Matter Is Also Life


1 FV—What’s my role? When will this never-ending quest for truth stop? What am I doing here? What are we all doing here? Why did we become part of creation? Who was Jesus? Are there other beings with a soul? What about the spirit world with so many things we have heard about it, with so many facets, forms, dimensions, and levels; from magic to witchcraft, to good or evil, ghosts, good people, bad people, messengers, angels, spirit guides?…

2 CFKW—The spirit world is as confusing as this Earth plane in density form. Here on Earth, you see good and evil people. In the spirit world, you see the same at different levels.

3 Here on Earth, you have lawyers, architects, politicians, scientists, you name it. Each has their own definition of what truth is. You see?

4 Everyone is looking for the same thing through different avenues. The medical doctor wants to see creation from the perspective of the physical body: Cells, tissue, muscles. They want to see through everything, including God, within the physical body.

5 Then you have the architect. He wants to draft, formulate, and make matters fit to design new creations. The architect designs the beauty within in different forms. No one person likes everything—that is diversity.

6 Then you have the lawyer, who wants to see creation from the legal point of view. How society is controlled, marginalized, and abides by their laws. They want to see God within the creation of the thinking minds, making new laws and keeping order. You see?

7 Being the universe the realm of creation not fully understood by us, you have those who want to create by defying *God in nature, in creation, by building a different environment than the one already given in exchange for comfort and greed. You see?

8 As we are souls, we come from that particle many call God, and as we do, we express ourselves through matter and body form. You see?

9 Manifestation through matter is a vibration. As such, vibration takes form in matter and holds itself in a vibrating energy level. It keeps everything in its place, moving as it should, as it experiences life in different forms. You see? Matter is also life.

10 A rock can hold itself together by holding on to its *conviction through formation based on a vibration taking place and feeling what the human senses could feel like an emotion. That joy in itself is so very **fulfilling.

11 Matter holds everything together at its own level. Through time, it deteriorates because it loses strength, and matter becomes inconsistent with itself as it begins to transmute. You see?

12 We all are also matter in a biological state, which is spirit in nature as it vibrates, creating movement, life, and form. You see?

13 We are mechanical bodies. Its origin is through matter, and it evolves through cells, tissues, movement, and form.

14 There is a third one, which is a hybrid between both matter and biology— the plant form. They have some matter in them because of their structure and some of the molecular and cellular levels. The tree reminds us that we are body, but we are also matter. Matter is part of us, and the best example is the tree.

15 The *soul needs a physical body to interpret what creation is. The soul interprets and brings to creation the understanding aspect of the life it experiences. The spirit, on the other hand, when it takes form through matter, holds on to itself with no expression other than vibration, which is as sweet as music that delights the heart through the hearing sense and neurological system.

16 And you *ask—What about animals?

17 Animals also are spirits and have souls at a lower level. You can see how an ape is the closest to you at a lower level. On an even lower level, a dog, and down to levels most humans hardly ever relate to, is the insect world, which operates and manifests at a different level.

18 Like, for instance, an ant, which manifests in constant movement where their work is basically to keep up with movement.

19 There is no pain or anger. If their body tires, they rest and keep on moving. There is no need for emotions. They move, live, and evolve. They have their orders, their positions (ranking), and their God-given laws.

20 And you ask: What is God? As many times said before, God is the creator. Something you cannot understand because it cannot be related to anything given in this world. Nothing can be defined as such.

21 It may become a paradoxical swirl. You will never find a similarity to relate or explain about other than limiting it to matter and abstract we know unless it is given by faith, which was the original concept given— faith. Faith will provide you with hope and strength while trying to understand, in its own way, what truth is and what God is.

22 FV—I want to be close to him. I want to see him. I want to experience it, but I *can’t. Help me find a better way to understand all this. I know I need the strength to do it, and so it is.

23 CFKW— No. You do not use strength. Strength takes you nowhere. You may call it power or any other name, but what you reference is willpower. That does not help because you have to just BE. You cannot want to be; you HAVE to *be.

24 You can be given glimpses of what God is through visions and interpretations, the beauty within its power through emotions, but reaching God is not something that you want—it is something that you are.

