The Act Of Living


1 We live every day with the willpower to keep living and existing.

2 We live by giving (*)God the opportunity to live again because God, the creator, does not remove, dismantle, trash, or make anything move once created. Once creation takes place, it evolves and continues the never-ending movement within creation until it (what was created) decides by itself (on its own) to return home.

3 Once something is, it needs no effort to become. Humanity needs to start accepting responsibility for their own actions. The act of living is an act of free will and an act of willpower. The “I want to” process takes place, and life continues.

4 However, one needs to understand that there is duality in the process. It is free will that makes you want to live. There is also a higher or more profound state of consciousness where the soul determines by itself, nature, condition, or decree when your time comes.

5 That is why some people with illnesses do not want to let go, not knowing that such illness is balancing the true essence of the soul’s quest to live in whatever condition it requires to learn from such experiences and detach from its physical body.

6 There are other conditions that take place—many call them ‘accidents.’ When someone errs, collides one’s life with another, does not respect law-abiding circumstantial principles of life, or affects someone else’s life, that is when accidents do happen. That is why people err and don’t take responsibility; it is all blamed on fate, chance, or the like. You see?

7 We wake up every day from our dreams to continue life, to continue existence, to continue to thrive into higher consciousness, in movement, because we want, because we feel, because we need, and we understand we should continue.

8 As you may see many not wanting to live any longer, the soul in itself takes charge and continues life as it needs to experience life to do its bidding and continues its path regardless of what the conscious mind wants. In essence, the soul is reigned by the spirit and not by the conscious mind, where the spirit is the decision maker when it comes to your spiritual path.

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Article 2—God is the personification of the self. Keep in mind that at this level, you already should know, grasp, and fully understand that God is you; you are God. Be aware God is the name given to a higher power many of us consider to be a separate entity when, in essence, it is not.

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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