that by being one, everything manifests simultaneously among every living thing because it is and exists because of our own thought, because of your own creation—everything interconnected: Cause and effect, Yin and Yang—where every suffering of yours is the suffering of others.

9 That suffering of others you are not related to, and you are not conscious about it, you may not pay attention if you don’t make it part of your life, but it is happening anyways.

10 That action/reaction is happening anyway. Yet, you are not conscious of it, but once you create consciousness and become aware of its existence, then you suffer.

11 The interconnection and consciousness take place, where you become conscious of your actions through the eyes of who you are right now, manifested through others and felt by you in a given time and place through existence taking place here on Earth. You see?

12 If you want to take it even farther, the same applies in other worlds; still, you are unconscious about it. But if it exists, it is because it is an interconnection of your own thinking through the individuality called “others.”

13 Yes, it does exist. It is part of knowing and understanding that we are One. But trying to grasp it and understand it is almost impossible because the human brain does not comprehend, cannot relate to, or make such a thought of understanding.

14 All it can do is take a glimpse, just a glimpse of what it could be, knowing that to be a fact. You see? That is how creation takes place.

15 That’s what oneness is all about. That is one aspect that is so hard to comprehend and understand that there are not even words to help explain such a term. You see? Because to humanity, it does not make sense.

16 By understanding everything that is and exists, at that deep level of awareness, one must realize that everything is thought, and life takes form through the origin of the thought, which is creation taking place and form as we interconnect with ourselves. You see?

17 FV—Why am I getting all this information if I could not fully comprehend it? It can get so thick that sometimes I don’t know which way to go when I question myself through those times when I have failed to perceive how things are. I doubt of my powers, knowledge, and understanding. I see it manifesting, but I might be wrong, just like if my conscious mind is overwriting the thought-form and creating its own thought, understanding, and judgment. Then I failed because I see I was wrong.

18 CFKW—That is judgment. If you judge, then it becomes a preconceived idea. Judgment gets in the way, and it takes form because judgment is thinking that you understand one process, give it form, and try to see it manifest to later seeing yourself wrong in the thought form of what you think is right and wrong.

19 FV—If that is the case, what is the point?

20 CFKW—Become the observer. Just become the observer and don’t jump to conclusions. Let life manifest itself because life will move one way or the other either way.

21 FV—If there is no judgment, how do I know where to go? And how do I know I’m not taking the wrong route, because so many times, it takes strength for decision-making to take place?

22 CFKW—That IS free will. The will of choice, where choices take place. But if you don’t judge and let life take its course, it will manifest because life is attractions and aversions running simultaneously. You see?

23 Things do manifest. Trust your feelings. Trust what is good— not based on emotions, but on what moves you and does not.

24 FV— Then again, one can become lazy and don’t do anything.

25 CFKW—Yes, laziness can take place because laziness is doing nothing, and all that is asked is for you to move, one way or the other.

26 Laziness can take place because there is free will, and you can stall in time but not stall what moves all around you. As life goes on, manifestation takes place, and  you get behind, you get strayed, and that is precisely what happens if you don’t do your chores, duties, and tasks. They begin to pile up, and you fall behind.

27 FV—Regarding this entrustment, which way should I go?

28 CFKW—Nothing takes place unless you move and act, behave, and do your chores. How do you know how things turn out if you don’t create a movement to expand and explore everything people can see and sow before you reap? You see? You have to move for it to manifest.

29 Move and create, move and write, move and manifest everything being spoken. What is given to you is a gift for you to see as you master what is and what is not. You must train your brain like a muscle to see how things manifest.

30 FV—Was I wrong to give a reading to (anonymous)? Was I intervening? Was the reading real or part of my imagination?

31 CFKW—Information was given, but (anonymous) was not ready. You were compelled to give it. Intervention could not take place because (anonymous) was not ready.

32 He did not want to let go of his way of thinking because it still made him complete. In his self-pity, it is his way of living, manifesting, and living through that aspect he needed to work with and master. But it is all in his time and not yours for him to work with.

33 That is true intervention. This may be a bit too deep for those trying to see things in a different way, but it is up to them to move in that direction or keep living the way they want.

34 It is just one lifetime. And there is so little time compared to everything that is and exists. One lifetime is not even enough for one’s karma to really and truly unfold. One lifetime is too short, as you should know by now.

35 Look how long it took you to get where you are right now. Fifty years of your life, halfway through, and now you know a new aspect of life you didn’t know before. You have grown in one year what many cannot grow in lifetimes of understanding how things unfold. You see?

36 Look back and realize how many lifetimes before this one it took you to detach from things, just enough for you to be able to manifest in this Earth plane, at this stage, this level of reality, and be conscious about consciousness itself.

37 See yourself as a spirit, as a soul. Turn the tables and imagine that you were incarnated in another world. It is a matter of fine-tuning with yourself in order to live a life of consciousness where you see yourself living in a new stage of life and see the beauty of the new conditioning, the thought-form of your own creation, the way of seeing things, how things manifest, being just one aspect of the whole. It would take a lifetime just to see one aspect and yourself in a different body.

38 Just imagine and make believe how this person (FV) that you have become is simultaneously living the experience of his own creation, the way he previously manifested as ‘someone else,’ how you detached yourself from a previous ‘self’ to become who you are today by thinking, acting reacting, correlating… seems impossible. Doesn’t it?

39 Isn’t that what we do every time we go to sleep? While the body rests, we reflect on everything given and experienced and decide what action to take. When we wake up, we rise to a new day, a new opportunity— a new life. A lifetime is like a day; a day is a lifetime. You see?

40 Think about this:  When the day is over, you manifested and learned what had to be learned during that day, and you fall asleep as you ponder about what transpired throughout the day. When you sleep, you lose consciousness, you lose control, and you don’t even know where you go—it is out of reach, it is out of your control. As you sleep, you choose, out of free will, with all your attachments, to continue and keep moving forward with your life, through your dreams. See how it manifests?

41 And yes, we grow old because, in this Earth plane, we have no control because matter exists. Matter is movement, creation, and evolution. We evolve, experiencing what it is to grow old as we flow with creation. You see?

42 You now enjoy these moments of reflection because they finally make sense, just for a while before you reach another consciousness level, where you could see things in a different way to manifest, judge, create, and become part of that realm with this understanding—you see?

43 FV—Is it me talking, or is it someone else?

44 CFKW—At the deepest of all levels, it is you. But at this level of understanding, where we are detached, create, mingle, and do not yet understand that we are the totality within, it becomes a third party (as CFKW) manifesting itself to help you expound what is to be learned. But it is all within you at a level of consciousness that you need to assist you in further explaining to others how things are.

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