25 Wanting to is a step forward to move, but you don’t need strength to move. You should move as the water flows. As you go through the water stream, you can see the shallows and the banks with almost still water or swirls with minimal movement. You should be at the center of the strong current while moving with the flow. But for that, you need to be still— neutral.

26 And you *ask: If I keep myself still, how will I survive? There are two ways to be still: One is through the financial, political, and cultural aspects of life. The second, which is harder to achieve, is letting go (attachments) and move towards the development, joyfulness, accomplishment, and gratification that gives the spirit world.

27 Both are gratifying in itself. One chooses God through any religion by holding on to something in hopes, while others move towards the financial, political, and cultural aspects, creating their own world while in survival mode. You see?

28 The power given by the survival aspect makes them strong, so they think. They keep moving like ants while searching for truth, which is (to them) what they have accomplished, who they are, where they are, and those many questions and statements that may take place. You see?

29 Either searching through the spiritual or physical aspect of life, they are both energies; they are both desires to become what they want to be.

30 That desire gets one torn between the spiritual and the physical, merging together as people want to keep on with this dream. That’s why they both collide because the spiritual wants to impose their thinking while the physical wants to do the same. It is humanity that is in between this tug of war.

31 They are both pulling while one claims that true happiness is found if you move towards spirituality while those from the physical world claim the same under their materialistic world—not knowing that if you wake from this dream, you can reach a balance between the spiritual and the physical. By keeping in balance and centered, you can go steadily through the stream, but taking with you a lot of pain because both sides are pulling on you, making this journey the hardest one of all.

32 It’s easy to take refuge in the spiritual world and, if chosen, to be done with the material form. But being in both and merging both into one is what gives you freedom and sets you free. You see?

33 It is only through that understanding that you can be at the center, knowing one and the other while seeing yourself balancing spirituality with the physical aspect, not letting the physical aspect taint your mind with all it has to offer.

34 Spirituality is much easier because it does not need cleansing unless you get disrupted by all the different aspects that bring the spirit world within, along with all the confusion and tribulations that humanity has brought to it. You see?

35 As to that aspect many called hell, and what is hell, I’ll respond: In the spirit world, there is hell, known as the dark side of spirituality, as so is on Earth. There is hell on Earth. It is said that hell is somewhere else, which is “down there,” but it is not so.

36 Think about this: If you create hell, you must create God, Yin and Yang; one cannot exist without its co-existence, which is the negative side of everything—a positive and a negative, so we can explain ourselves (CFKW). You see?

37 However, if it is acknowledged that we are One, we cease to exist and become part of *God, the original creator of all there is and exists. Therefore, the creator cannot be created unless you take it into human form as a creator, like the father, son, grandfather, and so on. But as such, you must take it from one predecessor to the next and the next until you go back to the original creator, the first movement.

38 To find God, you will need to cease to exist. Then you will find it. And when you find it, as you find it, you recognize that you are life. If you don’t have life, you cannot recognize anything. This acknowledgment takes you to where everything starts to make sense.

39 Through this understanding, you realize that everything that is and exists is only a manifestation in existence with itself, one next to the other, but many fail to recognize themselves as one within. You see?

40 Many cannot see it. We only see the aspect we want to see. For instance, if I identify myself as married, it is because I want to see that aspect in my wife, which is the aspect of me if I am a man and looking for a woman.

41 But now humanity has found ways to do the same by identifying themselves as man with man and woman with woman. You see? It is only manifestation what is taking place. Once, men wanted to manifest the relationship between a man and a woman as a natural evolutionary process of procreation. That was the norm. Now, a new norm has been found. You see?

42 When this new wave begins taking place, the human population may decline in numbers for being short of a reproduction process unless it is done through artificial insemination. That process is currently taking place, and it is not to be condemned, for it is how humanity seeks to manifest. You see?

43 Remember: Creation is always ever-changing. Just being inclined in one direction more than the other. That is when uncertainty takes place. Nevertheless, it is just a way of expression. If it’s not how you want to manifest, don’t comply and go another way. You can experience life in different forms. There are plenty of options.

*44 On the other hand, If you already have gone through this life and don’t want to return to your present form, as we evolved from lower levels to become humans, ask yourself: If I have to be reborn: What would I want to be? Your reply may be the one you will reincarnate into if you desire.

*45 And for those who ask themselves and take the time to think before answering for being able to visualize themselves as such, it is because you have already probably gone through the experience.

46 There is good and evil in the spirit world as in the physical world because both the spirit and physical world are a state of mind. The spirit world is a world within your mind. That is why it is always said to be found only from within. The spirit world is inside you. It is you who create this world within you, where everything is in balance, a thought, a feeling, and everything is at one leveled state of mind. The mind does not exist in the physical world. All we know is the brain, which is the receptor.

47 Look at the physical body; their nerve endings pass energy from one circuit to another. *Can you see it? You can break it down into a group of atoms, forming a mass of cells and nerve endings, like wiring for the transmission to take place.

48 All this is so easy, but people make it hard to understand. The brain is just the receptor. The receptor thinks all this is real because, through its motions, the body expresses, manifests, and feels. When the body feels, it feeds from itself; it feeds the next step, the next move, and the next thing to do, like the ant.

49 Having to put this in so many words is what makes it hard to understand. When people finish reading this, most will shift to their next task or turn on the TV (television), and the message is forgotten. It is the same with music, except that music sticks longer for appealing more to an emotion like a fragrance. Its scent brings an emotion that brings pleasure to the brain, like everything else: Attraction and aversions, good and bad smell, good things and bad things. Everything has its counterpart. You see?

50 The brain sends *like waves to the creator, bringing the experience to a new level. That **godly form of understanding is expressed throughout the universe, where Earth is only an aspect of the incomprehensible universe.

51 Imagine seeing your world from afar as just one sphere in outer space. As you get closer to Earth, see how many aspects you come to see and understand. As you approach Earth and get closer and closer to it, you begin to see the clouds, its atmosphere, the ocean, and the terrain. As you get even closer, you see the trees, the ground, and animal life.

52 As you keep getting closer to Earth, you can see all aspects of creation, from multicellular to unicellular life down to an atom and down to the simplest particle until you get past its nucleus. There is when you could see the other side—the void—what many call God. You see?

53 What would you find while in the void? Nothing. You simply acknowledge its existence to then realize that you exist, and you are.

54 We (CFKW) can go back to explain this in as many ways as needed. In this instance, it is portrayed from the broadest to the smallest particle in expression. It is one of many ways to visualize as those explanations that were given in biblical times at a level the people of those days could understand.

55 But time has changed. We are at a new level where we (CFKW) need to break the barriers that have kept humanity thinking the same way for so long. There is a much-advanced way of spiritual growth once you understand the basic principles of life.

56 But you cannot make people shift overnight. They must be taken from one step to another. Much of what is happening today is that many don’t know where to, how to, and to whom to turn. This is a way to show them there IS a way through this Higher Truth.

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Article 7—God was a given term used for me to understand at the time.
Article 10—The word ‘conviction’ does not seek to define but implies the conscious act of an atom to manifest as a rock. **As to “fulfilling,” I was taken to such an experience as I recall being a live stalk in the field and acknowledging my life existence as such. Only through that experience could I understand what they meant.
Article 15—The soul is the densification of the spirit.
Article 16—This messenger was reading my mind and answering my questions before I could formulate them.
Article 22— I attempt to reach the appropriate frequency at that moment, but abstract images clutter my mind, like interfering signals.
Article 23—See last week’s Transcript titled [I want to, I have to, I Need to] T120630083406
Article 26—Keep in mind the source is retrieving the question from my mind as it answers it according to the extent of the particular question.
Article 37—Please make reference to the Annotation under Article 7.
Article 44—I would need to ratify that, as opposed to the common belief that the human soul cannot go back to lower levels; it does by free will or decree.
Article 45—I can attest to this fact as I was taken by the CFKW, to remember a lifetime when I felt being (an unidentifiable) great sea creature swimming slowly as I moved my body from side to side through the dark, deep ocean, relying on my senses.
Article 47— Keep in mind the CFKW have me go through the experience as I receive their intent. They (CFKW) ask me for confirmation to help me focus, identify, and understand the aspect they bring to me before proceeding to the next subject. That is also why I am allowed to ask over a determined subject. That also explains the many times you read the word “See?”
Article 50—It implies that the brain does not send waves to the Creator (rather intentions) but represents a simile to express something we could relate to and make it easier to grasp. As to the “godly form of understanding,” it implies the creator as a metaphor.

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